12 Mar

MindsPay Review – Legitimate Survey Site Or A Total Scam?


MindsPay is a US-based market research company that lets you make money for expressing your opinion and taking part in offers. The site puts on a great face for new users, but we're not buying it. Read our full review to see why we think MindsPay is a total bust.

About The Company

MindsPay is just another GPT (get paid to site) that pays users to complete activities on their site.

After a thorough search, we couldn't find much on the company itself. Some suspicions manifested when we found that the address used by the company of 2885 Sanford Ave. SW, #14119, Grandville, MI is actually that of a company called Mailbox Forwarding Inc. The true address of MindsPay is unknown.

MindsPay has a poor accreditation with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), scoring a solid F. It may seem extreme, but after reading this review you'll understand why.

Signing Up

Signing up is free and simple, we'll give them that.  All you need is your name, birthday, zip code, email, gender, address, and phone number. Members are required to live in the US and be 18 years or older. Right after you sign up, you can instantly register with 5 money making sites by clicking on the ones you'd like to join. You're usually required to join third-party sites before you can complete any of their offers, so this feature is pretty convenient.

Leaving the sign up page, you are met with a $3 bonus and questionnaire. After the questionnaire, all you have to do is confirm your email and you're good to go. Normally signups are rigorous and then it's easy-breezing, but sadly it's the opposite with MindsPay. Registration will be one of the easiest tasks on this site.


MindsPay promises that all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and used only for membership purposes. But since our little discovery discussed earlier, how can we be sure that never means never?

When you join a survey site, you are trusting them with very private information. Ends fail to meet with MindsPay, which is why we suggest being careful if you choose to disclose anything personal.

If you have any questions about privacy with MindsPay, read their Privacy Policy. We found it helpful in giving us a better understanding on the way they deal with information.

Making Money

Payout with MindsPay is unpredictable, but it does happen. It all depends on if you're willing to take some risks. Users can make money via shopping, friend referrals, focus groups, completing surveys, and reading emails (Pay Mails).

We'll start off with the best way to make money on MindsPay, friend referrals. Refer your friends to the site and you'll earn 20% of all of their earnings for life. This includes payouts.

Surveys make lots of money as well, but the work you put in is more tedious. Before taking the survey you have to signup up with the third-party site and confirm your email. Having to do this process for every survey will result in lots of wasted time, not to mention that the signups ask for very private information.

Reading emails is a pretty simple task and offers you about $0.25 per email. Such simplicity on a site like this always comes with a catch. Complaints reveal you'll rarely receive credit for this type of offer.

An offer we don't recommend taking is their product testing. Product testing is different with MindsPay. When they say you get paid to review websites, they actually mean you get cash back for paid trials owned by their advertisers. The site misleads you to think you're making money with this offer, when in reality you're losing money.


As expected, the complaints tipped over the review scale. From billing and collection issues to problems with products and service, there seems to be a little bit of everything. On BBB's website, MindsPay has a total of 14 customer complaints.

Many users still get a heap of emails every day even though they requested to not be on the send list. They start off with just a few each day, and after a while they become constant. Sounds a little spammy if you ask us.

“Where is my money?!” You spend lots of precious time completing paid offers, but when it's time for payout no credit can be found. Sadly, this is the case for lots of members on MindsPay. They spend valuable time taking part in “paid” offers to find out it's all been wasted. Most never receive their full credit thanks to the lists of ignored customer complaints.

We could go on and on about how terrible MindsPay is, but instead we'll let the number of complaints speak for themselves.

Is MindsPay Legit Or A Scam?

We do not recommend using this site under any circumstance. There's no way around it, they just aren't worth your time.

MindsPay promises a lot, but gives very little. Every day thousands of members take part in their high-paying offers, but few actually receive their due pay. For how unpredictable payout is, you shouldn't trust them with your private information either. If they're inconsistent with payment policies, you can almost guarantee it'll be the same with privacy.

If you want a site you can depend on, read our reviews on Swagbucks or MyPoints. We've placed them in our top five because they're safe and easy to use. Sign up and start making money today!

12 Mar

Swagbucks Review – Legitimate Paid Survey Website or Just a Scam?

Legit Option or Just a Scam? –  Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks Offer 7 Dollar Sign Up Bonus

So, today it's time to start learning about a few popular home based internet business opportunities. First off we have a Swagbucks review.

Is Swagbucks a legitimate site, is it a waste of time, or worse, is it an all out scam?

Surveys Say is here to help you identify the legit services and avoid online frauds such as spams, scams, phishing and identity theft. Read More

07 Mar

70+ Legit Work From Home Jobs With No Start-Up Fees – Work At Home For Free

legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee

We’re living in a world where business people are no longer tethered to their desks to get work done. As our society grows more connected than ever, you’re just as likely to see a professional working on an airplane, from a coffee shop or even from the comfort of their home. In fact, there’s plenty of legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee that you can begin working at right away. Best of all, many of them don’t require any advanced skills. You can even find no fee work at home jobs stuffing envelopes.

Working At Home For Free

One of the issues with working from home is that often these jobs involve start-up fees that can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. Let’s take a look at some great work from home jobs you can start working today with no fees whatsoever.

Survey Taking Jobs

Companies in every industry are always trying to learn more about what consumers are thinking. They’re also willing to pay for that knowledge. If you’re ready to share your thoughts, you can find legit work at home jobs taking paid surveys.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular paid survey and rewards sites on the internet. Swagbucks members earn points for things like taking surveys and watching videos. They even earn points for searching the web, shopping at their favorite stores or signing up for promotions. You can redeem the points you earn for gift cards or Paypal deposits. To date, Swagbucks has paid out over $175,000,000 to its members.

Ipsos iSay

Ipsos iSay is another paid survey site that provides free work from home jobs. Members take surveys and earn points for each one they take. Then, members redeem the points they’ve earned for things like Paypal funds, or gift cards to their favorite stores. iSay regularly holds contests as well. The more surveys you answer, the more chances you have to win exciting prizes like gift cards, electronics, luxury goods or iSay points.

MyPoints Surveys

My Points is similar to Swagbucks in that members earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, watching videos or redeeming coupons at their favorite stores. My Points members can redeem the points they earn for gift cards, Visa pre-paid cards, Paypal deposits or even travel miles.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research offers more at home jobs that don’t cost anything. Members can also make money by redeeming reward codes posted on Vindale Research’s social media accounts, watching videos, or reading advertisements in their email. Members can also earn money by referring their friends to Vindale Research, or post a picture of themselves showing off their rewards from Vindale on their social media accounts.


My Survey is another paid survey service that pays their members to give their opinion on surveys. Unlike some of the other paid survey sites on this list, My Survey focuses specifically on surveys. Members take surveys or volunteer for in-home product testing and earn rewards points for their time. Members can also refer their friends to earn additional rewards points. Then, they can redeem the points they’ve earned for products, gift cards or Paypal funds.

Data Entry Jobs

If you have basic computer skills and are a proficient typist, a job from home in data entry may be an excellent choice for you. Data entry involves inputting, processing, cataloging or arranging data into computer databases.

Coding Network

Coding Network provides medical coding services for doctor’s offices and hospitals. Those with experience in medical coding may find Coding Network to be a great option for them.

Coding Network hires medical coders and auditors to work from home. They require three years or more of experience as a medical coder. For auditors, five years’ experience is required. All coders are required to live and work in the United States and have an active coding certification.

Capital Typing

Capital Typing is a full-service outsourcing agency that provides lots of different services to businesses. In addition to data entry services, Capital Typing also provides transcription, translation, bookkeeping, IT and web development services.

Capital Typing encourages you to email them your resume if you’re looking for a position from home. But, they’re not necessarily hiring all the time.

Great American Opportunities

Great American Opportunities provides fundraising services and products to schools, organizations, teams and more. If you’ve ever bought a candy bar to support a local basketball team or purchased an entertainment book to help fund a school trip, chances are you’re familiar with Great American Opportunities.

They hire people to work from home and process the orders that are received. It’s best to contact them by email to inquire about a position with the companies.


Sigtrack is a company that provides data entry services like voter registration and petition signature processing.

The company hires independent contractors to work from home doing tasks like typing in written signatures and processing voter registration forms. Anyone with proof of US residency can apply for a position with SigTrack.


VirtualBee provides crowdsourced data entry services to its clients. With crowdsourcing, thousands of workers work together to complete one larger piece of work. This method of work allows more complex projects to be completed very quickly and economically. Crowdsourcing with VirtualBee may be a good way to find free work at home jobs.

To begin working for VirtualBee, create an account on their website. You’ll provide them with some more information about yourself and the skills you possess, and they’ll begin assigning you tasks that match your skills.

Click n Work

Click n Work is a full-service outsourcing agency. They provide several different services to all kinds of businesses. All their business is handled completely online by people working remotely. Many of the jobs can be done entirely in the home.

Click n Work hires independent contractors who work as data entry specialists, analysts, secret shoppers, photographers, writers, editors and more. Considering the wide range of opportunities with Click n Work, you may be able to find free online jobs with this company.

Check out our article on work from home data entry jobs for more info!

Writing Jobs

Writing jobs are some of the most widely available work from home jobs you can get. Web content like blogs, reviews, articles, and advertisements are in particularly high demand. If you write well, you’ll have no trouble finding legitimate work from home jobs with no start up fees.


Speakwrite provides transcription services, primarily to the legal, law enforcement and protective services industries. Those industries generate tons of paperwork, and Speakwrite processes that paperwork into a digital format for use in their client’s databases.

Speakwrite hires independent contractors to work from home processing the paperwork for Speakwrite’s clients. If you’re a resident of the U.S or Canada, can type at least 60wpm with 90% accuracy with experience with word processing or transcription services you can apply to work from home. Because of the sensitive nature of the legal and law enforcement industries, you’ll also need to submit to a background check to work for Speakwrite.


Blogmutt provides blog writing and content creation services. Their clients provide Blogmutt with a list of blog posts they want to be created, and independent contractors on BlogMutt write the articles.

Blogmutt writers log onto the company’s site and choose the blog posts they’d like to write. If the client likes your work, they pay you for it. While the client isn’t obligated to pay you for work you complete, Blogmutt claims that about 90% of all the content submitted gets purchased.


ContentJack is like Blogmutt. They provide content creation services like blog writing, social media and copy for websites and stores.

ContentJack produces web content from native writers in 20 different countries. If you’re interested in writing online, this may be a great opportunity for you, especially if you can read or write in another language.


WritersDomain also provides content creation services. They were established in 2011 and have writers throughout the world working on thousands of projects for their different clients.

You can apply to WritersDomain through their website. If your application is accepted, you’ll be able to work on articles immediately on a first come first served basis. If there’s work available, you can work as much as you’d like.

Express Writers

Express Writers also provides web content and specializes in web copy and copy editing. Since they offer some more specialized services, this may be a great opportunity for those with experience in advertising, marketing or social media.

You can apply for Express Writers on their website, just upload your resume and a writing sample for consideration.


MyEssays is a marketplace to buy and sell scholarly essays and term papers. Their marketplace can be an excellent way to make money for students or graduates who likely have several essays they’ve written stored on their computers.

You can post your essays on their forum and set your price for each one.  When someone purchases your essay, MyEssays takes 50% of the sale.

Edit Fast

Edit Fast provides professional content creation, editing, and proofreading services. As a result, working for Edit Fast may pay better than some of the other writing jobs on this list. But, they do require all applicants to possess a college degree.

Edit Fast’s contractors are assigned work based on each client’s needs. Once the work is accepted, the client pays the writer. Edit Fast takes 40% of the total cost of each project.

Customer Service Jobs

Many companies outsource their customer service positions to individuals working from home. If you have experience working in customer service, take a look at these jobs.


Alorica provides customer relationship management services as well as medical billing services. They work with customers in several different industries.

Alorica’s work from home agents are employees of the company. They’re entitled to benefits like medical and dental coverage. Working for Alorica may be a great opportunity for those looking for steady employment with benefits.


Uhaul is a large moving equipment and storage rental company with businesses throughout the United States. They regularly hire contractors to work from home as customer service agents.

Uhaul’s customer service agents complete a four-week paid training course from home. Upon completion of the course, they’re able to begin working from home as Uhaul customer service reps.


The popular flower and gift delivery service 1-800-Flowers deals with a ton of customer inquiries on a daily basis. They’re in need of customer service representatives to work from home.

Most of the work available with 1-800-Flowers is seasonal. It’s available during peak holiday seasons like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.


Convergys provides several different customer service and call center outsourcing opportunities. They provide customer service, sales and collections agents in addition to a number of other services.

Convergys hires employees to work many customer service related positions. They also offer competitive benefits packages, flexible scheduling, and even a 401k.


Teletech provides many different business services including customer service, consulting and sales support.

They hire customer service agents to work from home. The only requirements are internet access and a home phone. They provide all necessary training, and they pay you to train as well.


1-800-Contacts sells affordable mail order contacts. The company is very popular, and as a result, they have tons of data entry and customer service work available. They staff many of these positions with employees working from home.

Employees at 1-800-Contacts tend to speak highly of the job they get to do and the perks that are available. So, 1-800-Contacts may be another good option if you’re looking to turn working from home into a steady career.

Accolade Support

Accolade Support provides outsourced call center services. Accolade’s services include customer service, sales, and technical support.

Accolade hires independent contractors to work from home as call center agents. If you’re based in the United States and have a computer, landline, and basic computer skills, you’re encouraged to apply for a position.

Sutherland CloudSource

Sutherland provides many different outsourced services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their CloudSource platform provides many work from home call center opportunities.

Sutherland provides their employees with flexible scheduling, primarily on a part-time basis. They require their employees to have a dedicated phone line, high-speed internet access and a wired headset for taking calls.

Tutoring Jobs

If you have academic experience and a love for helping others, becoming a tutor may be a great opportunity for you. Several tutoring companies offer legitimate work from home jobs with no startup fee.


Tutor.com is a fully online tutoring service. Tutoring is provided in an “online classroom” and is available on seemingly every subject and discipline.

If you’re a college sophomore or higher or possess a college degree, you can apply online to become a tutor with Tutor.com in several different subject areas.


Aim-For-A-Tutor also provides global tutoring services in a few different subjects.

Aim-For-A-Tutor offers positions at their locations as well as work from home jobs. If you possess a bachelor’s degree or higher, have access to high-speed internet and a computer then you can apply for a position with their company.

Verbal Planet

Verbal Planet is a tutoring service that focuses on teaching students foreign languages.

Applying is simple, just answer some information about yourself and take a fluency test in the languages you wish to teach. If approved, you’ll create your tutoring profile on the site and can begin tutoring students immediately.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg provides tutoring services in a variety of different subjects. Students can pay by the minute or purchase larger packages of tutoring time when they need help.

As a Chegg Tutor, you can log onto their platform and receive notifications when students need tutoring in the subjects you specialize in. If you’re available to work, you’ll tutor that student. Chegg is particularly flexible and may be a great option for those of us with already busy schedules.


Enroll provides several different services for students including tutoring, educational courses, school, and scholarship information and even a marketplace to buy or sell educational materials.

Once you’ve been approved as a tutor and you create your profile on their website, you can begin tutoring students and earning money.


SameSpeak provides English tutoring services to students around the world interested in learning English.

SameSpeak may be a great tutoring opportunity if you’re interested in legit work from home jobs. No fees are charged to work with SameSpeak. All that’s required is that you speak English as your first language, and have a computer with Skype, a high-speed internet connection, and a headset.

You can earn $10 for every 30-minute tutoring session you complete.


Brainfuse provides real-time tutoring services to students in need. Students use brain fuse for things they need help with immediately, like homework.

You can apply online to tutor for Brainfuse on their website. They don’t provide much additional information, but it’s safe to assume that their terms are similar to other tutoring services like Chegg and Tutor.com.


TutorVista offers live tutoring services as well as editing and proofreading services.

Jobs with TutorVista are available on a full or part-time basis. Tutors must commit to working as few as four but as many as 9 hours per day. If you’re a college graduate with a computer and a high-speed internet connection you can apply for a position with TutorVista.

Search Engine Evaluation Jobs

Search Engine Evaluators audit the quality of search engine results pages. You can make money from home performing basic web searches and grading the results based on how relevant they are to the initial search term.

These jobs also don’t require you to work quietly and have very flexible hours. For those reasons, these might be great work from home jobs for moms. No fees are charged to begin this type of work.


Leapforce provides search engine analysis services, and independent contractors perform all of the work. According to their website, they’re looking for educated individuals who are either currently enrolled in a degree program or already possess a college degree.

Certain jobs performed by Leapforce contractors require fluency in a language other than English. So, if you speak another language, Leapforce may be a great opportunity to put it to use and earn extra money.

Appen Butler Hill

Appen Butler Hill provides search engine audit services and also specializes in social media and language consultancy.

You can work from home for Appen Butler Hill as a search engine evaluator, social media evaluator or linguistics consultant.

Google Ads Quality Rater

Google is the world’s largest, most trusted search engine. One way that Google makes money is by selling advertising in their search results. Google hires independent contractors to evaluate the relevancy of the ads as they appear in search results.

Google requires its ad quality raters to possess a college degree. If you don’t have a degree, you may be able to demonstrate competency in other ways. Beyond that, the only requirements are search engine and research skills, and a computer with high-speed internet access.


ZeroChaos provides several different services to all kinds of different businesses and occasionally they hire ad quality raters to work from home.

ZeroChaos employees work on a part-time basis from home between 10-30 hours per week. The only requirement for the job is a high-speed internet connection. ZeroChaos also offers benefits packages and may be a good option for those looking for reliable part time work from home.


SoftStone also provides a number of different business services. They’re regularly hiring people to work from home as search engine evaluators and ad quality raters.

Softstone offers paid training and has limited requirements for their employees outside of high-speed internet access. SoftStone may be a good option for those who live outside of North America, as they hire employees from several different countries and locations.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual Assistants provide several services remotely. Secretaries and assists typically handle this work in an office setting. Virtual Assistants are typically hired by small and mid-sized businesses or busy professionals to perform a variety of different tasks, like work from home stuffing envelopes, setting appointments or doing research for their client.

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands provides virtual assisting services from their New York offices and also remotely.

Fancy Hands hires independent contractors to work with their clients to provide a range of different services. Contractors are paid per task for the work they complete and typically, most of the tasks are short and simple.

OnPoint Advocacy

OnPoint is a bit different from the other companies on this list as they primarily deal with political advocacy issues. They’re currently hiring Advocacy Coordinators to engage and educate the public on issues that affect their daily lives. They’ll even hire you to work from home stuffing envelopes. No fee to start is required.

If you enjoy talking to people on the phone, a position with OnPoint might be well suited for you. These positions don’t have many other requirements, besides the internet a computer and a USB headset.


Zirtual provides virtual assisting services for small businesses and busy professionals.

Currently, they’re hiring full-time virtual assistants who can work between 9am-6pm EST. Zirtual’s assistants are hired as independent contractors so you shouldn’t expect any benefits or additional perks of the job. But, the work does seem interesting, and the pay is competitive.

Click n Work

Click n Work provides several different services to businesses and busy professionals, many of which we’ve covered in this article.

If you’re interested in a position as a virtual assistant, data entry specialist, search engine evaluator, writer, editor or translator, you may want to give Click n Work a closer look. Chances are, they have several different positions available that may interest you.

Translation Jobs

In our global economy, there’s no shortage of work for capable translators. If you’re able to speak, read and write in more than one language, then you may find legitimate work at home jobs as a translator.

Responsive Translation

Responsive Translation provides a number of different translation and interpreting services in hundreds of different languages to businesses across the globe.

Currently, they’re hiring for translation specialists to work on a freelance basis. Translators work to provide translations, interpret, or proof machine translations. Interested applicants are encouraged to submit a resume and cover letter on their website.


Lingosaur provides fast and economic translations in a variety of different languages.

They’re always looking for independent contractors to work from home providing translation services. Once you pass an initial competency exam, they’ll begin sending you work to translate. All that’s required is internet access and a word processing program.


1-800-Translate was a service started in 1982 designed to provide translation services to businesses. They’ve recently rebranded as Responsive Translation, and you can find more information about them above and on their website.


Unbabel is a translation service powered by artificial intelligence. They provide translation services in 28 different languages. Unbabel also hires humans to work together with their AI software to ensure that they're providing reliable translations to their clients.

You can apply to become a translator for Unbabel online through their website.

AB Global

AB Global is a global investment management and research firm with customers spanning all industries and many different countries.

AB Global hires experienced translators to do legitimate work from home.

Transcriptionist Jobs

For those of us with strong typing skills and experience in office administration, a job as a transcriptionist may be a good fit. Transcriptionists work to process information into digital formats using word processing programs.


Rev provides a range of transcription services to their clients. They hire freelance transcriptionists to handle the work.

Some positions at Rev provide benefits packages, equity and more. Employees can work from the Rev office or remotely. Visit their website for more information on the type of work they currently have available.


Babbletype provides transcription, translation and content analysis services.

Babbletype says they’re always hiring experienced transcriptionists and translators to work from home. All you’ll need is a computer, internet connection, and headphones.


Speakwrite provides transcription services and specializes in legal and law enforcement transcription.

Speakwrite is hiring transcriptionists to work from home. The only requirements are a computer, high-speed internet connection, and a foot pedal to make your transcriptions more efficient.


TrascribeMe also provides transcription services for businesses.

They’re always hiring transcriptionists to assist with their workload from home. The scheduling is flexible, there are no upfront costs, and they pay a fair wage for transcription work. All this makes TranscribeMe a good option for those looking for their first transcription job.

Accounting Jobs

If you have experience in accounting and bookkeeping, you’re able to use the skills you’ve learned to make money from home. There are several companies interested in hiring experienced accountants to work from home.


AccountingDepartment provides outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services.

They hire experienced accountants to work full time from home. You can apply for positions in accounting or bookkeeping. You can also just apply using their general application if you don’t possess the required experience for either of these roles.


BIDaWiz is looking for experienced bookkeepers and tax professionals to work from home for their clients. If you have a bachelor’s degree or higher and two years or more experience working in accounting, BIDaWIZ might be a great work from home opportunity for you.


BookMinders also provides outsourced accounting services. They’re currently hiring experienced accounting professionals. But, there’s a catch. Currently, they’re only accepting applicants in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas.

According to BookMinders, you can complete about 1/3 of the work from home. The remaining work requires you to meet with clients in your area.

TAD Accounting

TAD is another accounting company looking to hire accounting professionals to work from home. More information about the individual opportunities they have is available on their website.


ClickAccounts is another bookkeeping firm with employment opportunities from home. They’re always looking for qualified and experienced accounting professionals. They’re currently accepting applications on their website.


Zintro is a marketplace that matches specialized professionals with clients who need their services. Zintro covers a wide range of services including accounting and bookkeeping.

To get started, just make a profile on Zintro that highlights your skills and experience. Zintro will then match you with clients who need the skills you can provide.

Sales/Telemarketing Jobs

Were you born with the gift of gab? Then a position in sales or telemarketing may be perfect for you. At home sales and telemarketing jobs involve selling products to people over the phone or the internet.


Home Shopping Network is a popular TV shopping network with millions of customers. They offer work from home opportunities for customer service and sales agents. If you have high-speed internet, a computer and a headset, you can apply to work for HSN.com at home.

Brighten Communications

Brighten Communications is a B2B outsourcing company that specializes in lead generation. They hire people to work from home setting sales appointments for other companies. All you need to qualify is a computer, internet connection, and a headset.


GoodStart provides aftercare service to patients who are taking new medications. Their employees follow up with patients who have recently started taking new medications to provide them with helpful information and tips.


Cruise.com hires agents to work from home providing customer support and selling services related to their upcoming vacations. If you have experience in the travel industry, this may be a great opportunity for you.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions provides telemarketing, customer service and CRM solutions for all kinds of businesses.

Working Solutions hires representatives for legit online jobs from home. Check their website for more information on the different positions they have open and their requirements.


LiveOps provides outsourced customer service and sales solutions to businesses. All of their telecommunications agents work from home as independent contractors. They’re currently hiring for these positions, and you can apply on their website.

Researching Jobs

If you have a passion for research, there’s plenty of real work from home jobs to be had in the field.

Call Center QA

Call Center QA provides mystery shopper services. Their mystery shoppers work from home using either a telephone or landline. Mystery shoppers place calls to businesses inquiring about products and then fill out a short form about their experience on the call. There are no requirements for a job which may make this a perfect opportunity for those without any experience.


Zursh is a marketplace that provides research services to clients across a broad range of businesses.

If you’re interested in becoming a researcher, make a profile on Zursh and submit proposals to complete research projects based on what’s available in the marketplace. If your proposal is selected, you’ll do the research and get paid for it.


Wonder is a research community where clients ask questions or pose topics which are then answered by Wonder’s researchers.

To work as a researcher, create a profile on Wonder and give them some more information about yourself. When you log into the Wonder dashboard, you’ll see a list of pending research requests which you can work on.  When your client approves the research you've completed, they release payment to you.

Ask Wonder

Ask Wonder is the same company as Wonder. The company is commonly known as Wonder, but they’ve added the “ask” in front to make themselves easier to find online.

07 Mar

Top 34 Best Data Entry Job Opportunities of 2017 – A Complete List

work from home data entry jobs

If you’re looking for gainful employment from the comfort of your home, work at home data entry jobs may be the right choice for you. Data entry professionals help companies process, catalog and sort information.

How Data Entry Jobs Work

Employees who work in data entry use basic typing and computer skills to input information into word processing or data processing software on the computer.

Data entry can include tasks like submitting customer orders, maintaining customer databases, sorting data and compiling reports. Employees use spreadsheet and word processing software to complete these tasks. In some cases, employees may also use software designed specifically for their company.

When it comes to legit work from home jobs, data entry is particularly popular because of how easily the tasks of the job can be handled remotely.

What Are The Required Skills And Tools?

Although it sounds like a very technical term, work from home data entry jobs online do not require an abundance of skills or tools. Many of you already possess the skills necessary to qualify for a data entry program. Here’s a list of skills you’re likely to need for online data entry jobs from home.

  • A GED or high school diploma
  • Average or better typing ability
  • Some knowledge of computers and basic computer programs
  • Basic literacy skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills

Top Data Entry Positions

If you’re wondering what the environment might be like with legitimate data entry jobs, home may be the farthest you have to look. Considering the sheer volume of data entry work that needs to be done on a daily basis, there’s no shortage of legitimate data entry work from home jobs. Here are some of the most popular and reputable companies in the business.

AccuTran Global

Accutran Global primarily provides transcription services. Most of their clients are in the financial services industry. You’ll be required to provide a variety of transcription services, including the transcription of conference calls, quarterly earnings calls, and analyst day meetings.

Depending on where you live, you’re likely to find that most of the work available from Accutran Global is in the early morning and afternoon. So, this job isn’t ideal for those looking to work in the evening or at night.


TigerFish is another leading transcription service, similar to Accutran Global, that provides legitimate online typing jobs. While TigerFish also works with the financial services sector, their work seems to be a bit more varied. TigerFish has clients across a broad range of industries including filmmakers, convention planners, lawyers, doctors, consultants, and marketing professionals.

Unlike Accutran Global, TigerFish does seem to have evening work available, which may make TigerFish a good fit if you’re unable to work mornings or afternoons.


OnlineJobsFree.com provides data entry work at home across several industries. They focus primarily on transferring their client's paper files into a digital format, as well as posting ads and filling out forms.

This company may be a perfect fit for those interested in working nights and evenings, as there are no time requirements for the work. You’re able to do the job at the time most convenient for you. OnlineJobsFree.com doesn’t require any special skills beyond the internet and computer access.

Speak Write

Speak Write is another company which provides transcription services. They specialize in transcription for legal and law enforcement agencies. They also offer general transcription services.

They require all their contractors to have computers and some basic software as well. Chances are, this is already software you have installed on your computers, such as Windows Media Player and Adobe Acrobat. Finally, they require all their typists to have a foot pedal to make transcribing more efficient.

Most of the work with Speak Write is available in the morning and afternoons, which means they’re not a great fit for those interested in working evenings and nights. But, Speak Write allows their typists to schedule themselves to work in one hour increments which provides great flexibility for their contractors.

DataPlus + (or DataPlus)

DataPlus+ is a data entry company based in Georgia. They provide data entry services across some industries. Most of their data entry online jobs involve transcribing written reports or forms into digital formats. Online data input jobs from home with DataPlus+ include the transcription of warranty cards, customer information cards, accident reports, police reports and tax related services.

It may be difficult to find more information about working with DataPlus+ as their employment resources page on their website is currently offline. It may be a good idea to contact DataPlus+ via email to see if they’re currently accepting new independent contractors.


Gorge Warehouse is an online retailer that specializes in the sale of recreational vehicles such as motorcycles and sportbikes. They have several online data entry jobs work from home listed on their website.

Unlike the other companies on this list, Gorge Warehouse pays their employees on an hourly basis. Their data entry position lists the rate of pay as $10.50 per hour. You can apply for a position directly on their website.

Cass Info

According to Cass Information Systems, they are the nation’s leading provider of transportation, utility, waste and telecom expense management and related business intelligence services. They also provide B2B payment processing services as well.

Many of the telecommuting jobs available from Cass Info require you to live in a particular part of the country. They conduct training from one of their offices on a part-time basis. At which point, continuing employees have the option to work from home.

Unlike many of the companies on this list, the individuals working for Cass Info are actual employees. Cass Info pays on an hourly basis, and in some cases, generous benefits packages may be available.

Quicktate or iDictate

Both Quicktate and iDictate provide call transcription and call auditing services. While both companies are very similar, the range of services and support they provide vary slightly to provide personalized service to a wide variety of clients.

Another way that Quicktate and iDictate vary is in their rate of pay. All contractors start by working with Quicktate, where they earn half as much as the contractors at iDictate. If you produce quality work, you can eventually be promoted to work for iDictate.

Neither company requires any specialized training or equipment. But, they do require a background check for all prospective employees. As with most transcription jobs, a foot pedal is recommended to improve the efficiency of your transcriptions.

Blue Zebra

Blue Zebra is an appointment setting service. Their clients hire Blue Zebra to make cold calls on their behalf and set qualified sales appointments for them.

Blue Zebra offers two different kinds of work from home positions. Prospective employees can apply for an appointment setting position, making cold calls on their client's behalf. Blue Zebra also hires administrative assistants who coordinate with the appointment setters as well as the sales and marketing teams to make their jobs easier.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk is a crowdsourcing platform on Amazon.

Thousands of workers from around the world can work on one project simultaneously and complete it very quickly. For example, a client may have a project where the goal is to caption 2,000 different photographs. Rather than one person captioning each photo individually which would be more time-consuming and less economical, as many as 2,000 MTurk’s can caption one photograph each. This method of work allows the job to be completed extremely quickly, accurately, and cheaply.

As an MTurk, you’ll be paid for each task you complete. Amazon then deposits the money for completed tasks into your Amazon account.

Axion Data Services

Axion Data Services provides data entry services for a range of businesses. The work most often entails filling out forms on behalf of their clients.

Axion’s contractors aren’t required to possess any special skills or have any equipment outside of a working computer and high-speed internet access. Mac users must purchase a remote desktop client to interface with their software.

Currently, Axion is not hiring data entry specialists, but they still encourage people to apply. But, they offer no guarantee that they'll ever contact you, and they charge a small administrative fee to keep your application active in their database.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions provides home based call center solutions for their clients. Working Solutions agents specialize in sales, service or technical support.

Working Solutions contractors are required to provide a working computer and broadband internet connection. You’ll also need landline telephone service and a wired hands-free headset.

Assistant Match

Assistant Match provides virtual assisting services to companies and busy professionals.

The needs of Assistant Match clients vary and can include anything from data entry, assisting services, blogging, project management, customer service, bookkeeping and more. The type of work you do will vary greatly depending on the client's needs.


Zirtual is another company that provides virtual assisting services.

Much like Assistant Match, Zirtual provides a range of different virtual assisting services to clients all over. The various aspects of the job are determined based on the client’s needs.


Vitac provides live and offline captioning services for the television and digital video industries. They are the largest supplier of captioning services for television, and they caption over 260,000 hours of live tv each year.

They are currently hiring real time captioners to provide caption services for live television programming. While these jobs only require basic transcription and listening skills, you must be an exceptionally fast typer to handle the work. According to Vitac, you should be able to type 225wpm or higher.

Employees of Vitac are not independent contractors, and therefore they’re provided with employee benefits such as healthcare, 401k, disability insurance and more.


Sigtrack provides crowdsourced databasing services to political parties and campaigns. Most of the work involves processing voter registration forms and petition signatures.

Currently, Sigtrack is not accepting any new workers. Considering Sigtrack works primarily with political campaigns, the work they have available is seasonal.

Cloud Crowd

CloudCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform that specializes in content creation, website sorting and more.

With CloudCrowd, contractors are paid small amounts of money to conduct quick, relatively easy tasks. CloudCrowd is very similar to the Amazon Mechanical Turk program.


Like Amazon MTurk and CloudCrowd, MicroWorkers is a crowdsourcing platform.

MicroWorkers pays their contractors for each small task they complete and the money is deposited into their MicroWorkers accounts. As long as there’s a balance of at least $9 plus the cost of fees in the account, you can withdraw the money to your PayPal account.


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance work. The interesting aspect of Fiverr is that most of the services listed on their platform costs only $5 to complete.

To make money using Fiverr, you’ll make an account on their site where you highlight the different services you’re able to offer. Services are typically provides for $5 each, but that can vary. Some of the services being offered can cost up to $500.

Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications primarily provides transcription services to corporate and legal businesses. They also have data entry positions at times, although none are presently available.

While most of the work they offer comes in in the late morning and early afternoon, they do provide flexible scheduling that may work with a variety of lifestyles.

VirtualBee (Formerly called Key For Cash)

VirtualBee provides data entry services to the business community through crowdsourcing.

To work for VirtualBee, they'll give you a series of tests designed to evaluate your skills, interests, and strengths. They use the results of those tests to pair you with tasks that fit your skill set as they become available.

Great American Opportunities

Great American Opportunities provides products and services for fundraising opportunities. If you’ve ever purchased a candy bar or a box of cookies from a sports team or school club, there’s a high chance they were working with Great American Opportunities.

Great American Opportunities hire independent contractors to work in their data entry department processing the fundraiser orders.

Caption Colorado

Caption Colorado is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of real-time closed captioning.

Those of you with strong writing backgrounds who can type very quickly and accurately may be a great fit for a position with Caption Colorado.

Interested applicants must complete a technical assessment in which they’ll caption a half-hour local news program. Caption Colorado then contacts the applicants with the highest assessment scores for open positions.

Caption Colorado has full and part time positions available. Full-time employees receive competitive benefits packages in addition to their hourly pay.


Clickworker is a crowdsourcing program with a focus on e-commerce. The services they provide include copywriting, SEO text creation, keyword insertion, product tagging, and product data management.

Clickworker is always hiring and offers pay that’s competitive with other crowdsourcing platforms such as Amazon MTurk and MicroWorkers.

For those of us with interest in fields like e-commerce or SEO, Clickworker may be a great fit.


Integreon provides a vast array of business services to a number of different industries. That includes legal, document, business and legal services.

Their wide array of clients in different industries generate a great deal of data entry work. Sometimes, the jobs they have available are conducted on a remote basis. Check their careers page to see if they’re currently filling any positions in data entry where you can work from home.

Capital Typing

Capital Typing provides a wide range of solutions for clients all over the world. These solutions include data entry, transcription services, bookkeeping and IT services.

While Capital Typing handles some of the work in-house, they also have some opportunities for remote jobs. Contact Capital Typing directly for more information on their at home employment opportunities.

Smart Locating

Smart Apartment Data provides a variety of services in the apartment leasing business. Smart Locating is one aspect of their company which requires a significant amount of data entry work.

You can apply for a position through their website. Scheduling is flexible, although Smart Locating asks that you can be available for 15 hours a week or more.

Dion Data Solutions

Dion Data Solutions provides data entry and data management services to corporations of all sizes.

Currently, they’re looking for qualified individuals looking to work from home for positions with the company. All that’s required is the ability to type at least 60wpm, a functional computer, the internet, and phone access. These lax requirements coupled with Dion Data Solutions flexible scheduling and the ease of work may make a position with this company a great source for work from home jobs for moms. Data entry experience not required.


TDEC provides a wide range of outsourcing solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. They have work available in offices throughout the country as well as remote opportunities for individuals looking for data entry at home jobs.

You can apply for a position online through their website.

Virtual Office Temps

Virtual Office Temps is a website that provides services for both companies looking to hire virtual assistants, and people looking to work as virtual assistants. They also offer certification courses in virtual assisting.

To gain access to their job boards, you’ll create a profile on their site. At which point, you can begin browsing the job boards and applying for positions that interest you.


Scribie provides audio transcription services for a flat fee. Clients submit audio files they need transcribed and they are charged a flat fee of $.75-$3.00 per minute of transcription, depending on how quickly they need the work completed.

Scribie pays their transcribers between $5-$20 per audio hour transcribed. Most transcriptions are 6 minutes in length or shorter. Scribie offers a $5 bonus for every 3 hours of audio you transcribe each month. They also seem to promote from within, and their best transcribers can advance to better positions within the company.

Other Places To Look For Data Entry Jobs

Beyond the companies listed above, there are plenty of places you can turn to look for legitimate work from home data entry jobs. When looking elsewhere online or in the paper, you’ll want to make sure the positions you find don’t look like scams. When you’re looking for data entry from home jobs, no fees is a good place to start. Any company looking to charge you a fee to work for them is not to be trusted. You may be able to find a data entry job at an office in your area that allows you to work from home after you’ve been with the company for a certain amount of time as well. Sites like Craigslist, online job boards and even the help wanted section of your local paper can all be great places to look for data entry jobs at home.



07 Mar

Best Work At Home Call Center Jobs – Top 32 Call Center Opportunities

work from home call center jobs

Some of the most popular work from home jobs are work from home call center jobs. Often, creating a virtual call center in your home can provide you with several work from home opportunities, as you pick up new clients to offer your services to. It can also be flexible work, allowing you to balance your professional life with your personal life.

Some work from home call center companies match independent agents with clients in need of call center services, like customer service, answering services, or lead generation. There are also several companies that offer call center jobs from home, for either part-time or full-time agents.

If you think a work from home customer service or call center job is right for you, this guide will provide helpful information to get you started at home call center jobs.

How to Get Started At A Home Call Center

Work at home jobs are in such high demand that it can seem impossible to find one. However, the virtual call center has been picking up speed, and creating more demand for jobs, in recent years. More companies are looking to outsource their customer service jobs to at-home agents, which can reduce overhead and labor costs.

Starting Your Own Call Center Business

You can start your own at-home call center business with little startup costs. Owning your business gives you more control over your finances and schedule than typical jobs. But, you’ll also be responsible for paying your own taxes, since you’ll be considered an independent contractor and you won’t have an employer to do it for you.

If this is the route you’d like to take, you can sign up for call center companies that match at-home agents with clients in need of call center services. You may be able to find clients that meet your scheduling needs, and pick up more clients as needed.

For taxing purposes, it’s extremely important that you set yourself up with a spreadsheet to track your income and expenses. You’ll also need to set aside money from your income to pay quarterly taxes, including federal, self-employment, state, and local tax, if applicable.

Working for a Company’s Virtual Call Center

Many top companies are now allowing customer service agents, sales specialists, and reservation agents to work from the comfort of their home offices. Although you’ll usually be considered an employee in this case, you may still be able to benefit from a more flexible schedule than a typical 9 to 5 job. Additionally, as an employee, your taxes will be taken care of for you!

Most of these telemarketing jobs from home are entry-level jobs, but they still may prefer you to have some references and a resume available for your application. Make sure your resume is up to date, and consider crafting a cover letter that explains your experience and desire to work for the company.

Required Skills and Tools

One of the best things about work from home call center jobs is that they don’t typically require a lot of skills or equipment to get started. It’s a relatively affordable business to start, and usually, no college degree is required.

Required Equipment

Every call center opportunity will have specific guidelines for the kind of equipment you’ll need for the job. Even different clients for the same call center company may require something different. However, there are a few general things you’ll need for success in a call center opportunity:

  • Call center software. This isn’t always required, but call center software can help you keep track of your incoming and outgoing calls, log call times, and manage data.
  • Reliable computer. Your computer shouldn’t be more than 5 years old, and have virus protection installed. You’ll likely need the Microsoft Office suite, including Word and Excel.
  • Reliable, high-speed internet. A broadband connection can help ensure that you have adequate internet speeds to access information without interruptions.
  • Email account. Some companies or clients may require a specific email provider, like Gmail. You’ll need a dedicated account for any information related to your call center business.
  • Landline phone service. Although some companies have all connections completed through the internet, others still require a landline phone to take calls. Usually, mobile phones are not acceptable.
  • The video messaging service is sometimes required so you can meet with your clients or call center company to discuss business matters.
  • USB headset. If your call center company uses an internet-based system, this is how you’ll be connecting with callers.

Your Home Office

Your home office space is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to customer service jobs from home. Your callers will likely not have a good experience with you as an agent if they hear barking dogs, yelling children, or excessive background noise during their calls.

A home office for your call center should be a dedicated space of your home, free from noise and disturbances. This can prove to be a challenge if you have pets or children in your home. You may find it in your best interest to look into a babysitter or pet sitter, if this is the case.

Invest in a comfortable work space, since you’ll be using it for several hours a day. A standing desk can be a good way to keep your blood flowing and maintain good posture. Or, use a comfortable, high-back chair and keep your monitor at, or a little above, eye level.

Keep your office well-lit and ventilated. Natural light and air can keep you more alert as you work.

Helpful Skills

Most call center jobs require specific personality skills more than professional skills. Still, some may prefer applicants who have had at least a year of experience in customer service or sales, depending on the type of call center. If you have any experience in related areas, be sure to list your experience on your resume or application.

Other qualities that successful call center agents typically possess are:

  • Self-motivated
  • Dependable
  • Outgoing
  • Friendly
  • Organized
  • Attentive to detail
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Good memory skills
  • Flexible

Of course, some of these are skills that you’ll likely strengthen as you gain more experience working from home for a call center.

Top Work at Home Call Center Job Opportunities

If you’re constantly Googling “call center jobs near me”, but finding few leads, you may be able to land a position with one of the following virtual call center jobs.

American Airlines

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you can be a Customer Service Agent for American Airlines. In addition to taking incoming phone calls, you may also be assisting customers with their questions through email. This full-time employment position requires potential agents to have two years of customer service experience and two years of experience working with a team professionally.

American Express

The credit card company is one of the top 20 remote jobs companies, offering call center opportunities for Customer Care Professionals. You’ll be expected to suggest products, solve customer issues, and help meet the needs of American Express customers. You’ll need a 4-year degree, or 4-year relevant working experience for this full-time opportunity.


Amazon’s Virtual Call Center agents are part-time or full-time employees. The company contracts extra agents through peak seasons, like the Christmas holiday, who may be able to get hired on full-time for exceptional performance. Only those residing in certain states are allowed to apply. At least one year of customer service experience is preferred.


JetBlue offers Reservation Agent jobs from home. This job may require training at a specific location, after which you can work from your home office. You must have excellent team skills, a very flexible schedule, and at least two years of customer service experience for this full-time position.


As a Customer Service Representative for Enterprise, you’ll work on an assigned schedule that may include nights and weekends. Enterprise hires employees for 40 hour per week schedules only. You’ll process incoming calls, answer requests and questions, search information in multiple databases, and more. The company will provide the required headset if you’re hired.


CenturyLink provides technology services for personal and business use. It hires both Tech Support and Virtual Sales Agents to work from home in part-time positions. You must reside in a state and city that is serviced by CenturyLink. Most positions require a mandatory Saturday shift.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus offers location-specific employment positions with paid training and benefits. You’ll be responsible for taking orders from customers over the phone, helping customers complete their orders, or answering customer questions. Training is at an on-site location and takes about three weeks. Schedules range from part-time to full-time, and you may be eligible for more hours, based on outstanding performance.

Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a workforce solution company, with one of its specialities being call center solutions for businesses. The company seeks those with exceptional customer service skills to provide virtual call center services to its clients. You’ll be eligible for bonus pay, based on performance, advancement opportunities, and weekly pay. These positions are full-time.

Cox Communications

You can apply for a variety of work from home call center jobs with Cox Communications. The company offers openings for tech support agents, inbound sales representatives, customer care specialists, and more. The company’s full-time positions offer competitive benefits packages, including health, dental, and vision insurance. Cox Communications requires its employees to live in specific locations close to its sites.


As a Customer Care Representative for Asurion, you’ll be hired as an employee and remain on the same shift for six months. Your main job duties will be assisting customers with insurance claims and following up with them, as needed. Asurion lists its base pay as $12.50 for English-speaking representatives, and $13.50 for bilingual representatives, but also offers bonuses of up to $600 per month.


The Home Shopping Network hires full-time Customer Service Representatives to work from home fielding inbound HSN customer calls. You may be helping customers with their orders, offer upsells of products, or providing solutions to any issues the customer experienced. Previous sales or customer service experience is preferred, and you must have a dedicated, standard landline phone.

Hilton Hotels

Work at home Reservation Sales agents and Customer Care agents can find employment opportunities with Hilton Hotels. Training occurs online, and can take anywhere from four to seven weeks. After training, you’ll be eligible for the Hilton benefits package, including special travel rates, paid time off, 401(k), and more. There is also an incentive program for Reservation Sales Specialists, with bonuses for performance.


TeleFlora is an online flower delivery service that hires call center representatives, both throughout the year and seasonally at peak times. The company says that all agents should be expected to work on Mother’s Day, but your schedule may vary between 20 and 40 hours per week during regular weeks. You’ll be required to go through a training process, which will pay at least your state’s minimum wage.


U-Haul hires for several types of work from home call center jobs, including seasonal reservation agents, sales representatives, and customer service agents. You must be available for 32 hours per week, but the company can’t guarantee a full 32 hours. At least 6 months of call center, sales, or customer service experience is preferred, depending on the position.

Starwood Hotels

Starwood Hotels and Resorts’ @Home program customer call center agents to help take reservations or provide excellent customer service to its guests. As an employee of the company, you’ll be eligible for a benefits package that includes hotel discounts, exclusive events, savings plans, emergency child care, training opportunities, bonuses, and more.


Alorica is a leading call center solution company, and its Alorica@Home program continues to provide work at home job opportunities for those with virtual call centers. The company provides paid, virtual training to qualified applicants. You can specify if you’d prefer a tech support, customer service, or sales position, and your assessment during the application process will help Alorica match you with the perfect role.


PointClickCare provides technology services to the senior health care industry. The company hires virtual call center agents experienced in sales, pharmacy sales, and customer service. All of PointClickCare’s remote jobs require a college degree, with some requiring more experience than others. The company may require you to work weekends, depending on your role.


LiveOps links clients to professional call center agents like you. LiveOps agents can have a number of skills, like sales, insurance claims, health care, and even roadside service. You’ll be an independent contractor for LiveOps, and it will help match you up with ideal clients that need your services. You can choose when to work, and how many hours to work, each week.


If you live in any state except California or Hawaii, you can become an at-home Cruise Sale Agent, Customer Service Agent, or Online Support Agent. Trainings are web-based and occur at specific times throughout the year. To apply, you just need to send your resume, with relevant skills and experiences included, to the email listed on the website. You will need at least one year of relevant work experience for each position.


1-800-Flowers is a flower delivery service that offers seasonal work for at-home call agents during its peak seasons, like Valentine’s Day through Mother’s Day, to assist customers with orders and questions. The company will sometimes keep employees on permanent positions, if interested. You’ll receive full-time paid training to begin, which will turn to part-time as busy seasons approach. The pay is bi-weekly and starts at about $9 per hour.


ARO is a contact center provider for businesses. The company sources virtual call center agents to work between 25 and 35 hours per week as a Customer Service Representative for assigned clients. You can choose between two different shifts: 7am – 2pm CST and 4pm – 10pm CST, Monday through Friday. Bilingual representatives are preferred.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions sources independent contractors to provide call center services to its clients. When you apply, you’ll also need to pass assessments to ensure that you’re a good fit for the company. If you’re accepted, you’ll complete an orientation process and then can apply to opportunities that fit your interests. Your pay depends on the program, as some clients pay per-minute, and others pay by the hour.


TeleNetwork offers several positions for call center agents, including sales, tech support, billing specialists, and customer service. Most positions are entry level, and can be either part-time or full-time, depending on your needs. Full-time employees will receive a full benefits package, including health insurance, 401(k), paid time off, and holiday pay.

Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet is a company that sells a roofing product of the same name. It hires part-time at-home Customer Support Agents to answer incoming calls related to the product, website promotions, or any questions a customer has. You’ll be tasked with setting up in-home appointments for the company to visit with homeowners. You’ll receive paid training and have opportunities for bonuses.


Transcom sources at-home call center agents to provide its customer service, sales, collections, and tech support services to clients. You’ll have a set schedule of more than 30 hours. After your application is accepted, you may need to wait for the next training to open, so your start likely won’t be immediate.


At Support.com, you can work from home as a Client Services Technician, providing support for current or prospective clients. You’ll need some retention and sales experience for this position. You can also apply for the Remote Services Technician, where you’ll provide inbound customer support answering questions and offering basic troubleshooting.


TeleTech@Home agents may provide customer service or technical support for clients through social media, live chat, or phone calls. You can choose your hours of availability, and a recruiter will match you with the right projects, accordingly. You’ll need to pass MatchPoint tests during the application process for the company to assess your skills.

Windy City Call Center

Windy City Call Center hires home-based Call Center Representatives for home improvement or education referral services. Each position starts at $9 per hour, with an increase to $10 after 90 days. Part-time and full-time positions are available, but you must commit to a set weekly schedule.

Carenet Healthcare Services

Carenet helps connect patients, plans, and providers to offer better health care solutions for everyone. If you’re a Registered Nurse, you can work from home as a Care Advisor, providing care instructions for patients over the phone and answering their questions. Must be open to a flexible schedule that may include nights and weekends.

Denihan Hospitality Group

Denihan is a hotel operation company that seeks Reservation Sales Agents to work from home. You’ll assist potential guests in booking reservations for hotels across the country through inbound calls. Paid training is 6 weeks long and will be on-site, but you can then work from home. Positions are typically part-time only.

Apple At Home

Apple At Home Advisors can provide customer service or technical support to Apple customers who need help with their devices. Apple offers paid, online training, paid time off, product discounts, and opportunities for advancement. Must have at least 2 years of professional experience in a similar field.

Xact Telesolutions

Xact Telesolutions has work at home positions for Customer Care Representatives, particularly those who are bilingual in English and Spanish, to provide customer support for its clients. Part-time and full-time positions are available, and evenings and weekends are required. Representatives to fill third shift, from 10pm to 7am, are in high demand.


As a Customer Service Representative for Ver-A-Fast, you’ll work from home making outbound calls to the company’s newspaper clients. You’ll provide feedback to the newspaper about its customers’ experiences. Must commit to working at least 16 hours per week, mostly in the evening and on weekends.


Advanis hires Telephone Research Interviewers in virtual call centers, conducting market research over the phone. You’ll be working a flexible schedule, between the hours of 3-10pm MST Monday through Friday and 10-5pm MST on Saturday. Paid training and a set hourly wage are available.

Time Communications

Time Communications offers answering services, emergency dispatch, order taking, tech support, and more, for its clients. The company has full and part-time positions available for Customer Service Representatives, who will provide a number of services to clients’ customers. Hourly pay, bonuses, 401(k), profit sharing, and other benefits are available.

The Newton Group

The Newton Group is a team of sales professionals who help clients gather, and retain, new business leads. As an Elite Sales Associate, you’ll help find potential leads, set appointments, and manage your leads. Most associates work four hours per day through the week, and optionally on Saturday. A minimum of 20 hours is required.

Extended Presence

Extended Presence looks for work at home appointment setters, lead generation specialists, and sales specialists to provide virtual call center services to its clients. Part-time and full-time positions are available, but you must be able to meet weekly commitments, as outlined by each job description.

Smart Office Solutions

Smart Office Solutions provides communication technology services to a variety of clients. It sources at-home Customer Service Representatives to handle inbound customer inquiries, respond to customer e-mail, update account information, and more. At least two years of customer service experience is preferred.

GE Retail Finance

GE hires work from home Customer Service Representatives, as well as other high-level careers, like Project Managers and Account Managers. As a Customer Service Representative, you’ll handle mostly inbound calls answering questions and handling issues. Part-time and full-time employee and contractor positions are available.

Convergys Home Agent Program

Convergys offers a variety of customer service and technical solutions for its business clients. As one of its customer service agents, you’ll receive paid training, a flexible schedule, paid vacation, college tuition reimbursement, and more benefits. You’ll work 40 hours per week, with some overtime available.

Expert Global Solutions (EGS)

EGS is a company of Alorica, another company that hires at-home call center representatives. You’ll assist customers over the phone, by e-mail, and via chat. Training is paid, and you’ll also be eligible for paid time off, performance bonuses, 401(k) with company match, and more. You must have a fairly open, flexible schedule and at least one year of call center experience.


ThinkDirect is a marketing solutions company that hires Inbound Sales Associates, residing in Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee, to work from home. The company offers a $100 sign-on bonus, split into two payments. On average, associates earn between $10 and $14 per hour. Paid training will last for two weeks, and all shifts are full-time, at least 37 ½ hours per week.

Accolade Support Call Center Services

Accolade Support offers custom call center solutions to its clients with the help of virtual call center representatives. You’ll be an independent contractor, rather than employee, with an hourly pay rate plus commission. You’ll provide technical support, customer service, or sales services, depending on the client’s needs.

NexRep (formerly Stewart Response Group)

NexRep sources at-home professionals for a variety of positions, including customer care for online auto sales, inbound and outbound sales, virtual receptionists, and more. Most positions require a commitment of at least 25 hours per week, and schedule depends on the client. NexRep allows you to invoice a minimum of $10 per hour.


If you’re looking for a part-time call center position, AdviseTech offers part-time telemarketing for those who want a few hours per week. Its position requires between two to six hours per week to start, with opportunities for more work later. The schedule is flexible.

Dialog Direct (formerly NOVO 1 Contact Centers)

Dialog Direct offers a number of business solutions to its clients. The company uses Work At Home Customer Service Advocates in full and part-time positions to answer incoming calls from clients’ customers. You’ll have a set schedule with health insurance and retirement benefits available.

Alpine Access/Sykes

You’ll be a customer service agent for Sykes. A virtual interview will be required if your application is accepted, and you’ll have to complete assessments during the process to assess your skills. The company offers paid training, insurance benefits, bonus incentives based on performance, and a set schedule.

Sitel Work@Home

At Sitel, you’ll provide at-home inbound customer service for its clients. The work will vary, and can include anything from billing services to appointment setting for technical troubleshooting. Paid, online training and full or part-time shifts are available. You’ll also receive a benefits package that includes vacation and holiday pay, a retirement plan, and medical insurance.

Staples And Staples Canada

Staples, an office supply company, hires virtual call center representatives to handle inbound customer service calls, including assisting customers with orders, answering pricing questions, and handling issues. Full-time and part-time positions are available, with night shifts more available than others.The company offers flexible schedules, advancement opportunities, scholarship programs, and more.

BSG – Third Party Verification

BSG offers a variety of health care, administrative, and technology services to clients. Work from home representatives can enjoy many of the benefits of on-site employees, such as employer-matched 401(k) after one year of employment, vision and dental insurance, and paid time off.

Aspire Life Styles (formerly VIPdesk)

Aspire Life Styles provides a variety of services to assist small and large businesses. You can work as a Brand Ambassador part-time, providing exceptional customer service and upsells to meet clients’ needs. You’ll have a base pay plus commission, and can choose from several different shifts.

OnPoint@Home Advocacy

As an Advocacy Coordinator for OnPoint@Home, you’ll be responsible for handling inbound and outbound calls, logging information into the appropriate computer program. You’ll be matched with programs that take between 2 and 12 weeks, and must be available to work at least 25 hours each week.

J. Lodge Corporation

J.Lodge provides quality assurance solutions to businesses. The company hires part-time QA Call Monitoring Agents, Call Analysts, and Customer Service Specialists to work from their virtual call centers. Your schedule will be set, and you’ll receive an hourly pay rate that varies with each position.

Affiliated Computer Services Inc. (a Xerox Company)

Affiliated Computer Services is a sub-company of Xerox, which hires at-home specialists for tech support, customer care, data entry, quality control and more. Most customer care positions will require you to handle customer inquiries for specific products you’re assigned to, so you can gain expert knowledge of the products. Depending on the position, there will be set schedules to choose from.

07 Mar

Fusion Cash Review – Legit Or A Scam?

At Fusion Cash, they stand by their motto “No Catch – Just Cash.” Is what they say true or are they just another scam? In this review we'll give you a look into the good and bad of this popular survey site.

About The Company


Started back in 2005, Fusion Cash is a GPT (get paid to) site that is becoming popular with today's survey takers. The company is privately owned and can be found on all servers in the US and Canada. With Fusion Cash you can earn money by taking surveys, watching YouTube videos, taking part in trial offers, and much more.

The site is a little dated, but it upholds its name with its cash-colored pages. An organized array of categories make navigation easy.

Fusion Cash scored a solid A+ accreditation with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The site doesn't have a mobile app, but you can catch them on Twitter and gain access to exclusive offers before they're posted anywhere else.

Signing Up

Joining Fusion Cash is completely free, no pesky sign up or maintenance fees. If you are 18 years or older and live in either the US or Canada then you're in the clear. If you do live in the US, you can sign up as young as 13 as long as you have a parent's permission.

Just by signing up, Fusion Cash gives you a great head start by gifting you $5. If you're liking your experience with Fusion Cash, make sure to invite your friends, too. For every friend you invite you can earn up to $8. Both sides earn money so it's a win-win.

If you're thinking about joining Fusion Cash, click here to sign up and earn your first $5!

Earning Cash

Upon becoming a member, Fusion Cash let's you make the choice on how you can earn cash. Earning money with Fusion Cash can be easy if you play your cards right. All you have to do is jump on opportunities and take up offers. Offers come in a wide array of surveys, shopping, videos, and more.

Most offers have a cash value ranging from $.25 to $30, but it all depends on the type you choose. Some require a credit card, but if it's a concern you can choose offers that require no credit card information whatsoever. You can find the offers listed under the “Paid to Sign Up” tab.  

Fusion Cash offers three different payout options: check, direct deposit, and PayPal. An especially convenient feature is that you can withdraw as little as $25. To recieve payment users must provide information such as name, email, and/or mailing address. Sometimes they may ask for your phone number to prevent fraud, but don't stress because reports verify that there were no scammy calls afterwards.

The site maintains a unique payout system. Every 20th of the month you will be approved after you request a cash out. You should expect to recieve your payment 1-5 days after that. Once an offer or bonus has been posted to a user's account, they're required to cashout within 180 days. After 180 days, offers and bonuses expire and are no longer eligible for payment.

Fusion Cash doesn't charge any fees for cashout, however you may face fees or charges from third parties.

Fusion Cash Surveys

If you have the patience, surveys on Fusion Cash can be great. They have surveys for everyone, and the requirements to take part in them are faithfully listed below. This saves you some unnecessary trouble in the long run.

Most surveys will be credited to your account within 10 minutes, however, they may occasionally take several hours, days, or even weeks to show up. Surveys are very time consuming. For each survey I wanted to complete, I had to sign up with their survey provider and wait for an email confirmation. This wastes a lot of time when you could be making cash.

Surveys are popular with Fusion Cash, but we don't recommend them if your pressed for time.

Other Offers

You're not stuck with surveys, Fusion Cash offers its users a number of ways earn money. By looking at all the potential prospects combined, one could make minimum wage by completing all the qualified offers.

Completing offers is one of the main ways we recommend to earn cash with Fusion Cash. Try out new services, products, or software during your time. Trial offers typically last around 30 days, but you may cancel when the trial period is up and still earn credit for participation. Some of these are “instant credit” offers, and some require a credit card, though there are plenty that don't.

Shop till you drop and earn cashback on purchases you make at different online retailers when you access their stores through your Fusion Cash account.

With “Paid Videos” you can watch videos to earn extra rewards. All videos are under contract by third parties including Volume11 Media, TokenAds, and HyprMX. Each video takes a couple minutes and is a good option if you want to complete some offers on the side. We emphasize “on the side” because you only get paid 1 to 2 cents per video. 

Out of everything the site has to offer, referring your friends can earn you the most amount of money. For each friend you refer to Fusion Cash, you get up to $8. So if you refer 10 of your friends, there's an instant $80 gifted to your account.

Fusion Cash also offers the opportunity to earn more by listening to their radio,  completing tasks, and doing internet searches. 

If you have unanswered questions about what this site has to offer, feel free to check out the FC Community page and get help from other members who've been around the block.


Information the site asks for normally isn't invasive. To sign up and recieve payment all you need is your name, email, mailing address, and credit card depending on the offer. Sometimes you'll need your phone number, but like we mentioned above, there were no calls made after the fact. At Fusion Cash, administrators will never sell or give away this information unless you select “Yes” to opt-in to an offer displayed on the site.

Their Privacy Policy states that should a user's account be compromised, Fusion Cash will make every effort to correct the situation. Users are responsible for their accounts and are held accountable for all actions taken on their own account.

Legit Or A Scam?

If you have the time for it, it's very possible you could make minimum wage with this site. But is it worth it? In our opinion, no. Yes you will be making money, but the process is slow and the policies are flighty. During the all the time spent filling out registrations for third-party survey sites, you could be making cash at more efficient rate elsewhere.

If you need quick cash, sign up with Swagbucks. It's rated number one on our site because of its sound policies and easy, no-stress surveys. Click here to sign up now!



07 Mar

Earnhoney Review- Waste Of Time Or Legit Survey Site?


Earnhoney claims to “earn money 3x faster than any other rewards site.” In this review we'll take a closer look at this site and tell you why we think Earnhoney.com just isn't worth it. 


When you join Earnhoney, you get rewarded for taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and other activities. You will be rewarded in HD$ or Honey Dollars, the currency system of Earnhoney. Started in 2015, the site is relatively new and has over 1000 members who join every day. 

Earnhoney is run, without limitation, by Bay Bee LLC. Not much could be found on the company except that it owns and operates a number of smaller online sites. This particular site is only available in the US, although some data is processed outside of the country which prompts us to question its legitimacy.

The format of the website is pleasing to the eye, and you can find an informative promotional video on the homepage.

If this review elicits any questions about their company, you can contact EarnHoney Customer Support to voice your concerns to web administrators. Click here to submit a request.

Signing Up

Signing up for Earnhoney is completely free. New members receive a bonus of 30 HD$ (Honey Dollars) if they watch the 1 minute tutorial and answer 2 easy questions about it. Earn 10 more HD$ for taking a few extra minutes to fill out the profile survey.

To get the most out of the site, we recommend referring all of your friends to Earnhoney. Refer friends to the site and you'll earn 10 percent of their earnings for life.

Honey Dollars

The ratio of Honey Dollars to cash is 100:1, meaning that for every 100 HD$ you earn a mere dollar. Lower paying offers give out Nectars, partial HD$. A total of 9 Nectars equal 1 Honey Dollar.

Earn a total of $2-$6 every day by watching videos, sharing your opinion, shopping online, and playing games. Go to the redemption store to trade HD$ for cash and gift cards.

Your order will be sent via email within 2-3 business days, but once you sign up you  can recieve pay-out on very first day for a limited time. Earnhoney is also releasing a feature that lets you donate your earnings to charities.

Turn points into gift cards from big companies like PayPal and Amazon. With Amazon, payouts come in $1, $5, $10 and $25 increments, while PayPal credit and comes in $5 or $25 increments.

Earning Honey Dollars

If you're still eager to join Earnhoney, we recommend that you take part in all of their offers to earn the highest potential amount. Earnhoney isn't a site buzzing with generosity when it's time to reward their users, but that's why we're here to help you by laying out all your options.

Give your opinion in their online surveys to earn HD$. The more surveys you complete, the more Badges you can potentially earn. Badges qualify you for surveys with an even higher profit potential, not to mention you'll receive an additional 5 HD$ for each badge you complete. Act fast because surveys on Earnhoney run out fast.

If you're looking for something more low-key, try watching their offered videos to earn rewards. There is a limit to only 10 videos a day and each video goes for a couple cents. Lots of users open multiple video tabs at a time to stay efficient, but proceed at your own risk. Many have reported being banned as a result.

If you're a social media addict try Tweetstorm. Tweet every time you redeem prizes and earn 5 HD$. One tweet per day may be submitted via your Earnhoney account. Enter Honey Codes found on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to make even more.

Play games like puzzles and earn points for approximately every 10 minutes of play.


In their Privacy Policy, Earnhoney promises that they will always ask for consent before collecting or disclosing your personal information. If you start to have second thoughts, you can withdraw your consent at any time.

You give out your information when you sign up, fill out surveys,  join the mailing list, enter one of their contests, join as an affiliate member, or submit a testimonial. Information that you'd have to provide includes your first and last name, credit card number, mailing address, email, and your phone number. Sometimes you'll have to share your credit card information depending on if you're withdrawing rewards. 

Earnhoney is not responsible for the privacy practices of third-party sites, and uses cookies for their website. They say cookies are only used to gather more information for their market research surveys, although we're not sold.


As to be expected, there were a lot of complaints about Earnhoney. Most were technicality issues. Users complained that videos wouldn't play, or they wouldn't get credit for the ones that worked. Sometimes they'd get the blue screen, the page would fail to load, or they had to clear history and downloaded extra files.

If you do report any issues you have, prepare yourself to be ignored by “helpful” administrators.

Earnhoney: Is It Worth It?

In the end, Earnhoney is absolutely not worth it. Yes it's a popular site, but it's unreliable. For how unreliable it is, you can't afford to be counting on their low-pay rewards.

For a site you can rely on, try our top rated site Swagbucks. It's a legitimate survey site that's fun and easy to use. Click here to sign up now!


02 Mar

InstaGC – Is It Worth Your Time Or Just A Waste?


InstaGC is a GPT (get paid to) website that offers its users many ways to earn rewards. But is this site worth your time? In this review we'll tell you why InstaGC.com is a legit way to earn some extra cash.


At InstaGC, users can earn gift cards and cash in exchange for watching videos, testing apps, shopping, completing tasks and much more. “InstaGC'ers” recieve their bounty through the E-giftcards system, a system that sends rewards via email.

Started back in 2011, InstaGC is a privately owned company run by no more than 10 people. The company is somewhat vague while describing themselves on the site, but after some research we found that they're a fairly large establishment and continue to gain more members every day.  Adding the ability to convert credits to cash in 2016 was a huge part of why InstaGC is still a success. 

When taking part in a survey site you mean business, and InstaGC fits this feel with their clean looking pages. Navigation is made easy and with their responsive design the website can be used with any device.

InstaGC has good standing with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), securing a solid A+ in their review.

Signing Up

To register with InstaGC, you are required to be over 18 years, but if you're younger you can still sign up with a parent's permission. So if you're of age and live in either  Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, or United States then you're eligible to sign up!

In order to participate in surveys or any other offers, they require you to verify your email first. Your verification email can take a while to send to your inbox, but this dilemma doesn't outweigh the rest of what this site has to offer. 

At InstaGC you are given the option to sign up by email or social media. If you join through your social media page, you'll be asked to provide all your personal information from your profile. This information includes your friends list and all other account data. If this is a concern for you, you can sign up by email instead.

Thinking about becoming an“InstaGC'er”?  Click here to sign up now and earn your first 10 points!

Making Money

InstaGC is known as the top online rewards site for offering gift cards, but in 2016 they changed the game by adding the ability to convert credits into cash. With this new option you can exchange your points for cash payments made by e-check, PayPal, or a bank transfer (if you're in the USA). 

If you find it difficult to reach a sufficient monthly earning or have trouble staying on task, InstaGC's got you covered.  Say there's specific gift card you've been eyeing, you can set it as your goal. This helps by showing the amount of points needed before you can redeem it. Once you reach your goal, a redeem button will appear. If this becomes too easy you have the option of increasing your goal for next time. To earn the optimum amount of cash on InstaGC, we recommend that you try setting some goals. By setting goals you set your focus and energy into a direct reward. Less time will be wasted and more money will be made in the outcome.

Unlike other surveys sites, on InstaGC you can withdraw as little as 100 points ($1) in your account. This can be convenient if you need quick money. With a $50 to $300 monthly earning potential, you have the chance to make some big bucks. 

Other Opportunities

From surveys, bonus codes and charities, on InstaGC there are plenty of ways you can earn and use your rewards. Sometimes it can be stressful knowing where to start when there are so many opportunities. We're here to break it down for you.

Paid surveys, the main reason why you partnered with a survey company to begin with. There's always a fair number of surveys available at any given time, if disqualified you're still awarded one point. 

Members use Crowdflower as a simple way to rack up points. All you have to do is follow the instructions and complete easy tasks to earn points for doing small things. These tasks could come in many different forms depending on passed levels, badges, and location.

By using their search web you can earn points daily. Use their search web to visit websites from advertisers to earn double the points. Put on some music while you search; after 30 minutes of listening you're rewarded with a code to earn 3 points.

With their trial offers, members can try out a product or service for a set time period (such as one week). But before you sign up, there are a few things you need to know. Offers will automatically be locked once credited by the advertiser. They will remain locked for up to two weeks for fraud prevention, and you may not cancel a trial offer as soon as you receive credit for it. If you completed the same offer on another site, you cannot complete it on InstaGC because it's considered fraud. We recommend that when using their trial offers, you only complete ones you are interested in because not all guarantee credit.

Do you have friends that would enjoy InstaGC? For every friend you refer you earn 10% of all their earnings and an additional 110 points when they sign up. If you're friends with InstaGC on Twitter or Facebook, be sure to keep an eye out for “bonus” codes to earn more free points.

When you're making more than you want to make on InstaGC, do your good deed for the day by donating  extra point balances to great charities like the Michael J. Fox Foundation. 

If you have any more questions about opportunities with this site, check out their user forum which has plenty of helpful members that are willing to guide you through. 


Examples of information that you'd have to provide include, without limitation, your name, mailing address, email, birth date, gender, phone number, your SSN (only used if you are from USA and have earned over $600+ in rewards in a given year – for tax purposes), and your bank account information. Your bank account information is only obtained if you choose to receive a direct deposit reward.

InstaGC has a habit of sharing demographic information with third-party sites, but nothing more. In their Privacy Policy they state that they aren't responsible for other sites' privacy and content policies.

About 10% of people will be locked out of InstaGC for not having a static IP address. It may appear different, but this is actually a good thing because it protects both the user and the company from fraud. 


There are very few drawbacks with this program worth mentioning except some inaccuracies with their rewards system. Users say it can take a while to receive ecards and sometimes they never receive them. But rest assured, it was more rare than common. It does take a few days to earn enough points to get a gift card, however they're charge-free when activated. Overall, we can confidently say the good outweighs the bad with this site. 

So Is It Worth It?

Yes, no doubt it's worth it. InstaGC is a great way to earn good money, one man even claimed to make over $2000 in just one year. The complaints can't size up to the innumerable amount of opportunities this site provides. Don't waste anymore time and sign up for InstaGC today!

If you want more sites like InstaGC, check out Swagbucks. It's rated number one on our site because its legit surveys can earn you lots of cash. Click here to sign up now!






27 Feb

30 Of The Best Stay At Home Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

work from home jobs for moms

How To Find A Real Work-From-Home Job

Once upon a time, stay at home moms (SAHM) had to content themselves with finding fulfillment in cutting the crust off PBJs and reading bedtime stories. While raising children is a reward in itself, letting your other talents go to waste while slowly bleeding money to the tooth fairy can put a strain on your wellbeing.

Today, however, work from home jobs for moms are changing lives in positive ways. By leveraging the power of the Internet, you can connect with partners and a client base to earn at home income without sacrificing your commitment to your kids.

During this guide, we’ll give you a quick snapshot of 30 of the best jobs for moms.

Types Of Work-From-Home-Jobs

At home mom jobs are all the rage. Whether your children are toddlers demanding near-constant attention or teenagers ready to flee the nest, there’s no reason you can’t get in on the action. For a comprehensive overview on work from home jobs, see our complete guide! 

Work from home jobs for moms are available for moms with infants, those seeking supplemental income, and those able to juggle more demanding at home careers for stay at home moms. The latter includes both part time work for stay at home moms from and full-time positions.

You can find remote employee positions with reputable companies, take on freelance work, or even start your own business. Put your writing skills, design, or IT background to work, or market your crafts to others.

Identifying Scams

While legitimate work at home jobs for moms are abundant, there are plenty of scams out there, too. Launching blindly into an online opportunity can hurt your wallet and kill your enthusiasm. In some cases, scammers will even get you to unknowingly break the law, acting as a money mule for a criminal enterprise.

Before you get started, make sure you’ve properly vetted opportunities as real at home jobs. Don’t trust outrageous claims promising thousands of dollars a month. Before accepting work, particularly from a company that doesn't have a large Internet footprint, make sure you understand where the money is coming from and what tasks are involved.

If you do become the victim of a scam, contact local law enforcement.

The best way to find legit work from home jobs is to stick to using established web services. We'll cover some of these below as we discuss some of the best work at home jobs for moms.

Supplementary Sources of Income

While they won't make you rich, the job opportunities in this section will provide you with a way to start earning some supplemental income at home. Better yet, many of them are easy and low-stress. That makes them good jobs for moms with babies, or SAHM looking to explore the stay at home jobs economy while planning the next move.


Swagbucks is for SAHMs that love to shop. In fact, it’s one of the most fun jobs for stay at home moms. Members earn points for every item purchased on over 1500 online shopping platforms, including Amazon. Rather than spending money, you can also earn points for taking surveys, watching videos, trying out various services, searching the Internet, and playing games. There’s even a mobile app so you can keep earning during your next parent-teacher conference. (Bad mom).

These points are redeemable for gift cards. Gift card options include PayPal, MasterCard, Amazon, eBay, and hundreds of other options.

Ipsos i-Say

i-Say is a points-for-rewards platform with a focus on sharing your opinion. And there's nothing a mom likes more than sharing her opinion, right?

As a member of i-Say, you can take surveys about brands, advertisements, entertainment, and other topics. Pick the ones that interest you. Rewards include gift cards and products.

Since surveys can take some time to complete, i-Say includes estimated completion times for each one. That way, your surveys don’t interfere with your mom schedule. As a division of one of the largest market research firms in the world, Ipsos, it’s also a way to do your part as a trendsetter while kicking back in your PJs.


Like Swagbucks, InboxDollars is an earning platform based on shopping, surveys, and watching videos. The difference is that instead of gift cards, you earn cash. That way you can put your money towards braces for your child or something more practical.

Top brands enlist InboxDollars to help fine tune their product lineups and marketing strategy through consumer input. As such, they have a vested interest in getting insights from women, making it a perfect role for moms working from home.

Taking Paid Surveys

If you're picky about the kinds of surveys you take, no problem. There are dozens of other legitimate brand-polling platforms out there available to the active work from home mom. For a comparison of the top 10 paid survey sites, check out our home page!

In addition to being an easy way to start earning additional income, surveys are also perfect for developing your insights and opinions on various brands. That will come in handy if you decide to spin your shopping savvy into future blog work or build an eCommerce platform.

Scan Groceries with NCP

As much fun as shopping online might be, sometimes a little fresh air – and time away from the chaos – is in order. But that doesn't mean you need to stop being an entrepreneurial mom. Become a contributor to the Nielson-backed National Consumer Panel, or NCP, and you can do both.

As a member, all you need to do is scan your purchases using your smartphone and the NCP app. NCP uses the data it collects to conduct product research. They'll also occasionally contact you via email to complete a survey related to your purchases. In return for your scans and survey responses, you earn points, redeemable for rewards.

Think of it as going to work – shopping.

Make Money Dog Watching

Being a mom can have its stresses. The solution? Puppies!

Rover.com lets you put your nurturing side to good work as a paid doggy caretaker. Dog owners enlist Rover to get in touch with people willing to watch after their pets for a bit. Opportunities are available for dog walking, drop-in visits, day care, dog boarding, and house sitting.

As a professional dog watcher, you can set your schedule and rates to work around your home life. Create your profile, glam it up with pictures, and sit back while Rover connects you with eager clients. Payments come through the platform, so you don't have to worry about it. Rover provides premium insurance, too.

Dog watching is one of the most relaxing and fun jobs for stay at home moms available today.

Do Office And Technical Work

Attention to detail and organizational skills are attributes most mothers have in abundance.

Remote work platforms like Upwork.com let you put your beautiful mind to work. While Upwork is a great resource for more serious freelancers, it can also be a good way for SAHM to find part time jobs from home.

Upwork jobs range from virtual assistant work to data entry to computer programming, so there’s usually something available for everybody. The catch is that you must bid for work against others.

However, if you’re only looking for supplementary income opportunities from home, you can frequently underbid others. That way, you can build your reputation on Upwork and position yourself for more lucrative opportunities in the future.

Secret Shopper

Ever wish you could step out of your mom shoes for a bit and take on the role of the mysterious stranger? Become a secret shopper, and you can do just that. You’ll be paid to visit in-store locations and evaluate them through the eyes of a customer. If you prefer to work from home, you can also call into customer support networks to perform remote assessments.

Mystery shopper platforms let you apply for, and schedule visits, online. Typically, in store, you'll need to capture proof of your visit with a scan of a business card, receipt or other paperwork. There's usually a survey involved, too.

Many services will not only pay you per visit, but they'll also reimburse you for at least a portion of your purchases. Modern platforms that SAHMs use to find secret shopper opportunities include Rewardable.com and Gigwalk.com.

Running errands and other odd jobs

Folding laundry, painting, picking up groceries. Many people need help with odd jobs and are willing to pay to get it. TaskRabbit puts you in contact with them.

As a “tasker,” you have complete control over your schedule and rates. That makes it a source for some of the most flexible jobs for moms.

Build a TaskRabbit profile to highlight your skill set. Afterward, the TaskRabbit app will notify you of jobs becoming available in your area.  You then confirm the details with the client and get to work. All billing runs through the platform, so you don’t have to worry about busting kneecaps to get paid.

It’s sort of like Uber for everything else.

Become A Stylist

Working as a fashion stylist can mean selecting wardrobes for celebrities, public figures, or ordinary people who just need a little help in the taste department. It can also mean working fashion shows or picking ensembles for editorial features, advertising campaigns, or music videos.

As a stay at home mom, breaking into the fashion business has traditionally been a little too time-consuming to be feasible. However, platforms like Stich Fix can be the secret weapon you need to manage your commitment to your family while still fulfilling your dream of becoming a stylist.

Build your style platform, and Stich Fix will send you clothing free of charge. Keep the items you want and send the rest back. In constructing your profile, you can specify size, budget, and style preferences help Stick Fix select fashionable items for you.

Freelance Work

Freelancers are self-employed skilled workers that aren’t committed to any single employer. It’s a role particularly suited to stay at home moms who have chosen their family as their priority but don’t want to let their other talents go unused.

It can be difficult to make significant money as a freelancer at first. You’ll need to take on lower paying jobs to build a reputation and portfolio. However, with time and persistence, you can hone your craft, build a list of loyal clients, and establish consistent income.

Data Entry

Putting your typing skills to good use with data entry employment is one of the best jobs for moms who want to stay home. While they require attention to detail and fast fingers, data entry positions tend to be low stress and don’t take a lot out of you. That makes them ideal for moms committed to focusing their energies on their children.

Because data entry jobs don’t often require any additional skills outside of typing, expect stiff competition for them from other stay at home job seekers, including other moms. Your best bet is to use platforms like UpWork to extend your reach beyond your networking circles. Even then, don’t get frustrated if it takes you a while to build a regular client list.


Freelance copywriting jobs are ideal for mothers who have a way with words and need a creative outlet. Copywriting jobs typically involve working with online businesses to produce compelling web content. The goal is market services to readers. Think product descriptions, how-to guides, buyer’s guides, and website “about” pages.

Employers who want to hire copywriters look for freelancers who are native English speakers and write in short, concise language. Again, freelance platforms like Upwork are a good place to look for work. So are classified ad boards that target writers.

Magazine Writer

For many writers, a column with an established magazine is the holy grail of jobs. However, even the occasional magazine publication is an excellent way to build your name recognition and audience.

Magazine work tends to favor those capable of producing informative and entertaining anecdotes without losing focus on the article topic. There are very few people more in touch with life and more focused than mothers, making magazine employment one of the best work from home jobs for moms.

Finding magazine work can be hard work, though. Be persistent and stay optimistic. All it takes is one editor to yes.

Freelance Blogger

A freelance blogger is a writer who blogs for someone else's website. While it may not have the cachet of being a magazine scribe, blog gigs are typically easier to get. Moreover, many blogs have just as wide an audience.

There are a few ways to find blog work. You can advertise your skills on a freelance website or search blogger job boards. Alternatively, if there's a blog you particularly admire, try reaching to them directly. Do to the amount of work involved, so many blogs are very open to freelance partners and guest work.

Of course, the best way to land gigs with established blogs is to create a personal blog first as a sample of your capabilities. Be sure and check out our “blogger” entry below for tips on how to get started on that venture.

Virtual Assistant

Overburdened office workers and bored SAHMs can be each other’s best buds. Remote work productivity tools like Google Docs, Slack, and Skype have given rise to a whole new generation of secretaries called virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants crunch numbers, edit documents, prepare presentations, do project management work, and perform any other task needed. You’ll need to be a quick thinker, computer savvy, and organized.

However, there's no question that virtual assistant work is one of the hottest positions available to women on the hunt for home jobs for moms. There's plenty of competition, but also plenty of employment available.

Commission Based Online Reseller

Have a saleswoman’s touch? As a commission-based online reseller, you’ll be selling goods for others and getting a cut of the profits for doing so. It takes a bit of savvy and a convincing attitude, but chances are if you can talk a child into eating their peas and carrots, you'll do just fine raking in commissions.

Most online resellers work for themselves. For more on how to get started in that venture, see our dedicated “online reseller” category below. If you'd rather not go that route, or just want to learn the ropes, partnerships with others are available via Upwork and similar platforms.

Web Designer

Moms working from home with the right combination of artistic and technical aptitude can earn a healthy salary as a web designer. Web designers don’t build websites per se, but rather focus their efforts on constructing a website’s look and flow.

As such, you’ll need a sense of style, an understanding of what attracts people to websites, and knowledge of how people like to interact on the Internet. You’ll also need to know your way around graphic design software like Adobe InDesign.

Web Developer

If you’re a mom with coding skills, remote work as a web developer is one of the hottest and most lucrative freelance jobs. You can work from home as a freelancer helping individuals, SMBs, and even larger corporations.

At a minimum, though, you'll need to know HTML, Javascript, Jquery, and CSS. So, chances are you've either gone to college and earned yourself a technical degree, or are a capable self-learner. Either way, there's no reason to let commitments at home cause you to abandon your web developer dreams.

Nerd moms make the Internet a better place.

Employee Positions

A growing number of employers are hiring home workers. The reasoning is simple: More employees working from home means fewer office expenses. There's nothing business like more than cutting overhead.

While time commitments for such positions are likely to be more rigid than freelance jobs, both full and part time jobs for moms are available. Such roles are perfect for mothers with older children who don’t require the same degree of attention as infants and toddlers. It also means more available jobs for single moms who don't have a partner to assist.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are the front-line employees of businesses. Social skills like patience and empathy, are a must. On top of that, you also need a quick mind. Those qualities make such roles especially suited to mothers.

While most businesses still run customer service operations through call centers, improvements in Internet technologies and cost-saving advantages are leading to many more remote work opportunities.

Even better, many organizations are moving towards online chat as opposed to telephone support. Online customer service roles are typically less stressful — something stay at home moms will certainly appreciate.

Tech Support Provider

Tech support positions are like customer service representatives. The difference is that in addition to social skills, you’ll need an aptitude for troubleshooting. However, they also tend to offer higher pay, making them highly sought after work from home jobs for moms and many others.

Both software vendors and hardware manufacturers require tech support employees. Both telephone and online chat support positions are available, too. Find positions on job boards and job-sourcing platforms like Upwork.

Do Online Tutoring

Teaching others is one of the most rewarding careers available. While watching over the nest might keep you out of the classroom, there’s no reason as a SAHM you can’t still put your knack for educating others to work beyond teaching the kiddos their ABCs and differential calculus.

Several online education platforms exist for mothers working from home and others looking to become online tutors. In fact, such jobs are so much in demand that you can typically find employment even without a background in teaching.

You pick the subjects you’re good at, and your employer matches you with students. More challenging fields usually pay more. Hours tend to be flexible regardless, however, and you can work with students from middle school to college level.

Web Search Evaluation

Moms that love surfing the web might find their calling as a web search evaluator. The goal of these remote jobs is to evaluate and rate the algorithms used by search engines like Google and Bing.

You get a keyword to run a search with and must assess the results for relevancy. Aided by your input, the search engine services can adjust their algorithms to supply better results. The job might seem simple, but it requires an excellent sense of judgment. And mommies know best, right?

There are many keywords, and algorithms require regular testing. That means there are many web search evaluator jobs available. Typically, search engine businesses turn to third-party services to hire workers to fill them.

Usually, you'll have to work a set number of hours each day on a fixed schedule, so it may not be as flexible as some other remote employment opportunities for moms.

Document Translator

The ability to fluently speak a foreign language is a highly marketable skill that you shouldn't let go unused. In-demand languages include Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Hebrew, Russian, and dozens more.

Bilingual Moms working from home can find employment translating documents for several different reputable employers. You'll be supporting businesses looking to expand their global reach. Since that includes most businesses, document translation is a flexible, fast-growing career choice.

In addition to documents, you could find work translating videos and conversations. If you have scientific acumen to boot, you could wind up making mucho dinero.

Transcribing Jobs

Transcription work is one of the best at home jobs for moms looking for flexible hours and work that doesn’t require much experience. Transcriptionists listen to audio files and type out what they hear. As such, attention to detail and excellent listening skills are essential, which makes it a perfect job for moms. You'll also want to be able to touch type, of course.

Some of the more high-paying employers may require specialized transcribing equipment like a foot-pedal for controlling audio playback while your hands work the keyboard. However, most entry-level positions aren’t that rigid.

Transcriptionists without advanced training will typically work on general transcription. However, even general transcription jobs pay more than most at home employment opportunities. Hourly rates range from $15 to $25 or more depending on your typing skills.

Become A Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcription work is a choice transcribing job where you type out physicians' audio notes. Such positions usually require not only a strong command of the English language but a knowledge of medical terminology and abbreviations.

Due to this added complexity, most medical transcription jobs require some form of post-secondary education like an associate’s degree or one-year certification program. Knowledge of anatomy and healthcare law is also essential. Nurses who become stay at home moms are high in demand as medical transcriptions.

Running A Small Business

Rather than work for somebody else, many moms who choose to stay home and raise their children opt to work for themselves. While running your own business usually requires more time and effort, mainly to start, self-employment can also lead to more flexibility and earning power. Can you say, “college fund?”


Being a stay at home mom is the perfect opportunity to get to work on that novel that’s been sitting in the back of your head since you started passing notes in grade school. Will you be the next Toni Morrison, or is E.L. James more your style? Or maybe a collection of hilarious true-life anecdotes designed to share your motherly wisdom?

Becoming a published author today is easier than ever thanks to the popularity of eBook platforms like Amazon Kindle. Unlike with traditional publishing houses, you even get to keep most of the proceeds.


If you’re a mom who doesn’t have the time to devote to a big writing project, blogs are a quick creative outlet that you can undertake in between wiping the smudges of your children’s noses. You’ll need to have an angle and a little charm, but we bet you have the covered.

The real difficulty is turning your blog into a money-making machine. It requires consistent, original content and social media chops. Setting up a blogging site is relatively easy, though, thanks to several powerful online blogging platforms. Revenue can come from affiliate marketing programs, like Amazon Associates, or paid advertisements.


Moms and family budgets often go hand-and-hand. As a bookkeeper, you can put your knack for organizing expenses to good use, helping others achieve the same kind of fiscal responsibility you maintain in your household.

While it helps, virtual bookkeeper jobs don't require a background in accounting. Bookkeepers do need a knack for granular details, commitment, and a mind for technology. Accounting software can do much of the number crunching for you, thankfully.

There will be some startup costs associated if you decide bookkeeping is the stay at home job for you. However, bookkeeping has tremendous earning potential even for moms just looking for part-time work.

Online Reseller

Earlier, we mentioned earning a living reselling goods for a commission. Alternatively, if you have a little more time and energy at your disposal, you might as well create a reseller enterprise of your own.  Success will require setting up a website, which will become your eCommerce portal.

Next, you’ll need to acquire inventory. You can choose to purchase products directly from others, either through online auctions, or offline, by hitting flea markets, sales racks, or pilfering your children’s forgotten toys.

Alternatively, you can go the drop-ship route. Partnered with a drop-shipping service, you don't have to maintain any inventory. Instead, the service ships products directly to your customers. That means you don’t need to turn the spare bedroom into a floor-to-ceiling warehouse.

Craft Store

Crafty stay at home moms are always in demand. Whether you make handmade earrings, scarves, greeting cards, or any other product, all you need to do is focus on your passion. There are plenty of businesses that will happily handle most of the rest for you.

eCommerce platform Etsy.com is one of the leading solutions moms who work at home enlist to transform their crafting passion into a profitable business venture.

Etsy charges a twenty-cent listing fee per item and keeps a modest 3.5 percent of your sales. In return, you get a non-hassle storefront, and all your billing handled. The biggest benefit to using Etsy, though, is that it’s a well-known destination, already. That means you don’t need to worry about spending all your time hunting for buyers.

Think Creatively!

Work for stay home moms is more accessible than ever thanks to an abundance of legit at home jobs.

While we've outlined many of the most common work from home jobs for moms, there are much more out there. Think creatively. The most profitable ventures are often the ones nobody has come up with yet. Use your children and your experiences as a mother as the inspiration for innovative business ideas to become a successful work at home mom.

The best work from home jobs are the ones that harness your passion. And there's nothing a mother is more passionate about than her creations.

27 Feb

27+ Work From Home Jobs – The Ultimate Guide

work from home jobs

Whether you’re looking to make extra money on the side or pursue full-time employment, working from home may be a great option for you. As our society grows more connected than ever, freelancing has become a popular way to make a living. Fifteen million workers in the United States were self-employed in 2015.

Millions more earn extra money by freelancing. Forbes predicts that by the year 2020, as many as half of all Americans will supplement their income by freelancing. Besides freelancing, you can also find gainful employment from home in an hourly position. While legit online jobs may seem like a pipe dream to some, this guide will show you some of the best work from home jobs available.

Freelance Jobs

Freelancers are workers who don't have ties to a particular employer. Sometimes, freelancers work with a temp agency or a trade association to find employment. Others use websites and marketplaces to find jobs.

For many years, freelancing was most popular in creative fields. While freelancing remains very popular in areas such as writing, editing, and the arts, it has expanded to other areas as well. Today, lawyers, software developers, office managers and more engage in the freelance economy.

There are many benefits to freelancing. Freelancing allows you control over the work you do and who you work for. It also allows you to set your schedule and work from anywhere. This makes freelancing work some of the best part time work from home jobs. Best of all, as a freelancer, you’re the boss! If you’ve spent any time in a more traditional employment role, you know how liberating the idea of being your own boss can be.

At the same time, freelancing isn’t for everyone. A successful freelancer is an expert in time management and budgeting. They have incredibly strong communication skills. They are efficient, goal oriented and persistent. They’re able to strike a strong work/life balance, especially when freelancing full time. Most of all, they’re highly skilled and able to leverage those skills to find fulfilling projects to work on.

Depending on your schedule and the skills and traits you possess, freelancing may be an excellent option for you.

Where To Get Freelance Work

As technology weaves itself further into the fabric of our society, it’s easier than even to find legit work from home jobs. Companies like Upwork, Fiverr, Craigslist, Guru, and Freelancer connect freelancers to practically any type of job you can think of. Many of these companies act as a marketplace where employers can post jobs and accept bids from different freelancers before settling on the best choice for their needs.


Upwork acts as a marketplace that connects freelancers with clients.

On Upwork, clients submit information about the project that they have. Next, Upwork matches the client to qualified freelancers who are a strong fit for the job. Clients are also able to browse through profiles of other freelancers as they move through their hiring process. The client can then invite qualified freelancers to submit proposals for the job that they have. At the same time, freelancers can search for jobs and submit proposals to complete the work. From there, the client can review the proposals they’ve received and settle on a freelancer to complete the job.

Once the freelancer completes the work, the client pays for the work, and the freelancer delivers the final product.

A cool feature of Upwork is that it helps you to grow your business.

Freelancers with strong reputations on Upwork enjoy more exposure and recommendations for work.

Upwork charges a sliding fee based on the amount of billable work you’ve done for that client, and it’s quite hefty. Upwork charges 20% of the first $500 you earn from that particular client. Upwork charges a 10% fee on any earnings over $500 but under $10,000. They charge a 5% fee for any earnings over $10,000.


Fiverr is like Upwork in the sense that it’s an online marketplace that connects freelancers with clients. Where it differs from Upwork is that it’s typically used to handle smaller tasks. All the services offered on Fiverr range from between $5 and $500. Most those services cost $5.

On Fiverr, freelancers create profiles that outline the range of skills they possess. The more complete your profile is, the more likely you are to attract new gigs. Each profile on Fiverr includes sections for you to highlight your skills, certifications, educational background, the languages you speak and a description section for you to introduce yourself. You can also link to your website or portfolio.

Once you’ve completed your profile on Fiverr, you’ll outline the different gigs you offer. On Fiverr, a gig is any service you’d be willing to complete for a client. Describe every aspect of the gig in as much detail as possible, so potential clients know if the services you offer will fit their needs. You’ll want to offer a description of the gig you offer, when you will deliver the work, terms for shipping and handling (if you’re providing a tangible product for the client) and whether you offer rush delivery. It’s also helpful to include photos or videos describing the gig, but it’s not required.

One helpful feature on Fiverr is the ability to limit how many orders you’ll accept at any given time. That way, you don't become burdened by more work than you wish to complete.

When you have money in your Fiverr account, you can withdraw the funds to your PayPal account, or you can set up your Fiverr Revenue Card. The Fiverr Revenue Card is a prepaid Mastercard you can use to withdraw the money in your Fiverr account.

It’s important to note that there is a waiting period of 14 days from when you mark an order as completed before you can withdraw funds to your PayPal or Fiverr revenue card. So, for freelancers looking to get paid right away for the work they’ve completed, Fiverr may not be the best option.


Craigslist is essentially the classified section of the internet. Craigslist breaks down into different cities and geographic areas, to make searching the site easier. On Craigslist, you’ll find discussion boards, buy/sell sections, apartment and house listings, personals, community events, jobs, and gigs.

Craigslist can be a goldmine for finding some of the best work at home jobs. To find gigs, you’ll want to head to the appropriate section for your skillset. Craigslist has gig subpages for computer, creative, crew, domestic, event, labor, talent and writing gigs. From there, you can use the search feature to find freelance work that’s best suited to your skills. The search feature is also helpful for coming up with new work from home ideas, as you’re likely to see many opportunities you didn’t even know you could do from home.

While Craigslist can be a great resource for freelancers, it’s important to note that it’s not without its drawbacks. There isn’t much of a vetting process on Craigslist which means that anyone with an account can create a post soliciting freelance work. As a result, Craigslist has its fair share of spam. When using the site, it’s important to know how to vet a potential gig properly. That way, you can be sure you’re not wasting your time on the wrong kinds of gigs.

It can also be easy to get burned on Craigslist by non-paying clients. Unlike marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr, there’s no recourse for you if you get burned by a shady client. When completing work for clients on Craigslist, it’s always a good idea to have some form of contract, that way you can protect yourself if things go south.

Despite its drawbacks, you can still find plenty of real work from home jobs on Craigslist.


Like Upwork and Fiverr, freelancers create profiles that outline the types of services that they offer. You can also search available jobs on Guru and submit proposals for work that interests you.

It’s free to post jobs on Guru and it’s also free to create a profile as a freelancer. Guru also offers different monthly membership that provide extra features and perks. Plans range in price from $8.95/mo to $39.95/mo.

When it comes to getting paid, Guru uses a system they call SafePay. Clients pay Guru up front for the work they are contracting. Guru then holds that money in escrow until you complete the job. Once the client approves your work, Guru releases payment to the freelancer.

Guru is an attractive option for freelancers because their fees are very reasonable. Unlike Upwork, which charges freelancers up to 20% of the cost of each job, Guru’s fees range from between about 5-9% of the total cost.


Freelancer is a global freelance marketplace based in Sydney, Australia. Freelancer claims to be the largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, with over 22 million freelancers and clients located in over 240 countries.

With freelancer, you can create a profile on the site which highlights your skills and experiences. Clients post available jobs and accept proposals from freelancers before selecting a freelancer.

Freelancer also offers the ability for clients to host contests. With a contest, clients receive entries for their product from any interested party on Freelancer. The winner of the contest receives a monetary prize for their work.

Creating a profile on Freelancer is free, and the basic account allows you to make up to 8 proposals per month. You can also buy membership for more benefits and proposal submissions.

Getting paid for your work on Freelancer is similar to getting paid on the other marketplaces, like Guru. Clients pay for completed work upfront, and that money is held in escrow until the client accepts the work.

Freelancer charges 10% of the total amount paid for completed work based on a proposal. Where Freelancer gets a bit dicey is when it comes to their service fees. With your Freelancer account, you’re able to submit a list of different services you’re able to provide, similar to Fiverr. If a client hires you to perform one of the services you’ve listed on your profile, you’ll be subject to a 20% fee of the total sale.

Types Of Freelance Jobs


Writing has always been one of the most popular types of freelance jobs to do from home. Since the advent of the internet, freelance writing jobs have become even more prevalent.

Most commonly, freelance writers create content for the web. That content includes things like blogs, articles, website copy, product reviews, and compilation lists. Right now, there are nearly one billion websites on the internet. Freelancer's write a great deal of that content.

Creating web content can be particularly useful to those new to freelance writing. Since there’s so much work to be had, many content creation platforms or networks accept all applicants. It can be an excellent way to build a portfolio. Usually, these types of jobs don’t pay particularly well, but they can be an excellent way to get started as a writer.

There’s still work to be found outside of the internet as well. Many freelance writers find work in fields such as technical writing for instructions or manuals, copywriting, ghostwriting or writing for newspapers or magazines. If you speak multiple languages, translating text from one language to another can a very lucrative part-time work from home jobs.

Virtual Assistant

Those with experience in an administrative role can find lucrative work as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants provide administrative, technical or creative services to clients on a remote basis. Small businesses or busy professionals hire virtual assistants to complete tasks traditionally handled by a personal assistant or secretary. Since virtual assistants are almost always independent contractors, the client doesn’t have to worry about the accounting, office space or supplies required by an in-house employee.

Virtual assistants use a variety of different means to provide services to their clients. They communicate with clients via email, phone, fax and video conferencing services like Skype.

Most virtual assistants come from “real world” business backgrounds. They have worked previously in an administrative, management or technical capacity. If you have experience as an executive assistant, paralegal, IT professional or secretary, becoming a virtual assistant may be the right choice for you.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers create things like logos, marketing materials, product packaging, advertisements and website elements. Since so many graphic designers work independently, it’s one of the best jobs where you can work from home.

Most graphic designers have some form of design background, but not all of them have gone to college. There are lots of certification courses you can take in graphic design, as well as tons of educational material and how-to’s online. Today, you can become a talented graphic designer with YouTube as your only educational tool.

Graphic designers use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs to complete their work. The Adobe Creative Cloud includes programs like Photoshop, InDesign, Muse, and Illustrator. These programs are considered industry standard software and you're expected to be able to use them.

Web Development

Since it’s rare for most small and medium-sized businesses to have the budget or infrastructure required to hire a full-time web developer, freelance web development work is never in short supply. Web development is one of the most legitimate work at home jobs. Web developers are responsible for the front-end user experience of a website or application, as well as the behind the scenes tools and infrastructure required to power the site's front end.

SEO Jobs

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website to attract the largest amount of free traffic from search engines. A well-optimized website will rank highly in search engine results, which will provide the site with more organic web traffic. Since most people use search engines to find information or products on the web, leveraging all that web traffic has become big business. If you have SEO experience, you’ll have no trouble finding legitimate online jobs.

Traditional Pay-By-The-Hour Jobs You Can Do From Home

While freelance work is a great way to make extra money from home, it may not be for everyone. Many of us would love the opportunity to work from home, but don’t possess some of the important traits necessary to become a successful freelancer. However, there’s still plenty of legitimate work from home jobs to be had outside of freelancing. The suggestions below are a great place to start if you’re wondering how to work from home.

Call Center

Call centers began to outsource many jobs overseas in the 1990’s. But, that trend is reversing in recent years. Many call center jobs which were outsourced overseas have returned to the country which leaves plenty of work at home opportunities for interested individuals.

There are two different types of call centers, inbound and outbound. An inbound call center handles calls from consumers who are interested in a company's product or service or are seeking troubleshooting or support services. Outbound call centers focus on sales. Outbound call center agents place cold calls with the intent of selling a product or service. You’ll find far more opportunities to work from home with an inbound call center.

While these jobs were typically centralized in large office environments, technology has permitted us to conduct this type of work from home. Companies provide employees with a script to read from and access to a knowledge base so that they’re able to help consumers through common problems and their solutions. A call center representative typically earns between $7-$15 per hour.

If you’re interested in helping people, can handle a high-stress environment and possess a strong ability to multitask and think on your feet, call center work may be a great fit for you. For our complete guide to work at home call center jobs plus a list of the best work from home call center job opportunities, click here!

Customer Service

Like call center work, customer service workers communicate with consumers remotely via telephone. Unlike call center work which may involve inbound sales calls or lead generation work, customer service representatives exist for the sole purpose of helping consumers through problems they’re experiencing with a product or service.

Customer service reps usually read from a script and use a knowledge database to help consumers with the problems they’re experiencing.

A successful customer service rep is empathetic and helpful while possessing the ability to think of their feet and multitask. A remote customer service rep typically earns between $7-$15 per hour.

Teaching (Online Courses)

For the academics among us, teaching online courses are among the top work from home jobs. Colleges and universities throughout the world are looking for experienced, talented professionals to teach their online courses.

Most colleges and universities are only interested in hiring adjunct professors. That way, the employer can avoid paying the higher wages and benefits packages that full-time and tenure-track positions command.

Unlike other jobs you can work from home, these positions require you to have a master’s degree or higher. Full time and tenure-track positions may require you to hold a doctorate for consideration.

Online teachers have the same job requirements as traditional teachers do, the only difference is the lack of a classroom. Online teachers are expected to conduct lectures, provide coursework to students, proctor tests and exams, answer questions and participate in class discussions.

Most schools cap the maximum number of online classes one can teach in a given semester. This cap makes it difficult to earn a livable wage if you’re only teaching for one college or university. So, many online teachers secure positions at multiple colleges or universities so they can increase their course load and income.

The rate of pay for online teaching positions varies widely from school to school. Online teachers can expect to earn between $1,200 and $2,000 per class they teach each semester. Since most students in online courses are busy professionals, these courses often are accelerated and only last 5-8 weeks.

Telephone Nurse

You may have thought that nursing “isn’t one of those jobs I can do from home.” In fact, nursing provides one of the best work from home opportunities. Telephone triage nurses receive calls from people in need of medical attention. Based on the information provided, telephone nurses can determine the level of care required. Doctors’ offices, trauma centers, poison control centers, hospitals and outpatient care facilities typically employ telephone nurses.

To become a telephone triage nurse, you’ll need to possess an associate degree or higher in nursing. You’re also likely to need at least a few years of experience in a traditional nursing environment.

The amount of money you can expect to make will vary depending on your level of education and expertise. But, you can expect your rate of pay to be similar to that of a nurse in a more typical environment.

Tech Support

IT jobs from home are like other remote jobs like call center or customer support work.

Tech support professionals work with consumers to troubleshoot hardware and software issues. Depending on the degree of difficulty and specialization, there may not be lots of education or experience necessary to land the job. This makes tech support from home a great option for many of us, regardless of skill level or experience.

Online tech support workers can expect to earn between $7 and $15 an hour. But, more experienced or specialized tech support professionals can expect to earn far more than that. Believe it or not, Apple is one of the best work from home companies to work for. They often have positions available that feature very competitive pay and even benefits packages.

Travel Agent

If you’re a meticulous planner with a love for travel, becoming a travel agent from home may be a great fit for you. Travel agents work with individuals and companies to create travel itineraries and handle the logistics and planning for an entire trip.

Travel agents earn a commission off each aspect of a customer’s trip. This includes airfare, hotels, cruise fares, excursions and more.

You’ll want to consider the regulations for travel agents in your home state before getting started to ensure you don’t need any specific certifications or licenses to become a travel agent.

Data Entry

Easy work from home jobs aren’t all that easy to come by. But, data entry is among them, making it one of the most popular home based jobs. Data entry clerks are hired to input new data, or update existing data on a computer data base. If you have strong typing skills and are interested in making money from home, data entry could be a good job for you. Check out our pick of 2017's top data entry job opportunities!

Paid Survey Jobs

Companies and brands are always looking for consumer feedback on the products and services they offer, and they’re willing to pay to get it. If you’re willing to offer your opinions about these goods and / or services, then paid surveys could be a great way for you to make some extra money.

How Paid Surveys Work

When taking paid surveys online, you’ll register with a paid survey site and tell them a little about yourself. When they receive surveys that fit your demographic information, they’ll forward them along to you so you can participate in the survey and earn money or rewards.

Best Paid Survey Sites

Check out our rundown of the top ten best-paid survey sites. There are tons of different options out there for taking paid surveys. Some of the ones we recommend most highly are Swagbucks, Ipsos, MySurvey and Vindale Research.

Internet Marketing Jobs


If you’re a great writer with an interesting niche to cover, creating a blog can be a fun and easy way to work from home. Successful blogs can leverage the traffic they receive to sell advertising, review products or services and host contests and giveaways.

You’ll want to keep in mind that there’s no guarantee your blog will ever be popular enough to make money, and it typically takes time to develop a large, dedicated following.


Like blogging, YouTube can be an excellent way to make money doing something you love. If you have a YouTube channel with a loyal following and you produce a steady amount of engaging content on the platform, there may be opportunities for you to monetize your YouTube channel.

Popular YouTube channels can make money in many ways. They make money through merchandising, partnering with brands for product placements and hosting live events. But, the most popular way to make money with YouTube is by running ads on your channel.

If you think you’re ready to take the jump and become a professional YouTuber, visit their website for more information about how you can make money on your channel through advertising.


eBay is one of the largest marketplaces on the internet to buy and sell products. Thousands of people use eBay each day to sell products ranging from yard sale type items and antiques, to new and used clothing, shoes, jewelry and more. You can even use eBay to sell your car. Start out by selling items around the home you no longer need. Once you get the hang of it, you may want to turn selling on eBay into a job.


Dropshipping is a method of direct fulfillment where the store that sells a product doesn’t stock the product themselves. Once a customer purchases a product, the dropshipper places a purchase order with their manufacturer or distributor, and the order is then shipped from their warehouse directly to the buyer.

You’ll find tons of resources online that detail how you can become a dropshipper and run your store without the risk or logistical concerns that would entail with a traditional storefront.

Social Media Marketing

These days, you can even leverage your following on social media into a reliable revenue stream. If you have a large following on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, you can parlay it into real money.

Companies are always looking for new ways to reach their target market and are shelling out big bucks to social media influencers for product placements and testimonials.

Direct Sales Jobs (Network Marketing)

Direct sales are the marketing and selling of goods outside of a traditional retail environment, usually in a face to face setting. Sales typically take place at in-home shopping parties or through a catalog. At first, you may rely on their friends and relatives to make sales. From there, it’s up to you to get referrals, market yourself and grow your business.

If you’re a good salesperson who is personable and has a vast network of friends, relatives, and acquaintances, direct sales can be a fun, easy way to make money from home.


Tupperware is one of the oldest and most successful network marketing companies. You can find their products in almost every kitchen in America. Today, around one million American’s sell Tupperware products through Tupperware parties and catalog sales.


Avon is the world’s largest network marketing company. They sell health and beauty products. While most of their products cater to women, they’ve even expanded their line to include products for men, as well. Year after year, Avon posts revenue figures in the billions of dollars. If you have a love for health and beauty products and a strong network of potential customers, selling Avon can be an easy to do and lucrative option for you.

Mary Kay

Like Avon, Mary Kay is a network marketing company that sells health and beauty products, primarily to women.


Amway is another massive network marketing company specializing in health, beauty, and housewares. Their product offering is very diverse and includes everything from health and beauty products to energy drinks to cleaning supplies.


Herbalife is a network marketing company specializing in the development and sale of nutritional supplements and personal care products. For those of you with large networks of active, fitness-minded friends and relatives, Herbalife may be an attractive option for you.

Hundreds More

While these are some of the most popular network marketing opportunities, there are hundreds of other options as well. Depending on your interests and skills, there’s sure to be an opportunity that interests you. Check out this top 50 list for some more information about popular network marketing companies.

“Get Paid Per Task” Jobs (aka Crowdsourcing)

Also known as microtasks, these small, simple tasks pay equally tiny amounts of money, but over time, it can add up to be real income. These jobs take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.

Microtasks are typically sourced to hundreds or thousands of different people who each complete a single task of a job. It’s an incredibly efficient method of work. This way, a job that would take one person four hours to complete can instead be done by thousands of people in a matter of seconds or minutes.

To make significant money by working these micro jobs, you’ll need to be able to complete many tasks in as short an amount of time as possible. If the work seems interesting to you, you may want to set aside an hour of time where you complete a steady stream of microtasks. After an hour, take a look at how much money you’ve made. You may be surprised by how lucrative a revenue stream these microtasks can be for you.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Amazon MTurk is a marketplace for microtasks. Amazon refers to these tasks as HITs (human intelligence tasks). For businesses, the service offers a large, scalable and economical workforce that’s capable of completing jobs very quickly. For those of us looking to make money, MTurk provides a selection of thousands of simple tasks you can complete quickly to make money. Once you’ve completed a HIT, Amazon deposits in your Amazon Payments account.


microWorkers is like MTurk in that it is a marketplace for microtasks. Businesses can farm out these simple tasks to be quickly and efficiently completed by nearly one million workers.

Each time you complete a microtask, the money for that task will be deposited in your microWorkers account. Once you’ve reached the minimum amount for a withdrawal, you can transfer the money from your microWorkers account to some different payment options, including PayPal.


ShortTask is very similar in design to microWorkers and Amazon MTurk. According to ShortTask, the most popular work on the platform is SEO related, which may make ShortTask a good option for those of us interested in SEO.

For those looking to get paid for their work right away, ShortTask might not be the best option. To make a withdrawal from your funds on ShortTask, you’ll need a balance of at least $50.


Rapidworkers is also a marketplace for microtasks. It’s similar to ShortTask in the sense that many jobs on the site are SEO, social media or internet marketing related. Unlike ShortTask, workers can withdraw money from their account with a balance as low as $4.

Work from Home Jobs For Moms

For busy moms, working presents a unique set of challenges. For many moms, just staying home and caring for the children isn’t an option. While it can be extremely difficult to raise children while also working a full or part-time job, working out of the home home is a great opportunity for moms to handle their obligations to their kids while also earning money.

While it can be difficult for moms to work some popular stay at home jobs, several opportunities are well suited for their needs. Many moms find gainful employment as freelancers and especially writers.

Blogging and Youtube also represent great opportunities for moms. Women who are expecting or planning to have children in the near future turn to blogs and YouTube on a daily basis to connect with moms and learn more about the experience of having children, do’s and don’ts and more. This built-in audience presents a great way for moms to earn extra money while raising their children.

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