06 Feb

Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digitally-encrypted and decentralized virtual currency that is secured by a public ledger called a blockchain. The cryptocurrency industry is not controlled by any government or form of a centralized institution like a bank.

Cryptocurrencies utilize cryptography to secure and complete or verify transactions on a given network, adding every completed record as a “block” to the database chain. The cryptographic technology behind cryptocurrencies helps to control the way new coins are generated and at what rate.

Why is everyone talking about cryptocurrency?

The whole world has been bitten by the cryptocurrency bug. There’s attention from the mainstream media, bankers and fund managers to social forums, homes and from governments around the world.

Word on the street is that cryptocurrencies (especially Bitcoin) are creating millionaires all around us. People are making money from crypto-investments in a manner that no one ever dreamt of a few years ago. For instance, if you had invested $100 in Bitcoin in 2010 when one BTC was valued at just $0.39 and sold off your coins in November 2017, when the value hit over $15,000, then you would have made several millions of dollars. So, it is easy to see why everyone is talking about cryptocurrency.

But that’s not all. Cryptocurrencies are inspiring projects that leverage the blockchain technology and when implemented, could change international financial relations, medical research and the internet itself.

The fact that cryptocurrency has managed to make transactions trustless by removing the role of the third parties, makes Bitcoin and the other 1360+ altcoins an attractive proposition for future world transactions. And what’s more, some of these crypto coins offer a genuine investment opportunity, albeit with additional risk (though every business venture is a risk in itself).

Volatility and FUDs aside, Bitcoin has somehow become too expensive for a beginner. But do not let FOMO (fear of missing out) get to you; there are still numerous opportunities to make money from cryptocurrencies.  And that’s precisely why we need to know the different types of cryptocurrency.

What are the various types of cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency world is splashed with over 1360 different types of cryptocurrencies. While it is easier to just list the different types of cryptocurrencies out there, it is important to also understand what sets them apart.

  1. Crypto tokens
  2. Consensus mechanism or blockchain platform

i) Token types

  • Currency tokens– these tokens primarily function as a payment system; allowing for storage and transfer of value. Here we have cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero. Value depends on supply and demand.
  • Utility tokens- these are crypto tokens that offer a platform for powering other applications like smart contracts and Dapps. Examples are Ethereum and Ripple. They have potential to be very valuable.
  • Equity tokens- this type of cryptocurrency allows you to take some sort of ownership or control in an organization. It operates more like a stock. (E.g. Atlant and Prosperiprop) They are not common.
  • Asset tokens- an asset token represents an actual product or item. It allows you access to that item. A good example is Ethereum’s Link token.

ii) Consensus mechanism or blockchain platform

Cryptocurrencies can also be grouped according to the consensus mechanism or protocol.

  • Proof-of Work– Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero
  • Proof-of-Stake– Peercoin, Ethereum, NEM
  • Internet of Things– IOTA
  • Privacy-centric– Monero, Zcash, Dash, Bytrecoin
  • Smart contracts– Ethereum, EOS, Stratis, Lisk
  • Banking system– Ripple, Stellar
  • Blockchain-as-a-service– NXT, Ardor, Stratis

These represent the few cryptocurrencies that are actually popular with investors. If you want to make some money from cryptocurrency, then the top crypto coins above would be a good place to start. 

How to acquire cryptocurrency

There are several ways in which you can acquire cryptocurrency. The only unfortunate thing is that there is no such thing as free bitcoins. Even when they seem to be so, there’s always something you give in return. Examine the methods below and see which one is likely to reward you with a precious crypto.

  • Mining

Mining involves securing the cryptocurrency network by completing difficult algorithmic problems. Every successful transaction is called a block and in the case of bitcoin, will pay you 12.5 BTC. There are several cryptocurrencies whose mining difficulty is still low and therefore good for beginners. Some like Bitcoin require powerful ASICS to mine and are therefore too expensive. For beginners, go for GPU and even CPU mining. You can try out Zcash or Monero.

  • Buy and trade in cryptocurrency

Simple and straightforward! If you have a fiat currency, the best thing is to register at an exchange and simply purchase your cryptocurrency. You can, for instance, buy Bitcoin at Coinbase and then exchange it with ETH if you wish to have Ethereum. Remember, buy low and hold to sell high. Once you have your Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can then engage in cryptocurrency trading. There are several options to explore including day trading, CfD, and binary trading. While these options can give you high returns, it is paramount that you have some expertise in the market. Find out as much as you can before you commit. Beware that market volatility is the norm in cryptocurrency trading.

  • Offer online cryptocurrency services and get paid in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency and its blockchain industry are still young and, therefore, there are so many services you can offer and get paid in crypto. If you are an expert, join Cryptocurrency forums and offer your expertise. Soon you will be earning from web design, mining expertise, graphic design, and programmer fields.

  • Micro-earnings

Micro-earnings may seem the easiest method to earn cryptocurrency, but the downside is the pay is always almost negligible. You can complete small tasks online and get paid in Satoshis. Alternatively, you can register for a PTC site and get paid by clicking on ads or viewing sites. PTC sites like Ads4BTC are popular for this. Another site is Coinworker which gives you very small tasks to complete and pays you in BTC. There is also Steem that will give you a way to earn some cryptocurrency. Related to paid-to-click sites is Bitcoin Faucet. It is a way of earning Bitcoin by visiting specific sites.

Can you make money from cryptocurrencies?

Yes, you can. Remember what we said about why people are crazy about cryptocurrency? It’s because there is a large earning potential from investing in cryptocurrency. You can trade altcoins just as you’d do with company stocks. What’s important here is to educate yourself and learn market dynamics before you plunge into trading. Maybe you are still wondering whether investing in cryptocurrency is a wise move or it is only meant to be used as a currency. The cryptocurrency industry has created millionaires around the world and therefore investing in the virtual coins is definitely not a bad move.

Bottom line!

Cryptocurrency is here with us and it can only grow to become better. Within 2-3 short years, currencies like Bitcoin or any of the altcoins could become main stream. That means acceptance and usage will be the norm. Learning about it now prepares you to become a savvy investor.

04 Oct

How to Choose the Perfect Gifts for Seniors

gift for seniors

If you are not yet a senior yourself, there are a lot of things about that era of life that can be a mystery to the younger generations. In fact, there is some real truth to not fully understanding something until you experience it for yourself, and humanity proves again and again that this rule is a fundamental pillar of life.

However, this inability to put yourself entirely in someone else's shoes can make some things in life, such as choosing a gift, extremely difficult. A gift is one way that we can show other people in our lives that we are thinking about them, listening to them, and that we care about their needs and wants.

Thankfully, with a few helpful tips and by thinking carefully on how we can best serve the senior generation, this task does not have to be tiresome and stressful. Instead, it can be a fun way to reach out to your senior friends and family, whether it is for a birthday, a holiday such as Christmas, or even for no official reason at all other than you expressing that you care.

Put Yourself in Senior Shoes

First and foremost, it is essential to understand seniors on a general level, but it is even more important to understand the senior you have in mind on a more detailed level. And remember, not all gifts will work for all seniors, so some thought in this department is required.

Consider your senior's lifestyle: Do they try to be active and fit, or are they happiest when watching the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune? Their daily activities and ways they have fun reveal a lot about what they like and things that could make them happy.

You can also take into account their relationship with technology. For younger generations, we don't mind if technology, buttons, and computers are present into almost any gadget or product, but the same truth isn't true for many seniors.

Finally, consider aspects of their life that could be greatly improved based on needs, instead of just wants. Think about how your senior gets food and eats their meals, cleans their living space, and even if and when they interact with their own loved ones.

Choosing Your Senior's Gift

Now that you have a little bit of background information on your senior, you get to take the leap forward and begin picking out the actual gift you will be giving them. Try to picture the delight on their face as you sift through the options, and keep in mind their level of physical activity, technology capabilities, and needs as well.

The best way to keep these things in mind is to write down a short list of facts you know about the Senior. Consider this a brainstorming session, and write down everything that comes to mind, even if you don't think it's necessarily important right away, as these little things can lead to larger patterns that will help you to discover the perfect gift.

Great Gift Ideas for Seniors

No matter how you choose to pick out a gift, sometimes the sheer options out there can be overwhelming. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, or just don't know where to start, we have compiled a list of excellent gift options to get you started on your search.

Even if your senior doesn't like technology, there are plenty of things out there that use it intuitively and the result can be majorly beneficial to many seniors. For example, a tablet can connect your senior to video chat with other family members, allow them to read e-books anytime, and even assist in managing their medication, all with large icons and easy-to-use swiping screens.

If the senior in question likes to think and solve mysteries, then you might choose an activity that includes puzzles or games. This can vary widely from a classic puzzle they can put together with their hands, to a unique puzzle box they may have not seen before, or even a board game they can play with their family and friends.

Some seniors are always looking for ways to keep their bodies as fit as possible, and they would probably appreciate fitness classes and workout gear, while others might not be physically capable and would greatly appreciate a food delivery service instead.

Finally, if nothing seems to fit quite right, you can always choose a gift card instead, which encourages your senior to have the fun of buying themselves something new without feeling obligated to spend cold cash on necessities like bills or food. Some gift cards, such as this free Amazon gift card, can be earned at minimal cost to you as well.

Gift-Giving is Fun Again

Buying gifts for seniors doesn't have to be stressful or a mystery. Instead, it can be a fun journey of discover that leads to happy results by both you and your senior, as long as you put a little directed thought into their personality and lifestyle.

03 Oct

23 Ways to Get a Free Amazon Gift Card

free amazon gift card

If you spend a lot of money on Amazon, you probably enjoy receiving gift cards to use on the site. Instead of waiting for someone to give you one, you can get cards without parting with any cash.

Savvy Internet users receive Amazon cards for free from many online survey sites. You can also get free cards by trading in used products on Amazon or using certain Amazon products.

Join Swagbucks- Our #1 Amazon Cash Back Site

What Is an Amazon Gift Card?

An Amazon gift card provides a code you can use to purchase merchandise on Amazon.com. You may receive a digital e-card/promo code from a friend or relative during the holidays, or you can buy one yourself online.

You can also buy Amazon gift cards in local supermarkets or drugstores. Target and other chain stores occasionally carry them as well. You type in the code printed on the back of the card when you pay for your order at Amazon. The face value of the card (or a portion of it, if your order adds up to less than the card total) is applied to your order.

Cards vs. Codes – What's the Difference?

Amazon gift card codes are the numbers (codes) you type in to complete the transaction and receive merchandise. A card usually refers to the physical card you buy at a store you get in the mail.  

You may be able to get gift card codes for Amazon and other companies through a gift card generator.  A computer algorithm supplies codes to the site that may be used for gift card promotions.

Various websites offer these codes in exchange for completing a survey. Be careful to use only well-reviewed websites when looking for gift card codes – there are many scam websites out there offering this service

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

You can get free Amazon gift cards from many different sources. These cards may be part of a giveaway or promotion, or you can “earn” them by purchasing certain products or spending a certain amount of money online at Amazon or other sites.  

Use one of the following methods if you’re wondering “Where can I get free Amazon gift cards? 


A trustworthy survey and rewards site, according to many reviewers, Swagbucks can net you pin money or a free Amazon gift card every month. You’ll need to qualify for surveys, which take about 20 minutes to complete. Or just make purchases on qualifying website and get cash back that can be redeemed for an Amazon gift card (I've personally done this, and it works – I got the gift card and used it).

Initially, you’ll receive Swagbucks, which you can turn in for cash or gift cards. The site occasionally offers sweepstakes enabling winners to turn in their Swagbucks for high value ($100 or more) Amazon gift cards.

Earn even more by watching videos. Swagbucks has a TV app, which you cam download to watch videos on your phone. The site also offers store coupons. Use them to save money and earn rewards.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

The Amazon Mechanical Turk lets requestors (individuals or businesses) use humans to do work computers are unable to perform. Owned by Amazon, the site belongs to Amazon Web Services. A Requestor submits a Human Intelligence Task (HIT), and a Worker fulfills the task.

The work can be anything from mimicking facial expressions to copying receipts, categorizing or completing Excel spreadsheets. You’ll need to finish a certain number of tasks before getting access to higher-paying Requestors.

Workers receive payment in their Amazon Payment account, which they can use toward Amazon gift cards or credit.


Fatwallet offers internet coupons on goods and services. It's been around since 2002 and has high ratings from users.  You can find gift cards and promo credits for products on the Amazon site. In the past, Fatwallet has offered cash back on Amazon MP3s and videos.  Fatwallet can save you money if you use Amazon a lot.

The site also has a busy forum where consumers share money-saving tips. The Hot Deals page offers the latest savings on digital downloads, tax software, toys and games and dozens of other product categories.


A web app that works on Android and iPhone, Appdown pays you to download and play games and try other apps. Users receive points, which convert into $1 cash after accruing 300 points. Register and start playing to earn points. The program has a low payout threshold.

You can receive payment in your Paypal account, via check or with gift cards or voucher (including Amazon). You can earn extra points for completing bonus offers.


A gift card marketplace that allows you to sell or buy gift cards, Cardpool also lets you trade cards for ones of similar value. You can purchase gift cards for up to 35% off face value. Sell store gift cards you can't use, and get an Amazon gift card.

Cardpool has been in business for 14 years, so it's one of the older card exchange services on the web. Cardpool has no fees and offers several onsite locations where you can trade, sell or buy gift cards.  

Valued Opinions

A high-paying, easy to use survey site, Valued Opinions offers surveys on a variety of subjects. It also lets you earn money and gift cards through product testing. Sign up for free, and fill out a profile using the sleek-looking interface. You'll receive emails with survey options daily unless you prefer to go directly to the site.

You can use your points to purchase gift cards from Amazon and other retailers. You will need to pay a $2 fee in addition to the card amount (a $50 card will cost you $52), but Valued Opinions surveys pay well, so it won't take long to accrue enough points to purchase a card.


Earn Amazon gift cards with user favorite iRazoo. This survey site has a funny-sounding name, but it offers great deals for Amazon users. Take surveys, watch videos or play games on the iRazoo mobile app or your desktop computer.

iRazoo even gives you points for reading their emails or blog. You'll earn points, and you can redeem them weekly for cash or gift cards. The site changes its inventory daily, so you need to check often for new gift cards from Amazon and other prizes.   



RecycleBank rewards users for protecting the environment by recycling and doing other green tasks, or simply learning about recycling. They offer gift cards from Amazon for as much as $400 for earning points. When you save energy at home, bring electronics to a recycling center, or read about contamination protection or saving our oceans, you can earn points.

Founded in 2004 in New York City, RecycleBank also offers a Green Schools Program to help children learn more about protecting the environment. The company recently reached a deal with the city of Phoenix to educate consumers about recycling and offer gift cards and other rewards for participation.

Google Screenwise

Google Screenwise, (also called Cross Media Panel), is a program for Chrome users. It pays web surfers for information on their web browsing activities. You’ll download a Chrome extension or mobile app, and Google will track your usage of its products. You need to register for the program which occasionally fills up and stops accepting new users.  

Users earn points for their usage, and you can get a free Amazon gift card as one of the rewards for participating in the program.  


InstaGC, a website that rewards users for watching videos, testing apps, shopping online, taking surveys and doing tasks, usually offers many daily surveys. You receive one point if you start a survey and then get disqualified –other sites don’t offer this perk.

You can also earn points by downloading programs or software, searching the web and referring friends. Complete data entry, internet research or other “Crowdflower” tasks for points.   Redeem points for Amazon gift cards or other cards (Starbucks, Best Buy, etc.), or cash out via Paypal, eCheck or bank transfer. You will receive your digital gift cards instantly by email. (The GC in “InstaGC” stands for “gift cards.”     

Opinion Outpost

This survey site, available in the U.S., Canada and the UK, Anyone 13 or over can sign up on the site. Cash out when you have a minimum of 100 points. A $5 Amazon gift card costs 50 points. (You can purchase other Amazon rewards, depending on availability.)  Opinion Outpost pays via Paypal if you choose cash instead of gift cards.

You need to be screened before taking a survey, and the acceptance process only takes about two minutes. Opinion Outpost offers a website design that fits well on iPads, laptops, iPhones, and Androids. (The company has no mobile app.)

Take the surveys emailed to you instead of accessing them through the dashboard. The surveys listed on the website lack a point or time value, so you may spend a lot of time on a survey for a few points.

Opinion Outpost has quarterly prize drawings for $10,000 and other sweepstakes.

Amazon Rewards Credit Cards

You can get Amazon cards for free by using Amazon and its related products. The Amazon Rewards Credit Card from Chase Bank offers reward rates of 2% to 3% for purchases on Amazon.com, and at gas stations, drug stores and restaurants. You'll get 1% cash back on all other purchases.

The card has no annual fee, and you'll get 3% cash back on Amazon purchases, plus a $30 Amazon gift card upon approval of your application. The gift card amount is automatically loaded onto your Amazon account to use toward purchases.  You'll receive this gift card as soon as you become a card member, even before you make any purchases.  

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon’s trade-in program lets you exchange used phones, tablets, textbooks, games and other items for a free Amazon gift card. Visit the Amazon trade-In page, list the item(s) you have to sell and their condition.

When you receive an offer from Amazon for each item, you accept or reject it. Add shipping options for each item you accept. Amazon gives you a free shipping label so you can easily package your item. Within seven days, ship your item to the address printed on the label.

Amazon will credit your account after receiving the item. Read full Amazon-Trade-In terms here. Within 30 days, you should receive your gift card unless your item has been rejected.


A reward site that pays members for completing tasks, PrizeRebel garners consistently positive reviews. The site offers Amazon gift cards, credits for online games and other prizes.

You can earn points by watching videos, taking surveys and doing internet searches. You’ll get bonus points for entering contests and playing games. Depending on the points you earn, you’ll belong to the Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond Level. The higher the level, the bigger your rewards.   

Founded in 2007, PrizeRebel has 6.7 million members. You must be 18 and over to join, but 13 to 17-year-olds can use the site with parental permission.


Gazelle.com lets users buy and sell used cell phones online. The leading consumer electronic trade-in website in the U.S., it offers data removal services and free shipping. Gazelle has been in operation since 2004 and has excellent reviews from users. When you sell your used phone to Gazelle, you can choose to receive payment via an Amazon electronic gift card , paper check or Paypal.

Cash Crate

Earn cash rewards and gift cards by using Cash Crate. This site gives you money for taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos and completing other tasks. (You can also receive points for referring the site to friends.)  

You’ll receive $1 just for signing up, and Cash Crate will let you know what available offers will lead to $100 Amazon cards and other lucrative rewards. The site, in operation since 2006, requires that members qualify for surveys by filling out forms with personal information.


Founded in 2000, SurveySpot lets users earn rewards by completing surveys and doing online product testing. Win between 50 and 100 points when you finish a survey, and apply it toward Amazon gift cards or other rewards. You must be 18 or older to join SurveySpot, and fill out personal information (education level, date of birth, etc.) on the registration form.


MySurvey offers rewards, such as Amazon gift cards, for participating in surveys or referring other people to the website. You'll receive “Sweeps Entries,” not points, for completing surveys. (You'll need to answer questions to see if you qualify to take a survey.)

You can turn in your Sweeps Entries for a chance at winning prizes. You earn points by referring friends. The MySurvey.com website has been online since 2001.


You can earn free gift cards for over 75 merchants, including Amazon, by using MyPoints. You receive points for doing web searches, taking surveys, watching videos and reading emails.

Once you accrue enough points, qualify for a gift card. Register for a free membership, and you'll have access to deals, coupons, and cards from Amazon and other stores and websites.  The site also offers travel deals from Groupon and Living Social. You redeem your points by clicking on the “Rewards” tab and searching for Amazon.com


TopCashBack, a rebate site, has received excellent ratings from many of its 6,000,000 users. You can join for free, and you’ll save money by shopping online at your favorite sites. Retailers, including Amazon and eBay, pay TopCashBack a commission for your purchase, and the site adds the cashback to your earnings. Choose from offers on the TopCashBack website.


iBotta has teamed up with Amazon to offer rebates and gift cards whenever you shop at Amazon.com. You’ll need to upload the iBotta app to your phone and enter purchase information to get your rewards. When you sign up for Amazon Prime, you can get a free $20 gift card through iBotta,

iBotta also lets you save money on groceries and get rebates on products you’ve purchased. It works when you scan your phone at checkout or upload a manual receipt. Many stores, including Rite-Aid and Best Buy, are integrated with the iBotta system.


GiftCards.com is an online gift card retailer that is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company sells thousands of gift cards from different large corporate retailers and other small businesses.

You can order gift cards to be delivered to your house, as well as eGift cards. Also, you buy select gift card brands and eGift card brands which can be redeemed for future gift card purchases.


Coinstar machines, a mainstay at many supermarkets, let you convert loose change into paper money. The machine counts your change, and you bring a receipt to the cashier, who gives you bills for the total amount.

Coinstar has now added another option. You can receive gift cards instead of paper money. The available gift cards include Amazon. You'll get a paper eGift card with a unique code which you can use online.

Microsoft Bing & Edge

Microsoft offers Amazon credit for people who use their Bing search engine and Edge browser. You’ll get up to 150 points per month for using Edge to browse, and you can redeem those points for a $5 or $10 Amazon gift card or other prizes.

Register by going to the Microsoft Rewards website and joining the program. As your browse the web while signed in to your Microsoft account, a tracker will add up your total points. If you use Bing and Edge a lot, you can earn Amazon credit every month, and Microsoft pays out on a timely basis.

28 Jun

How To Make Money In College: Simple & Flexible Opportunities

how to make money in college

When you go to college, your focus is on your studies. It takes up a lot of your free time, often keeping you from getting a job. However, there are plenty of ways to earn some extra cash as long as you’re open-minded to new opportunities. You’ll be surprised to know about how to make money in college by thinking out of the box.

Online Opportunities

There are numerous ways to make cash thanks to the internet. No longer is your market just your college town, but the entire online community.  It truly is a chance for anyone to make money, without a lot of time or effort. It’s all about seizing the opportunity when you see it. The internet has created full time, stay at home jobs. Sounds pretty good, right? A full time income from the comfort of your own home. 

Sell Your Stuff

Throwing stuff away is a wasted chance to earn some cash, especially if you have things still in good condition. After all, one person’s trash is another man’s treasure. Make it happen by selling your stuff online. All you need to do is create your copy, and you can sell anything from shoes to clothes to handcrafted items.

To sell online, you’ll need a bank account and an online pay service such as Paypal. The advantage of the latter is that you have some protection if the sale goes sour or hacking occurs. You can sell your own stuff, but also keep an eye out for other opportunities such as the end-of-school-year purge down the streets of student housing.

Try Popular Online Venues Such as Ebay, Amazon, and Fiverr

Part of the challenge of selling online is finding the right marketplace. Sites such as Ebay and Amazon have a huge base, so you won’t have problems finding enough shoppers. Being found will be your greatest obstacle. That’s where you can put your networking skills to use. Making a fun video of your stuff to sell can help your online shop go viral and fuel sales.

But don’t limit yourself to selling used things. Put your skills to work on Fiverr. The premise of the site is to buy and sell cheap gigs. It could be anything from writing an article to creating a logo to editing a paper. You can customize your gig to your exact specifications—and price.

Search the Internet for Opportunities

The internet has given marketers and freelancers the same opportunities for improving their brands by selling to a wider audience. That has broadened the range of ways to make money online. Selling stuff only scratches the surface about the myriad of creative things you can do to beef up your bank account.

Complete Surveys and Get Paid to Watch Videos

You can make some extra cash in other ways such as completing paid surveys. Sites such as Swagbucks, Ipsos I-Say, and MySurvey offer points for cash for completing questionnaires on a variety of topics. Other sites offer a similar way to earn money by watching videos. Businesses use the anonymous, aggregated data to market their products more effectively.

Sites vary with their payout methods. Some offer virtual credit cards, Paypal deposits, or gift cards from sites such as Amazon. You won’t make a lot of money fast, but it’s a smart way to spend some downtime that will add up.


Blogging is an excellent way to earn cash in a variety of ways. You can make money by allowing businesses to place ads on your blog. Sites such as Google Adsense make it easy with code you can insert that will serve ads automatically. You can control the types of advertising shown on your blog so that you can build your own brand.

You can also make money through affiliate marketing. The premise is simple. You add referral links to your site that pay you a certain percentage or pay per sale of the product. You can even earn cash if someone clicks your link and buys something else. Sites such as Amazon make the process simple and quick to get your marketing going fast.

Online Freelancing

Online freelancing presents a plethora of ways to make money that offers the advantage of being able to set your hours and workload. Many sites such as LoveToKnow pay for articles written on screened topics. You can make good use of all that time you spent studying in English 101 with well-written pieces.

If you have an itch to write a book, you can self-publish your own e-book and live the dream. You can get your book online for free at sites such as CreateSpace. The great thing about self-publishing is that the cost is zero to minimal for you. You can create it and let it draw that passive income.

You can also search for writing gigs on sites such as Upwork. The site matches writers with jobs in a wide range of project types such as web content and design. If you’re new to freelancing, it’s an excellent way to get some quick experience and build up a client base. But writing isn’t the only option open to freelancers.

Plenty of other opportunities exist with jobs such as virtual assistant, book cover design, and logo creation. If you have a talent for something unique, the chances are you can find a marketplace online.

School- Related Opportunities

There are also ways to score some cash right on campus. The trick is finding a niche with a need that you can fill. Keep on the lookout for opportunities where your skills can translate into dollars.

Sell Textbooks

The problem with textbooks is that they get updated frequently. The price for the older editions sinks rapidly. But if your books are new, you can get some serious cash if you sell them. Resist the urge to keep them as reference books. You have the internet and the school library to do research and fact checking. To get the most cash for your books, keep them clean and in good shape.

Sell Notes

Taking good detailed notes is a skill, especially if you can organize them well. You may be surprised by the number of people who find it difficult. That’s where you can put your skills to work. Selling notes is an excellent way to tap into a ready market of other students in need of some extra help with college.

Aim for the classes that most students need to take such as a general biology or psychology class. You’ll have a larger pool of potential buyers, especially if it’s a course that many take only because it is a prerequisite.

Become a Tutor

If you have a knack for a certain subject, make the most out of it by offering your services as a tutor. Sometimes it’s easier to work with a peer than a grad student or assistant. Kids might feel more comfortable asking questions from another student than an adult.


The advantage of this opportunity is that it can help you learn the topic better yourself. And if you’re planning a career in education, it’s an excellent way to get experience and build your skill set.

Become a Residence Assistance or Other Paid, On-Campus Opportunities

Colleges typically tap the student body to fill numerous positions on campus. Pay varies, but it’s a smart way to earn cash without having to drive across town to a job. Often the hours are more accommodating for a student so that you needn’t compromise on your studies.

Side Hustles At Home

Summers and breaks are the ideal times to earn some extra cash at home without the pressures of school. You can make the most out of these opportunities by volunteering for extra shifts and banking your earnings. You’ll have money during the school year so that you can focus on your studies instead of trying to find enough money to go out.

Handyman Work

Doing odd jobs like handyman work is an excellent way to make money without the commitment to an employer. You can pick the jobs you want with the hours that fit your schedule. Some work is cash, so you don’t have to wait for payday to roll around again. You’ll find jobs that require a wide range of skills from painting to deck building to dock repair.

Cleaning Service

Like handyman work, cleaning service jobs offer ways to make quick cash with minimum experience. The great thing about this type of work is that it is often a steady job that you can rely on for money throughout a season. It can also become a job you return to every summer, so you always have reliable income.


If you love pets, can there be any better job than walking dogs? Imagine getting paid to be outside with a four-footed friend at your side. Dog walking is often a steady job that will keep you in cash. Besides, it’s healthy for both you and the pets. You can also look for similar jobs on campus so that you can stay in shape year-round.

Lawn Service

For a summer job, it’s hard to beat lawn service. You’ll be assured work every week. You can be outside and enjoy the summer heat. And you can get to drive some cool lawnmowers across spacious yards. It’s seasonal work that can fit with your school schedule with plenty of jobs waiting the following year.

House Sitting

House sitting has to be one of the easiest ways to make money in college. An unoccupied home is an invitation for a burglary. And there are the plants to water. While it may not seem like much, it offers peace of mind to a homeowner at a reasonable cost.

Shoveling Snow

Shoveling snow may not be the most reliable of gigs, but you’ll have plenty of business every now and then. You can really clean up if your parents own a snowblower or plow. You won’t have any trouble finding cash jobs just going around in the neighborhood.

Become a Guinea Pig

Finding enough participants is often a limiting factor in research. It’s also one of the most expensive costs associated with doing studies. You can take advantage of that fact by offering yourself as a guinea pig. 

Participate in Paid Medical Studies

Researchers know that one of the challenges of publishing studies is finding enough participants that will stick through the entire course. To ensure compliance, you’ll often see medical studies offering a cash incentive. Sometimes it is linked to finishing a study or given as a stipend. You can have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped science.

Side Hustles At Work

There are often little-known ways to get some extra cash at work simply because they come up infrequently or only a few know they exist. That’s where you’ll need to keep your eyes open for opportunities wherever they may lurk.

Volunteer for Overtime

Many companies discourage overtime, but there are usually those few times of the year when something has to be done on time. When it comes up, be first in line to volunteer. The great thing about this strategy is that it often pays off again and again as you get a reputation for being on call for extra work.

Apply for Part-Time Jobs

If you don’t work full-time, you can still enjoy the extra cash by taking on a part-time job. Some gigs such as Uber allow you to set your hours. If you find you have extra time, you can make your car available to take a few rides, talk to some new people, and earn some bucks.

Apply for Temp Jobs

The best thing about temp jobs is that they are temporary. They last a short time, and you can move onto the next. Many offer weekly pay so that you can get paid quickly. Some positions may even morph into full-time work.

There are many ways to earns some extra cash at college, so you needn’t feel strapped for money. You can set your own hours with some jobs making them ideal for breaks between classes or summer vacations. It’s all a matter of being open to opportunities and snatching them when you see them.5 ways to save money in college

27 Jun

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

wealthy affiliate review

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to affiliate marketing and just starting to navigate the waters or a well-seasoned veteran in the practice. Finding a marketing company you can trust is a must. No matter your level of expertise, learning more is always wise.

Here, we offer this Wealthy Affiliate review to address the question of whether it’s worth your time as well as address the notion of a Wealthy Affiliate scam.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate can simply be defined as an online-based marketing company. It is a resource for entrepreneurs that offers assistance in building and growing online businesses. A look closer shows that there is so much more than the basic definition.

It turns out that Wealthy Affiliate is a learning hub for anyone who wants to learn more about digital marketing and online business. If you want to learn, they are ready, willing, and eager to teach you.

Click Here To Join Wealthy Affiliate

They offer step by step online training courses designed to keep you ahead of the pack in the ever-changing world of technology. This ensures that relevant customers consistently find their way to your website.

Arming yourself with the knowledge from these courses opens often opens the eyes of newbies to a full potential they might not realize they had. It also provides the confidence level required to build exciting and promising businesses.

The online program promises to teach you all the ins and outs of digital marketing and online business. It also promises to ensure you are trained to use what you’ve been taught. Wealthy Affiliate will not only educate you but also give their support so you can get the most from your learning experience.

Yes, that’s a lot of promises. To assist in delivering on them, Wealthy Affiliate also provides an online business community. This online community offers a place for you to socialize, interact, and network with other entrepreneurs. It’s a place to share answers, experiences, and advice with one another which is invaluable no matter what your business may be.

The online business community is diverse and can be described as a “tight” community. They understand the importance of sharing knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs. That shared knowledge and experience gives you the ability to learn from the successes, mistakes, and failures of others giving you yet another advantage over the competition.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t stop at offering education, support, and network building. They also have a superior website platform that makes building your website not only easy to do but fun as well. With over 3,000 templates the possibilities are virtually endless and the results spectacular.

Then they take things a step further by also providing some of the most complete and comprehensive tools to analyze and manage your website’s ranking and security. They know that keeping your website safe can be the difference between running a business and running a successful business. That’s why they have 24/7 monitoring of all your sites.

Wealthy Affiliate also removes worrisome site speed issues by hosting your WordPress site on the most powerful and current servers in the world. Daily backups also mean that if you make a mistake that can’t simply be undone, they have your back.

They also offer double hosting so that if for some reason your site were to go down, there’s an exact “twin” for your clients to view and use. Those daily backups mentioned earlier? That means that your twins will always be mirrors of each other.

What Type of Person Is Likely to Benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

Many who dig deeper on the subject find themselves asking, “Is this something that’s right for me?” Answering that question is as easy as answering this one: Do you have the time? It’s that simple.

You could be a student looking to learn to make yourself more marketable in the job field. The skills you learn could quite possibly take you to your dream job in the future.

Maybe you’re a stay at home parent with a passion and you’re pondering on turning that passion into a business. Perhaps you’ve seen others doing it but aren’t quite sure how to get started. Your new business venture could be up and running in no time with the right plan of action.

You could be retired and looking for something to occupy your time. When you’ve got all the time in the world, bringing in extra cash flow can easily become a new hobby.

If you’ve got time you can devote to completing the business required to turn that time into an extra monthly cash flow, then yes, it’s right for you. If you’re willing to put in the sweat equity required to take your level of success to where you’ve set your sights, then yes. It’s right for you.

The exception to this rule is perhaps business owners.

As a business owner, you must recognize the importance of creating an online presence. Your business might be new, and your goal is to get its name and brand out to the masses. Your business could be well-established, and you’re trying to bring it into the new millennium. From either end of the spectrum, having an online presence for your business in today’s world is essential.

Click Here To Join Wealthy Affiliate


As you’ve probably already surmised, there are several advantages to becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member. The list of reasons that support becoming a member is undeniable. Just to name a few of our favorites:

  • Get started for free
  • Get educated and trained in areas like social media marketing, keyword research, WordPress, and SEO
  • Friendly staff support 24/7
  • Helpful online community
  • Innovative, easy to use website tools
  • Website backup and mirroring
  • Networking opportunities
  • Results are up to you
  • You can work from home!


After careful research, we find that there seems to be only one con.

  • Results are up to you

No, that is not a typo. It’s no secret that the same things that can help us succeed can also cause us to fail.

Taking the classes takes time. Getting the training takes time. Applying your training also takes time. It is completely up to you to make this time available and to use it wisely. You must remember that this is an active process. It requires active participation to achieve success. Planting seeds doesn’t make a garden. Tending it does.

To succeed, you must put in the effort. If you graduate from any school or university with the expectation that your work will magically be done for you, you’ve set yourself up for disappointment. Educating yourself was the only first step to succeeding. The same is true with Wealthy Affiliate and the educational opportunities they offer.

Success requires work, and the results are a direct reflection of your efforts. If you want to be successful, you must be willing to work the program so the program can work for you.

Memberships: Starter vs. Premium

We mentioned in the beginning that we would touch on the notion of a Wealthy Affiliate scam. That brings me to their programs. They offer two – a Starter package and a Premium package. This would be the first scam that I’ve ever seen that lets you try their services for free before letting you decide whether to upgrade or remain at your current level.

The Starter is perfectly suited for those who might be skeptical. If you’re asking, “Why would they be willing to offer membership for free?” They do it for the same reason any company gives free samples. They know the potential of their product. If you don’t like it, you don’t buy it. Period.

The free package offers many of the same features as the Premium package, such as website backup and video walk-throughs. You get the benefit of the beginner training course and personal affiliate blog. Both programs also include the ability to earn while you learn.

However, opting for the free membership means limitations on other features. Your free membership limits your access to the keyword research tool to 30 searches, for example. The option of one-on-one coaching is limited to seven days. It also provides you with only Phase 1 of the seven phases of affiliate boot camp training.

With your Premium membership, the website security package is included. You have unlimited one-on-one coaching opportunities and unlimited access to their keyword research tool. This membership allows your business to receive the benefit of having website feedback as well as website comment platforms and access to website analysis tools to better manage your online presence.

The Premium package is $49 per month which might sound like a lot more than “free,” but it includes features like an additional 48 websites, 12 training classrooms, and live video classes. For that price, you also receive unlimited live help, private messaging, and two times higher payout.

If you’re serious about making money, the Premium package is the much better option.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Make?

As we said before, one of the pros and cons is that the results are up to you. The results you will see are completely dependent upon how much work you put into achieving them.

It’s a simple format to follow. Follow all the training modules and take advantage of the countless bells and whistles Wealthy Affiliate offers. Take the process and work seriously and your earnings will reflect it.

Some members report making $10,000 every month.  That’s reflection.

Click Here To Join Wealthy Affiliate

Public Perception (Other Wealthy Affiliate Reviews)

We did an extensive search to answer many of the same questions you probably have also. After searching high and low, we found the consistent consensus to be that Wealthy Affiliate is:

  • First and foremost, legitimate
  • A wealth of invaluable resources
  • A learning hub
  • A helpful community
  • Equipped with a staff is always ready and willing to help

While the Wealthy Affiliate complaints found were few, the Wealthy Affiliates success stories we uncovered were numerous. Each of these stories are testament to the fact that Wealthy Affiliate puts their members in a position to succeed. All in all, if done the right way, you will be able to earn good money.

Our Conclusion: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit? Is It Worth the Time?

Now, on to the real question. Is Wealthy Affiliate legit? It is our opinion that Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely legit. The training and services offered are completely at the customer’s discretion. The success of said training and services is a direct result of the customer’s application of them.

As for the idea of the whole thing being a scam, they’ve given their customers two package choices. Among those two choices, they offer a completely free membership. What kind of Wealthy Affiliate scam is that? How do you scam someone out of nothing?

The results are completely dependent on personal effort and perseverance. As Forbes points out, one of the biggest myths about affiliate marketing is that it’s a quick and easy way to get rich. Success that lasts is never quick nor easy. It requires work. Even they will tell you that in order to succeed with affiliate marketing, you have to be willing to put in the work required to achieve that success.

If your goal is to build an online business that is both long term, viable and profitable, it’s worth your time to invest in a marketing company that offers real strategies that can help you achieve that goal. What better than a marketing company with over 10 years of experience as well as an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau?

Any business owner knows that customer service must be one of their top priorities if their business is to be successful. Customers are one of the most important driving forces behind the success of our businesses. If they didn’t exist, how successful would any business be?

Wealthy Affiliate’s rating of A- is the result of a total of nine customer reviews. Of those nine reviews, eight are positive and one is negative. The one negative complaint is regarding the customer being charged an automatic renewal fee which appears to an option when signing up as well as a decision you can make at any point.

Looking further into the few complaints they’ve had over the years in the past, most of them consistently regard the same issue. It appears that customers signed up for automatic renewal but forgot until it was too late or they changed their minds about automatic renewal about the same time their automatic payment was taken.

In each instance, Wealthy Affiliate worked with their customers and issued refunds to those who requested them. Any other complaints were also resolved satisfactorily after researching the issues and working closely with the customer.

How Do I Get Started?

The question we asked ourselves after careful research and consideration was, “How do we get started?” It’s quite possible you’re asking yourself that very same question.

It could be that you’ve realized how much more you need to learn and want to ensure you receive optimal training. The thought of earning while you learn obviously doesn’t hurt.

Maybe it’s the idea of having your business benefit from having a connection to an online business community. Especially when it’s almost a million entrepreneurs strong providing a wealth of knowledge based on countless combined years of experience.

Whatever your reasons, the first step is to visit Wealthy Affiliate. Take the time to consider it. Educate yourself on their services. Try their Starter package. It’s free so you lose nothing. The only way you can lose anything is by not taking the opportunity to investigate it for yourself. Try it.

The next step you need to take is the cornerstone of your new network. You want to get together with like-minded people and Wealthy Affiliate is there to help with this endeavor. Their classroom training and boot camp training will be your doorway to meeting those individuals.

If you’re asking yourself, “But what if I need more help than these individuals can provide?” Wealthy Affiliate has you covered. Their experience has taught them that every business has roadblocks. This knowledge led to the provision of not only live chat and video support, but also training modules and 24/7 website support.

The third step is to take what you learn and formulate a plan of action. If you need help with figuring out what that plan looks like, Wealthy Affiliate offers a blueprint plan. This blueprint plan has been thought out and well developed, giving you the boost you need to stick to your plan.

The last and most important step is the simplest yet hardest step. Be diligent! You must continue to follow your plan. Remember to take advantage of every one of the vast resources you have with your membership.

These steps are your first on the path to start making money. It really is up to you.

Click Here To Join Wealthy Affiliate

26 Jun

SaleHoo Review: Legit or a Scam?

What is SaleHoo?

SaleHoo is a wholesale supplier that connects dropshippers to suppliers. Essentially, SaleHoo is the middle man that moves goods from the manufacturer directly to the dropshippers without going through the usual distribution channels.

SaleHoo is such a valuable resource for dropshippers because they get access to brand name products at wholesale prices. From there, dropshippers sell their products on eBay and Amazon, for example.

SaleHoo also offers website templates/platforms to their members. This allows dropshippers to start online stores. Online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon have a substantial amount of competition, which is why it is beneficial to have your own online store to sell your products. SaleHoo will even build the websites for you. All you have to do is simply learn how to use the website, and then you have a more efficient way to sell products.

In this SaleHoo review, you will learn all about SaleHoo, and hopefully you will be able to decide if this is an opportunity you are interested in pursuing.

SaleHoo Logo

Legit or a Scam?

The general consensus is that SaleHoo is absolutely legit! It is a well developed company that does not appear to be any type of scam.

SaleHoo offers some features that enforce the idea that it is, in fact, a legitimate company. Those features include:

  • Excellent customer service that is always friendly and ready to assist you with anything you need. A strong customer service department is a sign that SaleHoo is doing things the right way! They are not scammers.
  • Free learning materials that are available before you even sign up. They offer free lessons of eBay selling, amazon selling, shipping & inventory, and many others. They even have a scam prevention module that teaches you how to stay safe when you are  purchasing wholesale to resell online.
  • 60-day money back guarantee after your purchase your membership (if it was a scam, they would take your money. They would not give you the opportunity to get your money back if you are unhappy).

Almost all of SaleHoo's customer reviews had great things to say about the company. SaleHoo is a great company that has many long term users.

Click Here To Join SaleHoo

Inventory/Top Categories

One of the best things about SaleHoo is that they have high quality products. They offer brand name products for wholesale prices. Some of their top categories include:

  • Business/Industrial
  • Clothing/Fashion
  • Baby Gear
  • Computers/Software
  • Books/Magazines
  • Cell Phones/PDA's
  • Consumer/Electric
  • Camera/Photo

Membership Options

SaleHoo features three different membership plans. Based on what your needs are and to what extent you are going to be dropshipping, you can determine what plan fits you the best. They offer a basic plan for $27/month, a standard plan for $47/month, and a premium plan for $97/month.

The premium plan is best for Salehoo's serious dropshippers. It gives you unlimited access to inventory, bandwidth, image storage, and a handful of other useful features.

Both the standard and premium plan offer access to a market research lab. You might be wondering, what exactly does that mean? This means that SaleHoo has a market research lab that SaleHoo will provide you with information about consumer needs, what people are purchasing, and how to go about marketing your product to consumers. This is a huge advantage because it gives you the information you need to have before you purchase the goods. Essentially, SaleHoo makes sure that you are purchasing goods that will sell.

Click Here To Join SaleHoo

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent customer service
  • Top brands
  • Market research labs that allow you to see how well a product will sell before you actually purchase it.
  • Standard and premium members get access to a free online store .
  • SaleHoo's suppliers ship internationally, allowing resellers to sell globally which is an advantage considering that creates more opportunities to make sales.
  • SaleHoo also offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.


  • If you are selling brand name products on eBay or Amazon, it is very competitive- you may have to lower your prices to compete, ultimately making you less of a profit.
  • SaleHoo has a directory of over 1.6 million brand name products, which may seem high, but it really isn't that high considering how many niches and customers they have.
    • You have no control over inventory, as well. If SaleHoo does not have the products, then there is not much you can do. Simply wait until they have more products in their inventory.

SaleHoo Complaints?

Thousands of people use SaleHoo, and almost all of them are very happy with their experience with SaleHoo. With such a large amount of members, it makes perfect sense, however, to have a few customers with negative things to say about SaleHoo.

SaleHoo gives their members absolutely everything they need to succeed.  If you take advantage of the features that SaleHoo offers, you will have a successful experience. If you do not use their market research lab or take their forums and guides seriously, for example, you will have a hard time being a profitable dropshipper.

Is It Worth The Money?

There is no doubt that SaleHoo is worth the money, if you dropship the right way. You have to do your homework!

It is hard to make a profit by selling products that are in extremely competitive niches. If you are selling your products on Amazon and eBay, you may have to lower your price because your competitors are probably selling the exact same product at a much cheaper price than you are. In this case, maybe it is not worth the money.

The key is finding the right niche where you can sell products at a price that makes you a profit. Experienced dropshippers do their homework and make sure that they are entering the right niche. It's all about what will make you the most money!

Click Here To Join SaleHoo

Customer Support

SaleHoo offers a top-of-the-line customer support center. They always have representatives that are willing to help you. You are hard pressed to find anybody who has had a bad experience with their customer service.

They offer 24 hour support through email and twitter, as well as forums online that are a community of dropshippers that simply want to help each other. Monday through Friday, you can pick up the phone, of course, and talk to a customer service representative. On top of all that, you can use SaleHoo's chat box feature, which allows you to video chat with a representative.

Obviously, SaleHoo goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. They ensure a great user experience.

How To Get Started

Getting started with SaleHoo is very simple! Before you begin, you need two things:

  1. You need a place to sell your products. Ex- online platform (your own website, Amazon, eBay, etc.)
  2. You need some money to get started. You need to make an initial investment to purchase your goods. Then you can begin selling your goods and making a profit!

You simply need to take your time now.

Before you make that initial purchase, spend some time researching. Take advantage of everything that SaleHoo offers, because it is there for a reason!

Your research will help you determine what niche makes the most sense for you to enter and how much profit to expect. All of this can be done using the market research lab that SaleHoo offers.

The Competition: Salehoo vs. Worldwide Brands & Oberlo

So now you are probably thinking: What about the competition? Is SaleHoo my best option?

Oberlo and World Wide Brands are SaleHoo's top competitors. Read the following to help you decide which company makes the most sense for you…

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a dropshipping service that provides high end goods to dropshippers, and as you may expect, that means a much more expensive fee to be a member. They charge a $299 lifetime fee.

Is it for me? 

Worldwide Brands is for people specifically looking for high quality goods. You need $299 to get started, which is steep, but it is a lifetime investment. To determine if Worldwide Brands is for you, it depends on your dropshipping approach. If you are an efficient dropshipper, you can quickly make a profit. Otherwise, it might be smart to consider your other options.


Oberlo is a dropshipping service that has connections to well-known wholesale suppliers such as Shopify and Aliexpress. Aliexpress is the world's biggest dropshipping marketplace, and Oberlo gives their members access to it. Shopify lets you to quickly select whatever products you want, then Oberlo processes and ships the products from Aliexpress directly to your customers. It is very simple.

They offer a free starter package, a basic package for $29.90/month, and a pro package for 79.90/month.

Is it for me? 

Oberlo is for people who are looking to dropship very simply! Oberlo does most of the work for you, you just have to market your products.

Concluding Thoughts

SaleHoo is not for everybody, but if you are a serious dropshipper, SaleHoo is an excellent resource that you should definitely look into. They offer great products, a market research lab, online stores/platforms to sell on, and they have an excellent customer service center. All-in-all, there is no doubt that SaleHoo is one of the best platforms for dropshipping out there. After reading this SaleHoo review, you should be able to determine if SaleHoo is the best option for you, or if you should consider other dropshipping services.

Click Here To Join SaleHoo

21 Jun

30 Of The Best Work From Home Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

work from home jobs for moms

How To Find A Real Work-From-Home Job

Once upon a time, stay at home moms (SAHM) had to content themselves with finding fulfillment in cutting the crust off PBJs and reading bedtime stories. While raising children is a reward in itself, letting your other talents go to waste while slowly bleeding money to the tooth fairy can put a strain on your wellbeing.

Today, however, work from home jobs for moms are changing lives in positive ways. By leveraging the power of the Internet, you can connect with partners and a client base to earn at home income without sacrificing your commitment to your kids.

During this guide, we’ll give you a quick snapshot of 30 of the best jobs for moms.

Types Of Work-From-Home-Jobs

At home mom jobs are all the rage. Whether your children are toddlers demanding near-constant attention or teenagers ready to flee the nest, there’s no reason you can’t get in on the action. For a comprehensive overview on work from home jobs, see our complete guide! 

Work from home jobs for moms are available for moms with infants, those seeking supplemental income, and those able to juggle more demanding at home careers for stay at home moms. The latter includes both part time work for stay at home moms from and full-time positions.

You can find remote employee positions with reputable companies, take on freelance work, or even start your own business. Put your writing skills, design, or IT background to work, or market your crafts to others.

Identifying Scams

While legitimate work at home jobs for moms are abundant, there are plenty of scams out there, too. Launching blindly into an online opportunity can hurt your wallet and kill your enthusiasm. In some cases, scammers will even get you to unknowingly break the law, acting as a money mule for a criminal enterprise.

Before you get started, make sure you’ve properly vetted opportunities as real at home jobs. Don’t trust outrageous claims promising thousands of dollars a month. Before accepting work, particularly from a company that doesn't have a large Internet footprint, make sure you understand where the money is coming from and what tasks are involved.

If you do become the victim of a scam, contact local law enforcement.

The best way to find legit work from home jobs is to stick to using established web services. We'll cover some of these below as we discuss some of the best work at home jobs for moms.

Supplementary Sources of Income

While they won't make you rich, the job opportunities in this section will provide you with a way to start earning some supplemental income at home. Better yet, many of them are easy and low-stress. That makes them good jobs for moms with babies, or SAHM looking to explore the stay at home jobs economy while planning the next move.


Swagbucks is for SAHMs that love to shop. In fact, it’s one of the most fun jobs for stay at home moms. Members earn points for every item purchased on over 1500 online shopping platforms, including Amazon. Rather than spending money, you can also earn points for taking surveys, watching videos, trying out various services, searching the Internet, and playing games. There’s even a mobile app so you can keep earning during your next parent-teacher conference. (Bad mom).

These points are redeemable for gift cards. Gift card options include PayPal, MasterCard, Amazon, eBay, and hundreds of other options.

Ipsos i-Say

i-Say is a points-for-rewards platform with a focus on sharing your opinion. And there's nothing a mom likes more than sharing her opinion, right?

As a member of i-Say, you can take surveys about brands, advertisements, entertainment, and other topics. Pick the ones that interest you. Rewards include gift cards and products.

Since surveys can take some time to complete, i-Say includes estimated completion times for each one. That way, your surveys don’t interfere with your mom schedule. As a division of one of the largest market research firms in the world, Ipsos, it’s also a way to do your part as a trendsetter while kicking back in your PJs.


Like Swagbucks, InboxDollars is an earning platform based on shopping, surveys, and watching videos. The difference is that instead of gift cards, you earn cash. That way you can put your money towards braces for your child or something more practical.

Top brands enlist InboxDollars to help fine tune their product lineups and marketing strategy through consumer input. As such, they have a vested interest in getting insights from women, making it a perfect role for moms working from home.

Taking Paid Surveys

If you're picky about the kinds of surveys you take, no problem. There are dozens of other legitimate brand-polling platforms out there available to the active work from home mom. For a comparison of the top 10 paid survey sites, check out our home page!

In addition to being an easy way to start earning additional income, surveys are also perfect for developing your insights and opinions on various brands. That will come in handy if you decide to spin your shopping savvy into future blog work or build an eCommerce platform.

Scan Groceries with NCP

As much fun as shopping online might be, sometimes a little fresh air – and time away from the chaos – is in order. But that doesn't mean you need to stop being an entrepreneurial mom. Become a contributor to the Nielson-backed National Consumer Panel, or NCP, and you can do both.

As a member, all you need to do is scan your purchases using your smartphone and the NCP app. NCP uses the data it collects to conduct product research. They'll also occasionally contact you via email to complete a survey related to your purchases. In return for your scans and survey responses, you earn points, redeemable for rewards.

Think of it as going to work – shopping.

Make Money Dog Watching

Being a mom can have its stresses. The solution? Puppies!

Rover.com lets you put your nurturing side to good work as a paid doggy caretaker. Dog owners enlist Rover to get in touch with people willing to watch after their pets for a bit. Opportunities are available for dog walking, drop-in visits, day care, dog boarding, and house sitting.

As a professional dog watcher, you can set your schedule and rates to work around your home life. Create your profile, glam it up with pictures, and sit back while Rover connects you with eager clients. Payments come through the platform, so you don't have to worry about it. Rover provides premium insurance, too.

Dog watching is one of the most relaxing and fun jobs for stay at home moms available today.

Do Office And Technical Work

Attention to detail and organizational skills are attributes most mothers have in abundance.

Remote work platforms like Upwork.com let you put your beautiful mind to work. While Upwork is a great resource for more serious freelancers, it can also be a good way for SAHM to find part time jobs from home.

Upwork jobs range from virtual assistant work to data entry to computer programming, so there’s usually something available for everybody. The catch is that you must bid for work against others.

However, if you’re only looking for supplementary income opportunities from home, you can frequently underbid others. That way, you can build your reputation on Upwork and position yourself for more lucrative opportunities in the future.

Secret Shopper

Ever wish you could step out of your mom shoes for a bit and take on the role of the mysterious stranger? Become a secret shopper, and you can do just that. You’ll be paid to visit in-store locations and evaluate them through the eyes of a customer. If you prefer to work from home, you can also call into customer support networks to perform remote assessments.

Mystery shopper platforms let you apply for, and schedule visits, online. Typically, in store, you'll need to capture proof of your visit with a scan of a business card, receipt or other paperwork. There's usually a survey involved, too.

Many services will not only pay you per visit, but they'll also reimburse you for at least a portion of your purchases. Modern platforms that SAHMs use to find secret shopper opportunities include Rewardable.com and Gigwalk.com.

Running errands and other odd jobs

Folding laundry, painting, picking up groceries. Many people need help with odd jobs and are willing to pay to get it. TaskRabbit puts you in contact with them.

As a “tasker,” you have complete control over your schedule and rates. That makes it a source for some of the most flexible jobs for moms.

Build a TaskRabbit profile to highlight your skill set. Afterward, the TaskRabbit app will notify you of jobs becoming available in your area.  You then confirm the details with the client and get to work. All billing runs through the platform, so you don’t have to worry about busting kneecaps to get paid.

It’s sort of like Uber for everything else.

Become A Stylist

Working as a fashion stylist can mean selecting wardrobes for celebrities, public figures, or ordinary people who just need a little help in the taste department. It can also mean working fashion shows or picking ensembles for editorial features, advertising campaigns, or music videos.

As a stay at home mom, breaking into the fashion business has traditionally been a little too time-consuming to be feasible. However, platforms like Stitch Fix can be the secret weapon you need to manage your commitment to your family while still fulfilling your dream of becoming a stylist.

Stitch fix allows you to fulfill that dream and make a difference in others lives all  from the comfort of your home. This part time job allows you  to create your own hours, which means you work when you want to. Not to mention an employee discount on clothing that gets shipped right to your home.

Freelance Work

Freelancers are self-employed skilled workers that aren’t committed to any single employer. It’s a role particularly suited to stay at home moms who have chosen their family as their priority but don’t want to let their other talents go unused.

It can be difficult to make significant money as a freelancer at first. You’ll need to take on lower paying jobs to build a reputation and portfolio. However, with time and persistence, you can hone your craft, build a list of loyal clients, and establish consistent income.

Data Entry

Putting your typing skills to good use with data entry employment is one of the best jobs for moms who want to stay home. While they require attention to detail and fast fingers, data entry positions tend to be low stress and don’t take a lot out of you. That makes them ideal for moms committed to focusing their energies on their children.

Because data entry jobs don’t often require any additional skills outside of typing, expect stiff competition for them from other stay at home job seekers, including other moms. Your best bet is to use platforms like UpWork to extend your reach beyond your networking circles. Even then, don’t get frustrated if it takes you a while to build a regular client list.


Freelance copywriting jobs are ideal for mothers who have a way with words and need a creative outlet. Copywriting jobs typically involve working with online businesses to produce compelling web content. The goal is market services to readers. Think product descriptions, how-to guides, buyer’s guides, and website “about” pages.

Employers who want to hire copywriters look for freelancers who are native English speakers and write in short, concise language. Again, freelance platforms like Upwork are a good place to look for work. So are classified ad boards that target writers.

Magazine Writer

For many writers, a column with an established magazine is the holy grail of jobs. However, even the occasional magazine publication is an excellent way to build your name recognition and audience.

Magazine work tends to favor those capable of producing informative and entertaining anecdotes without losing focus on the article topic. There are very few people more in touch with life and more focused than mothers, making magazine employment one of the best work from home jobs for moms.

Finding magazine work can be hard work, though. Be persistent and stay optimistic. All it takes is one editor to yes.

Freelance Blogger

A freelance blogger is a writer who blogs for someone else's website. While it may not have the cachet of being a magazine scribe, blog gigs are typically easier to get. Moreover, many blogs have just as wide an audience.

There are a few ways to find blog work. You can advertise your skills on a freelance website or search blogger job boards. Alternatively, if there's a blog you particularly admire, try reaching to them directly. Do to the amount of work involved, so many blogs are very open to freelance partners and guest work.

Of course, the best way to land gigs with established blogs is to create a personal blog first as a sample of your capabilities. Be sure and check out our “blogger” entry below for tips on how to get started on that venture.

Virtual Assistant

Overburdened office workers and bored SAHMs can be each other’s best buds. Remote work productivity tools like Google Docs, Slack, and Skype have given rise to a whole new generation of secretaries called virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants crunch numbers, edit documents, prepare presentations, do project management work, and perform any other task needed. You’ll need to be a quick thinker, computer savvy, and organized.

However, there's no question that virtual assistant work is one of the hottest positions available to women on the hunt for home jobs for moms. There's plenty of competition, but also plenty of employment available.

Commission Based Online Reseller

Have a saleswoman’s touch? As a commission-based online reseller, you’ll be selling goods for others and getting a cut of the profits for doing so. It takes a bit of savvy and a convincing attitude, but chances are if you can talk a child into eating their peas and carrots, you'll do just fine raking in commissions.

Most online resellers work for themselves. For more on how to get started in that venture, see our dedicated “online reseller” category below. If you'd rather not go that route, or just want to learn the ropes, partnerships with others are available via Upwork and similar platforms.

Web Designer

Moms working from home with the right combination of artistic and technical aptitude can earn a healthy salary as a web designer. Web designers don’t build websites per se, but rather focus their efforts on constructing a website’s look and flow.

As such, you’ll need a sense of style, an understanding of what attracts people to websites, and knowledge of how people like to interact on the Internet. You’ll also need to know your way around graphic design software like Adobe InDesign.

Web Developer

If you’re a mom with coding skills, remote work as a web developer is one of the hottest and most lucrative freelance jobs. You can work from home as a freelancer helping individuals, SMBs, and even larger corporations.

At a minimum, though, you'll need to know HTML, Javascript, Jquery, and CSS. So, chances are you've either gone to college and earned yourself a technical degree, or are a capable self-learner. Either way, there's no reason to let commitments at home cause you to abandon your web developer dreams.

Nerd moms make the Internet a better place.

Employee Positions

A growing number of employers are hiring home workers. The reasoning is simple: More employees working from home means fewer office expenses. There's nothing business like more than cutting overhead.

While time commitments for such positions are likely to be more rigid than freelance jobs, both full and part time jobs for moms are available. Such roles are perfect for mothers with older children who don’t require the same degree of attention as infants and toddlers. It also means more available jobs for single moms who don't have a partner to assist.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are the front-line employees of businesses. Social skills like patience and empathy, are a must. On top of that, you also need a quick mind. Those qualities make such roles especially suited to mothers.

While most businesses still run customer service operations through call centers, improvements in Internet technologies and cost-saving advantages are leading to many more remote work opportunities.

Even better, many organizations are moving towards online chat as opposed to telephone support. Online customer service roles are typically less stressful — something stay at home moms will certainly appreciate.

Tech Support Provider

Tech support positions are like customer service representatives. The difference is that in addition to social skills, you’ll need an aptitude for troubleshooting. However, they also tend to offer higher pay, making them highly sought after work from home jobs for moms and many others.

Both software vendors and hardware manufacturers require tech support employees. Both telephone and online chat support positions are available, too. Find positions on job boards and job-sourcing platforms like Upwork.

Do Online Tutoring

Teaching others is one of the most rewarding careers available. While watching over the nest might keep you out of the classroom, there’s no reason as a SAHM you can’t still put your knack for educating others to work beyond teaching the kiddos their ABCs and differential calculus.

Several online education platforms exist for mothers working from home and others looking to become online tutors. In fact, such jobs are so much in demand that you can typically find employment even without a background in teaching.

You pick the subjects you’re good at, and your employer matches you with students. More challenging fields usually pay more. Hours tend to be flexible regardless, however, and you can work with students from middle school to college level.

Web Search Evaluation

Moms that love surfing the web might find their calling as a web search evaluator. The goal of these remote jobs is to evaluate and rate the algorithms used by search engines like Google and Bing.

You get a keyword to run a search with and must assess the results for relevancy. Aided by your input, the search engine services can adjust their algorithms to supply better results. The job might seem simple, but it requires an excellent sense of judgment. And mommies know best, right?

There are many keywords, and algorithms require regular testing. That means there are many web search evaluator jobs available. Typically, search engine businesses turn to third-party services to hire workers to fill them.

Usually, you'll have to work a set number of hours each day on a fixed schedule, so it may not be as flexible as some other remote employment opportunities for moms.

Document Translator

The ability to fluently speak a foreign language is a highly marketable skill that you shouldn't let go unused. In-demand languages include Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Hebrew, Russian, and dozens more.

Bilingual Moms working from home can find employment translating documents for several different reputable employers. You'll be supporting businesses looking to expand their global reach. Since that includes most businesses, document translation is a flexible, fast-growing career choice.

In addition to documents, you could find work translating videos and conversations. If you have scientific acumen to boot, you could wind up making mucho dinero.

Transcribing Jobs

Transcription work is one of the best at home jobs for moms looking for flexible hours and work that doesn’t require much experience. Transcriptionists listen to audio files and type out what they hear. As such, attention to detail and excellent listening skills are essential, which makes it a perfect job for moms. You'll also want to be able to touch type, of course.

Some of the more high-paying employers may require specialized transcribing equipment like a foot-pedal for controlling audio playback while your hands work the keyboard. However, most entry-level positions aren’t that rigid.

Transcriptionists without advanced training will typically work on general transcription. However, even general transcription jobs pay more than most at home employment opportunities. Hourly rates range from $15 to $25 or more depending on your typing skills.

Become A Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcription work is a choice transcribing job where you type out physicians' audio notes. Such positions usually require not only a strong command of the English language but a knowledge of medical terminology and abbreviations.

Due to this added complexity, most medical transcription jobs require some form of post-secondary education like an associate’s degree or one-year certification program. Knowledge of anatomy and healthcare law is also essential. Nurses who become stay at home moms are high in demand as medical transcriptions.

Running A Small Business

Rather than work for somebody else, many moms who choose to stay home and raise their children opt to work for themselves. While running your own business usually requires more time and effort, mainly to start, self-employment can also lead to more flexibility and earning power. Can you say, “college fund?”


Being a stay at home mom is the perfect opportunity to get to work on that novel that’s been sitting in the back of your head since you started passing notes in grade school. Will you be the next Toni Morrison, or is E.L. James more your style? Or maybe a collection of hilarious true-life anecdotes designed to share your motherly wisdom?

Becoming a published author today is easier than ever thanks to the popularity of eBook platforms like Amazon Kindle. Unlike with traditional publishing houses, you even get to keep most of the proceeds.


If you’re a mom who doesn’t have the time to devote to a big writing project, blogs are a quick creative outlet that you can undertake in between wiping the smudges of your children’s noses. You’ll need to have an angle and a little charm, but we bet you have the covered.

The real difficulty is turning your blog into a money-making machine. It requires consistent, original content and social media chops. Setting up a blogging site is relatively easy, though, thanks to several powerful online blogging platforms. Revenue can come from affiliate marketing programs, like Amazon Associates, or paid advertisements.


Moms and family budgets often go hand-and-hand. As a bookkeeper, you can put your knack for organizing expenses to good use, helping others achieve the same kind of fiscal responsibility you maintain in your household.

While it helps, virtual bookkeeper jobs don't require a background in accounting. Bookkeepers do need a knack for granular details, commitment, and a mind for technology. Accounting software can do much of the number crunching for you, thankfully.

There will be some startup costs associated if you decide bookkeeping is the stay at home job for you. However, bookkeeping has tremendous earning potential even for moms just looking for part-time work.

Online Reseller

Earlier, we mentioned earning a living reselling goods for a commission. Alternatively, if you have a little more time and energy at your disposal, you might as well create a reseller enterprise of your own.  Success will require setting up a website, which will become your eCommerce portal.

Next, you’ll need to acquire inventory. You can choose to purchase products directly from others, either through online auctions, or offline, by hitting flea markets, sales racks, or pilfering your children’s forgotten toys.

Alternatively, you can go the drop-ship route. Partnered with a drop-shipping service, you don't have to maintain any inventory. Instead, the service ships products directly to your customers. That means you don’t need to turn the spare bedroom into a floor-to-ceiling warehouse.

Craft Store

Crafty stay at home moms are always in demand. Whether you make handmade earrings, scarves, greeting cards, or any other product, all you need to do is focus on your passion. There are plenty of businesses that will happily handle most of the rest for you.

eCommerce platform Etsy.com is one of the leading solutions moms who work at home enlist to transform their crafting passion into a profitable business venture.

Etsy charges a twenty-cent listing fee per item and keeps a modest 3.5 percent of your sales. In return, you get a non-hassle storefront, and all your billing handled. The biggest benefit to using Etsy, though, is that it’s a well-known destination, already. That means you don’t need to worry about spending all your time hunting for buyers.

Think Creatively!

Work for stay home moms is more accessible than ever thanks to an abundance of legit at home jobs.

While we've outlined many of the most common work from home jobs for moms, there are much more out there. Think creatively. The most profitable ventures are often the ones nobody has come up with yet. Use your children and your experiences as a mother as the inspiration for innovative business ideas to become a successful work at home mom.

The best work from home jobs are the ones that harness your passion. And there's nothing a mother is more passionate about than her creations.

20 Jun

Ebates vs. Swagbucks: Is There a Clear Winner?

ebates vs swagbucks

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time on the internet. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make some extra money, just for doing the things you already do online? You can! Rewards programs like Swagbucks and Ebates make it easy to make money for the things you do online.

But, which is better? Let’s look at Ebates vs. Swagbucks, their similarities and differences, and which of the two is going to make you the most money for the things you’re already doing online.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks may be the undisputed king of online rewards programs. For the most part, Swagbucks functions a lot like Google, Bing and other search engines. You’re able to earn points, called SB, and you can redeem those points for gift cards to tons of different stores, or you can receive a cash deposit to your PayPal account.

With this rewards program, you’ll earn SB for lots of different things you do online each day, like watching videos, browsing the web, shopping, taking surveys or playing games. These actions can all earn you SB which you can redeem for gift cards or cash.

The company is located in El Segundo, CA. Their parent company is Prodege LLC. While you may just be hearing about them now, they’ve been around for almost ten years. Before Swagbucks got off the ground, Prodege experimented with producing branded search engines.

The company would partner with an organization, charity, celebrity or musician to create a branded search engine for their fans, and using that search engine would earn the fans special experiences or rewards, or a donation to their favorite charity.

These early ventures gave Prodege the knowledge they needed to launch Swagbucks, which is an immensely popular service. Today, well over 10 million people worldwide use the platform to earn extra money, and they’ve paid out over 194 million dollars to their members!

The platform works as a two-sided network. Swagbucks serves two different entities. On the one side, you have people like me and you who are looking to make some extra money on the internet.

On the other side, you’ve got companies who are willing to pay good money to reach people like you and me with information about their products or services. Swagbucks connects those businesses with their members.

These businesses pay Swagbucks for their part in bringing these companies closer to the people, and in exchange, Swagbucks rewards their users with a portion of the money they receive from different companies.

Join Swagbucks (Free Account)

What is Ebates?

Compared to Swagbucks, Ebates.com is a bit less complicated. Chances are, you shop online often. Ebates provides you with cash back for your online purchases. Ebates works with over 2,000 different popular stores to provide their members with cash back for their everyday purchases.

Unlike Swagbucks, Ebates is only an cash-back network. With Swagbucks, you earn points for all sorts of things you do online. With Ebates, they receive a commission when you shop through their affiliate links.

Then, they pass some of that commission on to you in the form of cash back. Are you planning on doing some online shopping? Head over to Ebates, and see what kind of cash back they’re offering for purchases from your favorite stores.

Just use their link to shop your favorite stores, and receive cash back for what you buy. It’s simple and effective, and it’s a great way to save money.

Ebates was founded nearly 20 years ago in San Francisco. From their humble beginning in 1998 through today, not very much has changed as far as their business model is concerned. It’s simple: Use Ebates to shop and make your purchases. Once, you make a purchase, Ebates earns their affiliate fee. Then, they share that affiliate fee with you.

As Ebates continues to grow, they’re making it increasingly easy to earn extra money for shopping. In 2016, they launched a new feature that allows you to earn Ebates for the purchases you make in person, at brick and mortar stores.

All you’ll need to do is add your different credit or debit cards to your Ebates account. Whenever you shop at a store that offers Ebates rewards, and you pay for your purchase with a card you’ve connected to your Ebates account, you’ll earn cash back, just like you would if you completed your purchase online.

Ebates is a great way to earn cash back, and they often have incredible offers on the site that can put serious green back in your pocket. But, it’s not perfect. Take Amazon, for example, the largest and most used marketplace on the internet.

You’ll only be able to earn cash back on items from a few different categories. If you’re like so many others who use Amazon each day to make purchases, you’re going to be missing out on cashback from Ebates for most of those items.

Regardless, there’s still over 2,000 other retailers that do participate in the program, so even without much help from Amazon, you can still earn cash back in so many different ways.

Join Ebates (Free Account)

What Kind of Cash Back Deals Can I Expect?

So, we’ve covered how each of these two platforms works. You’ve probably realized that Swagbucks is a great way to earn money by doing all sorts of things online. Ebates, on the other hand, is a great way to receive cash back when you shop.

With Swagbucks, you can earn points that you can redeem for cash back in a myriad of different ways. Not only can you earn SB on the things you do online, but there’s also contests and prizes.

Swagbucks regularly chooses random members and awards them with a bunch of extra SB, just for using the site. Plus, there’s also sweepstakes you can enter in exchange for a few SB. Win one of these contests, and you might get a huge SB bonus, a luxurious vacation, or cool merchandise.

Meanwhile, Ebates is more straightforward and provides you with cash back for the purchases you make each day. The only way to earn cashback with Ebates is to shop. So, in this case, you have to spend money to make money.

How to Earn

First, let’s look at how you can earn points with Swagbucks. Like we said earlier, you can earn SB for lots of the things you already do online. Once you sign up for Swagbucks, you can use their platform to earn SB by watching videos, searching the web, taking surveys, using coupons to shop online and more.

Every time you complete an action that earns you SB, the SB you earn is placed into your Swagbucks account. You can also earn additional SB with something called Swagcodes. You can find these codes throughout their network.

Whenever you see one, just copy the code, and paste it into the swag codes box on your Swagbucks dashboard and you’ll earn some extra SB for doing so. These codes are practically everywhere. There are even entire websites dedicated to rounding up all the active codes from that day so you can be sure to never miss out on a code.

Once you sign up, you’ll realize just how many ways there are to earn SB. It may seem like in no time; you’re going to be rolling in the money. But, if you do the math, each SB is worth about a penny. So, you’ll need to earn an awful lot of SB to make an impact. Since you’re earning these points for a large portion of the things you already do online, though, they may add up faster than you think.

When it comes to Ebates, the process is more streamlined. To earn cash back, just use their affiliate links to shop for the things you’re already buying. Each quarter, you’ll receive cash back for the purchases you’ve made. When it’s time to cash in, you can have Ebates send you a check for your earnings, or you can have them transfer those earnings into your PayPal account.

For the most part, Ebates will save you a few bucks here and there. But, if you use Ebates to make major purchases, like booking a vacation, for example, you’ll be able to put a pretty substantial amount of money back in your pocket at one time.  

Refer a Friend Bonuses

When it comes to Swagbucks, they have a pretty cool bonus system in place. Each time you refer a friend or family member to Swagbucks, you become eligible for a referral bonus. That bonus is calculated like this: Each month, you earn a 10% bonus for the SB that your referral earns on the platform.

So, let’s say you get a friend to sign up and they earn 15,000 SB this month. You’ll receive a bonus for 1,500 SB! You receive this bonus each month for each person you refer. The more people you refer, the more you’ll be able to earn as a bonus.

With Ebates, you’ll also get referral bonuses. Refer one of your friends, and you’ll net $5 for yourself once they use Ebates to make a qualifying purchase. Refer a second friend who makes a qualifying purchase, and you’ll receive another $5, plus a $40 bonus.

The more friends you refer, the larger the bonus you receive. However, unlike Swagbucks, your referral bonuses are a one-time thing. With Swagbucks, you receive a referral bonus each month that’s based on the amount of SB your referral has earned each month.

Regardless of which network you choose, there’s plenty of opportunities to earn large referral bonuses if you can get your friends and family on board with you.

How to Get Paid

In the case of Swagbucks, you have two options when it comes to cashing out. You can choose a gift card, or you can choose a Paypal deposit. Gift cards are available from some of the most popular retailers in the world, and you’re sure to find something you like.

If you’d prefer cash instead, you can cash in your SB for a deposit to your PayPal account. You can then either use your new PayPal balance to shop almost anywhere online, request a check from PayPal for the total of the balance, or transfer your balance directly to your bank account.

Ebates works much differently. Each quarter, you’ll receive cash back for your qualified purchases from that month, as well as any referral bonuses you may have earned in that period. Then, they’ll cut you a check, or transfer the cash back you’ve earned to your Paypal account.

Ebates vs. Swagbucks: Which is Better?

When it comes to Ebates vs. Swagbucks, it’s almost impossible to pick a clear winner, since both platforms are so different. Each one certainly has their place, and both can be a very lucrative way to make some extra cash online.

When it comes to Swagbucks, there are more ins and outs to learn, and a seemingly endless way to earn SB to redeem for gift cards or cash back. On the other hand, Ebates is super simple; shop online, earn cash back.

For savvy shoppers that make most of their purchases online, to begin with, Ebates may be the best way to earn some extra money. Meanwhile, Swagbucks is a great option if you’re looking to find a way to monetize all of the different things you do online.

Keep in mind that for Ebates to be effective, you need to shop. So, to make money, you need to spend money. With Swagbucks, you can earn SB and redeem them for cash or gift cards without ever cracking open your wallet.

On the other hand, you could always join both networks and end up earning even more money for the things you do online. Regardless of which direction you decide to go, it’s clear that both Swagbucks and Ebates are great ways to put some extra green into your pocket.

Join Swagbucks (Free Account)

Join Ebates (Free Account)

20 Jun

Swagbucks vs. MySurvey: How to Make the Most Money Possible

swagbucks vs mysurvey

These days, there’s more ways than ever to earn cash back for the things you already do online. With sites like Swagbucks and Mysurvey, you can be earning money in no time as you do things like browsing the web, watch videos, take surveys, and more. But, when it comes to Swagbucks vs. Mysurvey, which is better? Let’s take a closer look at the different ways you can use these sites to make money.


Swagbucks.com is one of the largest and most used online rewards programs. You’re able to use the site to earn SB which you can redeem for gift cards or cash back. You can earn SB for doing all sorts of things you’d already be doing on the internet. This includes things like searching the web, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, or shopping.

Swagbucks is located in El Segundo, CA and has been in operation for nearly ten years now. Today, more than 10 million people worldwide use the site to make extra money. As of today, they’ve paid out over 194 million dollars in gift cards or cash back to their members!

The way it works is simple. People are willing to use Swagbucks to complete their everyday activities online, while companies are willing to pay good money to put their products and services in front of people. Swagbucks connects these two groups together.

These companies pay Swagbucks in exchange for promotion on their network, and in turn, Swagbucks pays out some of that money to its members. There are a ton of different ways to earn SB, and we’re going to cover them in a moment.


Swagbucks operates on a pretty simple principle. Earn points for the things you do online. Exchange those points for gift cards or cash. But, once you dive in and you see all the different ways you can earn SB, it’s not so simple anymore.

Thankfully, Swagbucks has some cool features available that make it easier than ever for you to earn SB for everything you do online. We’ll cover these features even further under the ‘Ways to Earn’ section below.

Best of all, Swagbucks is constantly unveiling new features that make the platform even more useful. Most importantly, these new features always make it easier for you to earn SB.


The Swagbutton is a browser extension you can add to your internet browser that will make earning SB even easier. Turn on the Swagbutton, and you’ll be immediately alerted about new Swagcodes, contests and giveaways.

Plus, the Swagbutton will automatically let you know what kind of SB you’re earning for the things you do online. You can even watch videos while you browse. The Shop & Earn feature is especially useful, and the Swagbutton will let you know about any current offers that store has for SB members.

The Swagbucks Blog

Earning SB is super easy, thanks to the Swagbucks blog. This blog is your source for everything you need to know about Swagbucks. It will alert you to new features, let you know when new contests and giveaways are available and so much more.

The blog is also a great source for swagcodes. You’ll want to check it often as random winners are announced throughout the day for big SB bonuses.  

iSpy Search

Swagbucks has their own search engine that works every bit as well as other major search engines you’ve used in the past. The only difference is with iSpy; you’ll earn SB just for searching the web. Also, you may be randomly chosen to win big SB bonuses just for using the search engine as well.


Who doesn’t want coupons to save money on some of their favorite purchases? With Swagbucks Coupons, not only will you save money on the purchases you make, but you’ll also earn a 10 SB bonus for each coupon you redeem.

Daily Deals

In addition to features like coupons and Shop & Earn, Swagbucks also has amazing deals available for a very limited time that are available exclusively to members. These deals are similar to some of the things you’d find on sites like Groupon.


This is one of the best features available, and it can help you rack up a ton of SB in record time. Install the SBTV app on your iOS or Android device and start playing videos. Whether you watch the videos or not is up to you, because you’ll earn the same amount of SB if you just let them play in the background as you would if you watched them.

Best of all, the app will autoplay videos, so once one video finishes, the next video begins. That way, you’ll keep earning SB without having to click play on the next video.

Ways to Earn

There are tons of different ways to earn on the site. Let’s take a closer look at the different ways you can earn SB online.

  • Search – Swagbucks iSpy search engine works just like any other search engine you’ve used before. By using the iSpy search engine, you can win SB. The engine will regularly choose random members and reward them with SB that can be redeemed for gift cards, or a PayPal deposit.
  • Swag Codes – Swagbucks codes are special codes hidden throughout the network that can be redeemed for SB. You’ll find these codes in all sorts of different places. Whenever you find one, copy it and then enter it into the box on your account page and see how much SB you’ve won. There are even sites like SBCodez that round up all of the active codes on the network that are available today so you can be sure you’re getting every code you can.
  • Surveys – Companies love to use Swagbucks to reach their members in the form of surveys. Completing these market research surveys can be a great way to earn SB since each survey pays you as much as 300 SB.
  • Games – Who doesn’t like playing games? Play them on Swagbucks, and you can start earning SB today just for having fun and killing time playing different fun games.
  • Watching Videos – Few activities are more popular online than watching videos. With Swagbucks, you can earn SB to watch them. This is a great way to earn SB. I like to plug my phone in, pull up Swagbucks TV and just run video after video while I do other stuff. Before you’ve known it, you’ve earned thousands of SB!
  • Refer Your Friends – Do your friends and family like using the internet, too? Get them on board with Swagbucks, and you can start earning SB for the things they do on the internet as well! Each month, you’ll receive a generous referral bonus that’s based on how often your referrals are using Swagbucks. For example, if you refer a friend who earns 10,000 SB this month, you’ll receive a bonus for 10% of what they earned. That’s 1,000 SB in your pocket!
  • Meeting Your Goals – One of the first things you’ll notice when you sign up is a goal meter on your home page. Each day, there’s new goals for you to achieve. Hit these goals, and you’ll receive bonus SB. Hit your goals for a string of consecutive days, and you’ll receive an even bigger bonus.
  • Shopping & Coupons – Everyone likes to shop. With Swagbucks, you can use their shop and earn features to shop online and earn SB for the purchases you make. Some stores offer up to 4 SB for each dollar you spend, and that adds up quick. If you’re shopping with a coupon, you can earn even more, because each coupon you redeem is worth another 10 SB.
  • Do Nothing and Still Win – Throughout the day, random members are chosen to receive SB bonuses. Check the blog often to see if you’ve been chosen to receive a bonus.


MySurvey.com is a bit more straightforward when it comes to how you can earn. The site was launched by the National Family Organization, which is a research firm created in 1946. In those days, you would receive paid surveys in the mail or by phone.

Thanks to the internet, it’s now even easier than ever before to find online survey jobs, and nobody does it as well as MySurvey. MySurvey is one of the quickest and easiest paid survey sites online. Best of all, they pay out cash or gift cards to their members for taking surveys.

The payout for each survey typically ranges between about $.50 and $1.25. In 2014 alone, users earned more than $32 million dollars in cash, gift cards or other rewards in exchange for their opinions on these market research surveys.


Since MySurvey is a much more straightforward platform, there isn’t too much you need to learn to get started. The key features are all very simple, so getting started is a breeze.

  • You’ll be able to earn rewards such as popular products, gift cards to many of the most popular retailers in the world, or even cash back.
  • You receive points in exchange for taking surveys that are available from different companies. You can cash these points in for rewards.
  • You can cash out for prizes as soon as you’ve earned $10 or more.
  • You won’t get your reward right away. It typically takes 4-8 weeks for processing. Some rewards can be processed more quickly.
  • Users are also regularly entered into sweepstakes, where they can win additional rewards, vacations and more.
  • Surveys range in length and difficulty to complete. As you’d imagine, the longer and more involved the survey, the more points you’ll earn for completing it. Most surveys are short, and take about 5 minutes to complete. But, some surveys take much longer to complete and can earn you up to 1,000 points.
  • The site isn’t available to everybody. Anybody over the age of 14 can join the site, as long as they’re from North America or the European or Oceanic regions.
  • It’s fast and easy to sign up, and you can begin to take surveys for money in as little as five minutes.

Ways to Earn

Earning points from MySurvey couldn’t be easier. Just sign up and start taking surveys. You’ll earn points for each survey you take and you can cash in those point for rewards. In addition to earning points by taking surveys, you can earn points by referring new members, participating in panels or focus groups, and through contests and giveaways.

Which Option is Best When Getting Started?

Swagbucks vs. Mysurvey: Which is the best for beginners? The answer to this question is going to be different for everyone. If you’re a fluent internet user that uses the web to do things like search the web, read blogs, watch videos, play games or shop, then you’ll probably find Swagbucks to be a more natural fit.

But, there’s a lot of ins and outs to the Swagbucks platform. Since there’s so much to learn, the platform can seem a bit overwhelming at first.  On the other hand, there are so many different resources online that you can use as you learn to get a handle on the different things you can do to earn SB on the site.

With MySurvey, you’ll find a much more straightforward experience. Take surveys, receive points, redeem the points for products, gift cards or cash. As you can see, there isn’t much to it. So, it can be a great jumping off point for someone who is just beginning to consider different ways to earn money online.

Which Site Will Make Me the Most?

When it comes to Swagbucks vs. MySurvey, both sites are a great way to earn extra money online. Depending on what you like to do online, one may be better suited for you than the other. If you love to give your opinion about new products and services, you may find that MySurvey is best for you.

On the other hand, if you’re constantly using the internet to do things like shop, watch videos, browse the web or play games, you may find that Swagbucks is the most lucrative option. Considering how many ways you can earn SB with Swagbucks, you’ll probably find that their site has the most earning potential.

You can always use both sites to really maximize the amount of extra money you make, just to hang out online.

19 Jun

MindSumo Review – Earn Money Solving Real-World Issues

mindsumo review

College students always need to make extra money, and if you're like me, I was always scouring the internet for ways to make a little cash.  Although opportunities like Swagbucks and MySurvey can earn you a couple sporadic dollars, MindSumo is the way to go if you want a reliable way to earn good money, as well as connect with potential employers.

What is MindSumo?

Founded in 2012 with money from Google Ventures and other venture capitalists, MindSumo offers college students a chance to earn money and make connections with business mentors. Visit the company’s Facebook page here or join it here.  

Companies direct most challenges to college students, though anyone with a valid email address can join. Students should register with their school (.edu) address. This MindSumo review will deal with how students can make money in their spare time and connect with potential employers in a meaningful way.

MindSumo gives students a chance to solve real problems. Instead of blindly sending out resumes and cover letters, introduce yourself to a company in a proactive way and earn money at the same time.

Co-founders Keaton Swett, Trent Hazy, and Rohan Puranik came up with the idea for MindSumo in 2011 for the Stanford Student Accelerator StartX. Business clients pay MindSumo a fee to post challenges. The website’s members then submit solutions to be assessed by the company.

Facebook, Hulu, Amazon, and Microsoft are just a few of the companies presenting challenges to the site's users. Over 75 Fortune 500 companies have used the website to find solutions to business problems.

Solvers vs. Businesses

After members have completed challenges, it may take up to two weeks for the host company to reviews all the answers. The winners will be notified by email, and receive their money through the website’s payment system.

Companies use winning solutions any way they choose. MindSumo will let you know if a business implemented your idea.  

Your solutions will be examined for clarity and whether they met deliverables (directly answered each section).

The companies rate solutions using a 10-point scale. Solutions that failed to address questions receive a rating of 5 stars or less. Answers with incomplete thoughts or grammatical errors also rate five stars or less. A two to five-star bonus may be added to unique ideas.

Earn a lot of cash by solving as many challenges as you can.  If you're interested in working for a particular company, follow them on MindSumo and solve the challenges they submit. A company will initiate contact with you using SumoMail if they are interested in speaking with you.


Some of the challenges posted by businesses include:

  • Develop an algorithm to help students avoid class conflicts, published by Chegg.com
  • Find ways to meet the healthcare needs of Millennials, posted by Kaiser Permanente
  • How should Prudential revamp retirement, posted by Prudential Insurance

Filter challenges by categories, including Computer Science, Food Science and Humanities, and Arts. You can receive updates on a challenge by “following” it. Any challenge you follow appears on your profile.

The food science category offers many fun challenges. Recently completed questions include,  

  • What new products would encourage Millennials to consume more beans (Bush Beans)
  • Can you make a pulled chicken sandwich that Sonic lovers will crave? (Sonic Drive In)
  • What should we name our new, protein-packed snack? (Anonymous Food Company)* 

Engineering challenges for college students are popular on MindSumo. Recent challenges in this field include “How will drones impact the future of engineering and construction?” The question, posed by Black and Veatch, received many responses and had several winners, who split the cash prize.  

To answer any challenge, you'll read a brief description on the challenge page. A list of deliverables and criteria will explain what the company would like to see regarding a solution.

*Some companies don’t reveal their identity.

How Can Students Earn Money on The Website?

Sign up for an account, and choose the challenges that interest you. There's no minimum or maximum number of challenges; submit to as many or as few as you like. Submit often, and you'll make more money.

You'll also make connections with more well-known companies by providing winning solutions. Executives and project coordinators will become familiar with your work. When you graduate, they may remember you and contact you for an interview.

You can respond with a paragraph or an essay that addresses each challenge. Follow the deliverables in the company’s description. All challenges have different requirements. The challenge page will also let you know how long you have to submit your response.

You'll earn excellent money when you solve challenges posed by companies. Follow these tips to create winning submission:

  • Structure your submission. State your observations, arguments, recommendations, and conclusions. Use bullet points and short sentences to make reading easier.
  • Add graphs, charts, photos and/or videos to give your submission an edge over other responses.
  • Take a firm position on the subject instead of just reciting facts. Use your knowledge to draw a definite conclusion.
  • Be creative, and avoid the most obvious solution. Look for something new and groundbreaking.
  • Follow instructions. Reread them a few times if you need to get a grip on what the company wants to see in a submission.
  • Provide valuable and original suggestions. For example, don’t tell them to promote on social media –suggest hashtags, target markets, and specific campaigns.

You can collaborate with other people on your solution. List the person as a contributor when you submit your project. Payouts are sent to one individual, not all people listed as contributors, so you’ll need to divide and distribute the winnings.

If a company choose your solution, your name and photo will appear on the challenge page, along with the amount you earned and other winners, if applicable.   

The Fastest Way to Earning Money on MindSumo

  • Register for an account using your .edu email address.
  • Use a promo code to earn $5 or another amount just for registering.
  • Verify your sign-up by checking your email. There’s a reward for successful verification.
  • Connect your account to your LinkedIn page for more cash.
  • Add campus ambassador to your profile for another reward.
  • Respond to your first challenge to earn money. You’ll start out with a simple challenge to quickly earn rewards. As time goes by, you can accept more difficult and higher-paying challenges.  (You may win more cash if your first solution is declared a winner.)

You can win money for writing reviews, solving math puzzles or sharing products. You might be paid to promote certain products.  Choose these projects if your primary concern is to make extra money online, not make connections with large enterprises.  

Some puzzles offer no cash prize but can help keep your mind sharp. Puzzle titles include “The Age of Alice's Father,” “Who Broke the Window,” “Unreliable Clock and “Two Trains and A Plane.” Solving these brainteasers can prepare you for solving bigger challenges.  

How to Get Your Money

Look for the Points page after you log in, and you’ll see a list of all the challenges you’ve solved and points earned.

Payouts range from $5 to $1,000 and are applied through Paypal. You’ll need to wait until you have $100 in your account to receive your first payout. After that, you can cash out when you have $5 or more in your account.

Some students have earned as much as $4,000 from winning submissions. If you win, your name and photo may be prominently displayed on the site.

MindSumo Reviews: Is It Legit?

MindSumo is a safe, legitimate website. It has received many positive reviews from college students who use the site. Employees at the company also give it high marks as a place to work, which is always a good sign for customers/users.

A few sites recommend MindSumo as an excellent way to earn extra cash and beef up your résumé. Articles about the company stress its importance as a stepping stone between college projects and solving real-life problems in the workplace.

Any MindSumo review you check out should be relatively recent, as the company continues to grow and offer new challenges and other offerings. The site has 300,000 registered users and has doubled its revenue every year since its inception.

In addition to challenges and cash payouts, the website offers job-hunting tips and advice.  It has a sample cover letter page, and a blog with helpful information on how to makes the most of the site and your studies.  The Scholarship Essays section offers a database of personal statements, project proposals, and essays to help you prepare for graduate school.

Final Thoughts

MindSumo offers college students a challenging way to earn money online. The site may be for you if you want to exercise your mind instead of watching videos or playing games for small payouts.  Or, consider our number one paid survey website, Swagbucks.

It also provides eager students another outlet to for sharing skills with companies before graduation. The contacts you make by winning challenges may help you secure a job or internship with the business of your choice.