27 Apr

OneOpinion Review – Good Paid Survey Site Or A Scam?


You want to find a survey site that is profitable and trustworthy, but you're tired of getting scammed. There are a lot of frauds out there, but luckily OneOpinion isn't one of them. Even though it's a lesser-known website, this underdog has a lot to offer.

About The Company

OneOpinion gives anyone 18 years or older the opportunity to take surveys and test products in exchange for rewards. Managed by CriticalMix, this GPT (get paid to) website is up to date and easy to navigate. CriticalMix is a larger company that specializes in survey programming and data visualization services for market research firms.

The actual site isn't accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), although their operating company is. CriticalMix was given an outstanding A+ by the BBB.

Make sure to follow them social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes they post special announcements that are good to know.

Signing Up For OneOpinion

Unlike most survey sites, OneOpinion.com lets multiple members from the same household join. Signing up is easy, not to mention free. As long as you live in the US, UK, or Canada, you're eligible to make an account. It only takes a few minutes, and you can connect through your Facebook or just a regular browser.

An email confirmation is required before continuing onto their site. They will send you an email as soon as a survey is available.

After you confirm your email, you'll be given a short questionnaire. These questions determine the types of surveys that will be offered to you, but if you answer incorrectly to a question that had an obvious answer, your survey taking privileges will be suspended for a day.

It may seem like a lot, but these are the lengths this legit survey company goes to to make sure their users are taking the website seriously.

They vow to keep all your answers private, so you can rest assured knowing that your information won't get into the hands of any fraudulent third-party sites.


Surveys are the site's main money-maker because they come in high volume. Most last no longer than 30 minutes, and pay varies from $1 to $5. Sometimes they offer special surveys that pay up to $15.

Before you take the actual survey, they will start you off with a small pre-survey. It may seem meticulous, but this is just another way they make sure their users are legitimate. OneOpinion is unique in the extent of work they put into preventing fraud. It may get annoying, but their efforts prove the legitimacy of not only its members, but the website itself.

Even though their surveys are easier to qualify for, there may be times that you get disqualified. Whether it's the demographics or that you just aren't the opinion they're looking for, you can't qualify for them all. Luckily you get 50 points for the first five you get disqualified from. This is a great offer that some survey sites don't have and it renews itself daily.

Product Testing

Product testing is an alternative way users can earn points with OneOpinion. A lot of times people tend to shy away from these type of offers because they seem like too much work when actually it's quite simple.

You get the products, try them out, and then give your feedback. After the product is sent back, you'll will be rewarded with points.

Yes there are websites that offer product testing as well, but OneOpinion is completely free. Most survey sites attach a small fee to their products.

Product testing is a great way to earn points because you get the fun experience of trying things for free and the company gets to hear your feedback and use it to better their products. It's a win-win for everybody.


Like most survey sites, OneOpinion operates with a points system. These points can be turned into cash or gift cards once your account reaches a minimum of $25.

1,000 points equals $1 and after you take a survey your points are delivered directly into your account, there's no 72 hour confirmation period.

Their service guarantees a payment within 48 hours, excluding weekends, and your points are valid without time limitation.

Users can redeem points for gift cards, and recently they added the option to choose direct cash which is gifted to you through PayPal. This is nice option if you're not a fan of gift cards or checks. 

We also recommend looking into their “One Rewards Program.” Sometimes survey sites can be boring and repetitive. This program will let you go and trade your points for much-deserved rewards. It's a fun addition to the website that makes payout more interesting.

A great customer service team can also be very rewarding. This is something that OneOpinion has done well. Someone in customer service is always ready to help or answer questions 24/7.


What's great about OneOpinion is that members can unsubscribe at any time. Although you may continue to receive some previously prepared survey invitations for a few days, after they are sent you will not receive any further survey invitations if you choose to unsubscribe.

OneOpinion collects information such as your name, age, address, email, and some demographic information, as well as information regarding your hobbies, interests and product ownership. 

If you're still have some reserves we suggest scrolling through their Privacy Policy to learn more. We found it to be very useful in helping us understand the site more.

So Is It Legit?

We're giving you the green light, there's no doubt that OneOpinion is legitimate survey site.

Yes it's only open to residents of the USA, UK, and Canada and there is a high payout threshold (2500 points), but these are minor setbacks compared to many other survey sites.

The good definitely outweighs the bad. Signing up is free, and there's a great team of customer support that is ready to back you up 24/7. They do pay their customers, and payments are expected to deliver in under 2 days, excluding weekends.

You wouldn't be wasting your time. Overall, we think they're a great way to earn cash. If you're looking for more sites that offer great surveys like OneOpinon, we recommend Swagbucks. They're easy to use and the payout is great. Click here to sign up now!

21 Apr

Quest Mindshare – Legit Paid Survey Site Or A Total Scam?

quest mindshare-logo

Founded back in 2003, Quest Mindshare has been around for what seems like ages. They claim to be the fastest growing and most rewarding survey site out there. With such a statement one can't help but wonder whether it's true or just a fabrication. In this Quest Mindshare review we check the facts and give you our input on this older survey site.

What Is Quest Mindshare?

Most GPT (get paid to) survey sites offer users the option to complete various tasks in exchange for points. What's special about Quest Mindshare is that there is no points system, just straight cash and gift cards.

There wasn't much to be found about the company, although after careful research we discovered that they're owned by a larger company called Quest Global Research Group. Quest Global Research Group is  based in Canada, but luckily their sites are available to many countries. Some of these countries include the US, New Zealand and Australia. Most European countries are also allowed access.

The website is far from out-dated. Its bright orange page gives off a fun vibe while the clean aesthetics keep things looking professional.

Quest Mindshare is not accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), but you can find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Signing Up

Signing up for Quest Mindshare is completely free and available to a wide array of countries. The actual sign up process is short, but we guarantee that you'll be pestered for demographic details afterwards.

If you do not provide all of the listed demographic information or validate your email, they will not let you take their surveys. The process is very time-consuming. Time is money and it's risky to be wasting valuable time.

Rewards And Opportunities

What makes Quest Mindshare so special is that you'll only be rewarded with straight cash and gift cards, no points.

To withdraw cash you need a minimum of $12.50 in USA or Canada, $17 in Australia, $15 in New Zealand, and € 10 in European countries. After payout the cash will be delivered directly into your PayPal account. You can also request an Amazon card as long as you have at least $10 (or £10 in the UK) in your account. 

Payment by cash benefits users because it's a straightforward and dependable source of payment. You know what your getting, and you don't have wonder whether the points will add up correctly or not.


We were surprised when we found out that surveys were the only way to earn money with Quest Mindshare. Luckily their surveys make up for the lack of variety, they are a great source of income.

You can earn an average of $2 to $5 for a 10 minute survey. The site advertises surveys as 10 minutes long, but some go for more. Topics range from opinions on products to world issues. Some of their music rating surveys go for up to $90.

By taking part in their survey offers on a daily basis,  we can promise you that your cash will pile up fast.


Quest Mindshare uses cookies, but you can choose whether to accept cookies or not by changing the settings on your browser. If you choose to disable this function, some features may not be available anymore or the website could stop working completely.

They keep their Privacy Policy pretty vague, although they do promise to keep users' information safe.

Quest Mindshare ensures that none of your personal information will be shared with third-party sites. It's nice to know that the company your're partnering with cares about your privacy just as much as you do.


Most users are happy with their experience on Quest Mindshare, but no one's perfect. The reviews held a few complaints that we think are important to share.

Many say that they've gone downhill and that the site isn't what it used to be. Those high-paying music surveys are being taken away from seasoned members, and some complained of money being deducted out of their earnings for no specific.

These scenarios were the case for less than half of the people, but it's always good to take these complaints into consideration.

Legit Or A Scam?

Their no-points policy and the fact that they only offer surveys makes Quest Mindshare very unique. They aren't the best survey site in the industry, but they aren't the worst either. They pass the test for privacy and users earn good money which is a must.

Based on their Privacy Policy, they look like a dependable site. Even though it's short and sweet, they promise to keep your information safe and out of the hands of third-party websites.

Quest Mindshare can be very beneficial as long as you have the patience. If you take their surveys on a daily basis, the cash is guaranteed to follow.

Another great survey site that's commonly compared to Quest Mindshare is Mintvine. It's easy to use and it's a great source of income. Click here to signup now!

15 Apr

EarningStation Review – Is It A Scam Or The Real Deal?

earningstation logo

Newer to the market research industry, EarningStation was launched in 2011 and has been growing rapidly since. They say that they're a trustworthy and profitable site, but we aren't convinced. From careful research we've found that they're neither of these things. Read on to see why  EarningStation.com just doesn't make the cut.

What Is EarningStation?

EarningStation allows users to shop online, watch videos, play games, and take surveys for gift cards and points. Established in 2011, they're rookies compared to more experienced websites like Swagbucks.

We've done a lot of research on this site, but they keep things pretty vague. There was nothing to be found about the owners or an accreditation with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), making us wonder whether this site is really legit or just a scam.

How To Signup

With the low amount of pay this site gives out, it's a good thing signing up is free. Another con is that it's only available to people who live in the US and that are 18 years or older. Earn $.50 when you signup using your Facebook account or a regular registration form.

Overall, they keep the process relatively simple. After you're done signing up you get the chance to earn an additional $10 by joining 5 of their partnering survey sites. If you'd rather not, you always have the option to nix the offer.

Making Money

Even though EarningStation doesn't pay a lot, there's still a few ways you can make a dime or two.

Surveys, the main money-maker of any self-proclaimed survey site. It figures that they're the worst way to earn rewards on Earning Station. Most can last 3 minutes to an hour, but for each survey the pay was no more than $3. Many are listed, but it's very difficult to find matches. After getting disqualified over 3 times, I received no compensation for my efforts. Based on the facts, we recommend ditching their surveys and putting your time in elsewhere.

The most reliable way to earn money with EarningStation is by referring your friends. Their referral program allows you to acquire 10% of your friend's earnings (excluding bonus codes and sweepstakes). This may seem like a great feature, but in reality  there are a lot of other survey sites that offer this and much more. Some sites, like Mintvine, offer 15% for each referral.

Earning Station has lists of advertisers who extend a variety of offers that are available to complete. Most require you to test out a new product or service. It takes about 2 days for an offer to credit to your account, but they may take longer depending on if it includes a trial period.

Watch videos and play games to earn additional points. You are allowed 10 videos per day and they range from the latest news, to entertainment and music.

EarningStation gives you the opportunity to  using a variety of retailers that are listed on their site. The bad thing about shopping on EarningStation is that it's cash back, meaning that you have to spend money to get money in return. Considering how much one can make with this site, it's actually counter-productive, which is why we suggest not using this option at all.


Don't expect to get rich with this site. Members used to have the option redeem hard-earned points for cash and gift cards, but this isn't the case anymore. After a recent change, members are no longer allowed to exchange points for direct cash. Points are now only redeemable for gift cards.

Physical gift cards are mailed and can take up to 6 weeks for them to arrive. Pick virtual cards so that they will arrive quicker.

Members can also double their points with Earning Streak. It's simple, there are just a few requirements. Come back every day to watch the daily video, answer the daily poll, try a LiveSample survey, and view the Daily Dose. If you keep this streak going, you'll see your points begin to increase. A 10 day streak will double your points, 30 days will triple, and 50 days will quadruple them.


Privacy doesn't look much different from the rest of the site. Expect a mountain of daily spam mail and lots of cookies attached to your browser.

In terms of their Privacy Policy, we found that a lot of the information you share is sold to their partnering third-party sites. Information that you would give includes your name, age, gender, email, phone number, marital status, level of education, household income, and number of children living in your household.

Another thing to take into consideration is that if the mystery owners were to sell the business, your private information would be passed on to the next company.

Is It Legit Or A Scam?

In the  world of online surveys you can't waste your time being skimped on with measly pennies, or worrying about where your information is going.

EarningStation is a complete scam, which is why we don't recommend joining this site. From the low-pay to sketchy privacy policies, there are just too many risks.

07 Apr

Gifthulk Review – Legitimate Survey Site Or Just Another Scam?

gifthulk logo

Gifthulk hasn't been around for long, but don't count them out just yet. Since 2011, they've given out $1,500,000 in rewards, not to mention they've been featured on CBS. You're probably thinking that there's got to be some sort of catch. In this review we go over the good and bad, exploring everything Gifthulk.com has to offer.

About Gifthulk

Gifthulk is a survey site that offers members “Hulk Coins” for completing various tasks. 1,000 of these Hulk Coins equals approximately $1, and to cash out you need a minimum of 5,000 coins. These credits can be redeemed for a wide variety of free gift cards and cash. Gifthulk is commonly compared to survey sites like  Fusion Cash or InstaGC

While researching the company, details were ill-defined. We did find that the mystery organization who owns Gifthulk also owns Tapporo, another GPT (get paid to) rewards program. It shares the same concept as Gifthulk except that it's made for mobile devices.

The site is not accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), but you can catch them on popular media pages like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Signing Up

Signing up with Gifthulk is entirely free, not to mention easy. As long as you live in one of the required countries you're in the clear. These countries include Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, UK, Ireland, and the United States.

Sometimes fake emails are the answer when signing up for those scammy websites that send one too many notifications. With Gifthulk  it's important to use a real email address because if you verify your email right off the bat, you're rewarded 250 Hulk Coins. You want all the points you can get with lower-paying survey sites like Gifthulk.

How To Earn Hulk Coins

You can earn rewards by taking part in surveys, paid offers, watching TV, and much more. With all of these options it can be hard to know where to start which is why we're going to break it down for you piece-by-piece.

Even though Gifthulk is a survey site, we don't recommend using surveys as your primary source of pay. We've found that their surveys can be unpredictable. They promise you at least 20 Hulk Coins for each completed survey, even if you are disqualified. That was far from true. After being disqualified a few times, I checked my balance and no extra coins could be found. There are lots of surveys to choose from, but chances are you won't qualify for them. It all depends on if you're willing to put your precious time on the line. A typical survey will last 5 to 10 minutes.

A much more promising option would be their referral program. Invite your friends to join Gifthulk and earn up to 600 coins when they join.

If you spend a lot of time online, switch over to Gifthulk's search engine while you're at it. Web searching for an a hour a day with their browser will pocket you a few extra Hulk Coins.

Pick a card any card in the Guess the Card game. You can win Hulk Coins just by guessing the right card! If you're a high-level user , you'll get more Guess the Card plays each day.

Enter sweepstakes for a chance to win additional prizes. Act fast, though, because this type of offer has a limit on entries.

Earn Hulk Coins by entering codes on the Fountain of Youth page. Codes are released on Facebook, Twitter, and the Gifthulk Newsletter. Codes can also be won in the Guess the Card game.

If you're a TV junkie, watch videos on Gifthulk TV!  From celeb news and funny videos, to educational channels, they have something that'll be sure to spike everyone's interest. A quick tip is to watch only one video at a time. If you watch multiple videos at once, your progress won't be recorded in the TV Progress bar.

Sometimes Gifthulk will have miscellaneous tasks that interchange and last for short periods of time. These tasks could look like writing a blog post or making a YouTube video.

It takes a while to rack up points on Gifthulk, but if you faithfully take part in these offers everyday, your time and effort will pay. If you want to know more about money-earning opportunities, check out their How It Works page.


Earn gift cards and cash, or you can go a different route and choose merchandise for when it's time for payout.

Cash is delivered directly into your PayPal account, and gift cards come from hundreds of popular stores like iTunes and Home Depot. There's a gift card for everyone, you can browse all the options on the Gifthulk Store.  

For physical prizes like merchandise, your rewards will be shipped to you in about 7 business days. E-prizes will be shipped to you in under 7 business days from the date of your redemption.

You can also bid on items to win them. For example, bid 50 coins to try to win a $30 PayPal payment (that's 30,000 Hulk Coins).


Gifthulk isn't the highest-paying site, and this is where most of the complaints arise. Even with the longer surveys, it's likely you'll make less than a dollar. One specific user claimed that he spent 10 minutes on a survey and all he got in return was 266 coins, $0.26 cents in real money.

When you create an account on, you give your consent to the data protocols listed in the Privacy Policy. This can be a problem because in the fine print they give no guarantees that they won't share your demographic information with third-party sites. Besides financial info, everything else is free game, which is something that may strike the wrong chord with a few.

So Is It Legit Or A Scam?

When it comes down to it, we were thoroughly disappointed. At first glance, Gifthulk looks like a survey takers dream come true. Since 2011, they've given out $1,500,000 in rewards, and they've been featured on CBS. How could you not want to make money with this site? Well we've found multiple reasons why.

Gifthulk does not pay as well. Yes you can earn money, but it's not enough to make a real impact. With approximately $0.30 for every 10 minutes, you'll be much better off looking elsewhere.

Privacy isn't as much as a concern like how payment is, but it's still a little sketchy. In the fine print they give no guarantees that they won't share your demographic information with third-party sites. Besides financial info, everything else is free game, which is something that may strike the wrong chord with a few.

Is Gifthulk good? Sure. Is it great? No. Taking all the factors into consideration, we don't recommend using Gifthulk as your go-to site. It makes a great side option, but they just don't cut it when it comes to earning the big bucks.

But if you still want to give it a try, here's a link to sign up. If you'd rather start out with our top-recommended survey sites, check out our top list or just go with our top recommendation, Swagbucks.

27 Mar

PaidViewpoint Review – Good Paid Survey Site Or Just A Waste Of Time?


You're online when you come across PaidViewpoint. They promise they're the “friendliest experience ever for survey takers,” but you've been scammed before and can't help wondering whether it's legit or not. In this review we take a closer look at what this lesser known survey site has to offer.

What Is It?

PaidViewpoint is a GPT (get paid to) survey site that promises its users a fun and happy experience. Earn cash by referring friends, taking surveys, and filling out questionnaires.

The site is owned and operated by Umongous Inc. They are prominently known for their ownership of AYTM, a website whose clients utilize data from answers to surveys and other forms of market research. Not much else is can be found about Umongous except that their headquarters is located in San Francisco, California.

PaidViewpoint has no accreditation with the BBB, but they are linked to Facebook and Twitter.

Signing Up For PaidViewpoint

Anyone is free to sign up with PaidViewpoint as long as they're 13 years or older. Don't stress, registration isn't invasive and you're only required to give the basics.

Before continuing, make sure to verify your email with the given verification code. No verification means no surveys, and no surveys means no cash.

While with some sites you can earn up to $5, when you sign up with PaidViewpoint you get a mere $1. To reach your highest potential with PaidViewpoint.com we recommend you take part in their referral program. For each friend you refer, you earn 20% of all their earnings for life. 


Surveys are the main feature this site has to offer.  On average, you get about $.10 per completed survey. Sometimes there are a few that go from $.30 to $2, but these are more sparse because they go fast.

PaidViewpoint believes in keeping things short and sweet, which is why you'll never have to type out long, drawn out answers to any of their surveys. They say surveys only take 2-3 minutes, but we found that they take a few more than advertised.

The great thing about their surveys is that once you're in, you're in. You'll never be kicked out of a survey because you don't qualify, just get there before it closes.

“Trait Surveys” are an added feature that pays you to give more personal demographic information like your health and medical conditions, racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious beliefs, psychological makeup, trade-union membership, and things you buy or plan to buy. These pay between $0.03 to $0.10. Take them regularly to slowly up your earnings and Traitscore. 

Your Traitscore has notable influence on your surveys. The higher your Traitscore, the more you can earn per survey. A high Traitscore also allows you to receive the maximum number of surveys per month.


PaidViewpoint has no points system, it's cash only with an occasional gift card from Walmart or Amazon. This can be great if you need quick cash. The problem is the amount of time it takes to accumulate your earnings.

Every question you're asked pays cash, you even earn a few cents for every question you answer while signing up. $15 is the minimum payout, and when the time comes you can choose to keep it as cash or turn it into a gift card.

Payout is delivered into your PayPal account in less than 72 hours.


The amount of information you provide depends on the types of surveys you do. If you choose to do their “Trait Surveys,” you'll definitely be sharing more about yourself than in their regular surveys.

In their Privacy Policy, it's promised that they won't share any personal information with anyone before having your consent. When they say “anyone,” they actually mean third-party sites because all PaidViewpoint employees have personal access to your information.

They take “reasonable” security measures, which raises a red flag with us. You're trusting people you don't know with very personal information so it should be more than just reasonably protected.

If you're looking for a survey site you can depend on, try Swagbucks. It's landed a place at the top of our list for its dependability and high pay-rate. Click here to sign up now!


Most complaints were about the money.

When it comes down to it, you don't earn a whole lot of money with PaidViewpoint, and users are now beginning to realize it. When you only earn a couple cents per survey, it takes a lot of time for profit to accumulate.

So Is It Worth It?

We do not recommend putting your time into PaidViewpoint. It all comes down to the money and privacy.

Yes you can earn money, but it takes a long time for things to get going. It's like a snowball on a not so steep slope. And if it's not the money, it's definitely the privacy. No one should ever have to compromise their privacy, even if it's with a website that's paying you lots of money.

In the end, this site just isn't worth it. You would be much better off setting your sights elsewhere.

27 Mar

QuickThoughts Review – Legitimate Survey Site Or Just A Scam?

Downloaded over 1,000,000 times on Google Play, QuickThoughts is one of the first survey apps for mobile devices. In this review we're going beyond the laptop as we take a closer look at this new mobile money-maker.

 About QuickThoughts


QuickThoughts is a GPT (get paid to) app designed specifically for use on both mobile phones and tablet devices. Since start up, they've paid an accumulative $5,388,799.85 to their users.

The app is owned and operated by Survey Sampling Intl. LLC, an international company who provides data solutions and technology for survey research. They've won many awards for their progress in the market research industry.

QuickThoughts is available on iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android for users in the United States. It was initially made to be only an app, but they also have a website if you're unable to use a mobile device. 

Signing Up

QuickThoughts is free to join, but unlike other sites, you aren't rewarded for signing up. If you don't live in the US you'll have a difficult time trying to sign up for this app because it's only available on American servers.

Before continuing onto the site, you're required to validate your email. No validation means no surveys, and no surveys means no cash. It may seem like and inconvenience, but they do it for the sake of security purposes.

Earning Money

Since they've started, QuickThoughts has paid millions to members. What's great about this site is that there's no points system, only cold hard cash and the optional gift card. When your account reaches $10, you have the option to request an iTunes or Amazon gift card. If you'd rather keep the money that's fine with them, too.

QuickThoughts has two primary ways that allow users to make money; paid surveys and shopping assignments.

With shopping assignments you could be asked to take pictures of products on store shelves. Other shopping assignments include taking in-store polls or providing feedback on your shopping experience.

Most activities are location-based, and QuickThoughts takes all the hassle out by finding the activities for you to complete.

You never have to worry about your rewards expiring because as long as you're a member, money will stay put until you request payout. Payout is instantaneous. After successfully redeeming a gift card, a code is immediately sent to you via email.


Take their surveys to reach the app's highest earning potential. Surveys are the main money maker, just open the app and click on “Find Me A Survey” because it's that easy. They'll ask you a few screening questions and then a survey will be found for you.

QuickThoughts connects you with 1000's of online survey sources, giving you access to at least one qualifying survey at all times.

Surveys award around $3 each and can anywhere between 2 to 20 minutes. If you don't like the survey you're taking, you can easily cancel it and find a different one.


Their Privacy Policy is wordy and hard to navigate, but take away the fluff and there's a few things you should know.

All QuickThoughts servers stay in the US. This means no sketchy off the grid servers that could be harboring all your personal information.

SSI obtains, without limitation, all information given during your time with QuickThoughts. This could look like your name, age, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, occupation, and any other types of demographic information. Information is only given with your consent.

They may ask for your permission to obtain a location from your mobile device. Keep in mind that if you do accept, they can share your location with third-party clients. This isn't something we would recommend doing.


We searched all over the web, but costumer complaints were in short supply. Most reviews praised the app, saying it's one of the best out there. If there were /complaints, most were concerning small technical issues like a survey failing to load, etc.

So Is It Legit?

It's safe to say that QuickThoughts is a legitimate survey site. We're giving you the green light and here's why.

The amount of cash flow is insane, they've paid millions of dollars to users and the payout rate doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon. Surveys are ample and all paid activities are localized. When making money is so efficient and easy, what's holding you back?

There are little to no complaints about the sight, and privacy shouldn't be an issue. There were no grievances concerning privacy, so just be smart.

Overall, we think QuickThoughts is a great way to earn some extra cash while using your mobile device. If you're looking for a survey website, we recommend Swagbucks. It's a safe, reputable site that gives you opportunities to take paid surveys, play games, and earn money while searching the web. Click here to sign up now!

12 Mar

MindsPay Review – Legitimate Survey Site Or A Total Scam?


MindsPay is a US-based market research company that lets you make money for expressing your opinion and taking part in offers. The site puts on a great face for new users, but we're not buying it. Read our full review to see why we think MindsPay is a total bust.

About The Company

MindsPay is just another GPT (get paid to site) that pays users to complete activities on their site.

After a thorough search, we couldn't find much on the company itself. Some suspicions manifested when we found that the address used by the company of 2885 Sanford Ave. SW, #14119, Grandville, MI is actually that of a company called Mailbox Forwarding Inc. The true address of MindsPay is unknown.

MindsPay has a poor accreditation with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), scoring a solid F. It may seem extreme, but after reading this review you'll understand why.

Signing Up

Signing up is free and simple, we'll give them that.  All you need is your name, birthday, zip code, email, gender, address, and phone number. Members are required to live in the US and be 18 years or older. Right after you sign up, you can instantly register with 5 money making sites by clicking on the ones you'd like to join. You're usually required to join third-party sites before you can complete any of their offers, so this feature is pretty convenient.

Leaving the sign up page, you are met with a $3 bonus and questionnaire. After the questionnaire, all you have to do is confirm your email and you're good to go. Normally signups are rigorous and then it's easy-breezing, but sadly it's the opposite with MindsPay. Registration will be one of the easiest tasks on this site.


MindsPay promises that all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and used only for membership purposes. But since our little discovery discussed earlier, how can we be sure that never means never?

When you join a survey site, you are trusting them with very private information. Ends fail to meet with MindsPay, which is why we suggest being careful if you choose to disclose anything personal.

If you have any questions about privacy with MindsPay, read their Privacy Policy. We found it helpful in giving us a better understanding on the way they deal with information.

Making Money

Payout with MindsPay is unpredictable, but it does happen. It all depends on if you're willing to take some risks. Users can make money via shopping, friend referrals, focus groups, completing surveys, and reading emails (Pay Mails).

We'll start off with the best way to make money on MindsPay, friend referrals. Refer your friends to the site and you'll earn 20% of all of their earnings for life. This includes payouts.

Surveys make lots of money as well, but the work you put in is more tedious. Before taking the survey you have to signup up with the third-party site and confirm your email. Having to do this process for every survey will result in lots of wasted time, not to mention that the signups ask for very private information.

Reading emails is a pretty simple task and offers you about $0.25 per email. Such simplicity on a site like this always comes with a catch. Complaints reveal you'll rarely receive credit for this type of offer.

An offer we don't recommend taking is their product testing. Product testing is different with MindsPay. When they say you get paid to review websites, they actually mean you get cash back for paid trials owned by their advertisers. The site misleads you to think you're making money with this offer, when in reality you're losing money.


As expected, the complaints tipped over the review scale. From billing and collection issues to problems with products and service, there seems to be a little bit of everything. On BBB's website, MindsPay has a total of 14 customer complaints.

Many users still get a heap of emails every day even though they requested to not be on the send list. They start off with just a few each day, and after a while they become constant. Sounds a little spammy if you ask us.

“Where is my money?!” You spend lots of precious time completing paid offers, but when it's time for payout no credit can be found. Sadly, this is the case for lots of members on MindsPay. They spend valuable time taking part in “paid” offers to find out it's all been wasted. Most never receive their full credit thanks to the lists of ignored customer complaints.

We could go on and on about how terrible MindsPay is, but instead we'll let the number of complaints speak for themselves.

Is MindsPay Legit Or A Scam?

We do not recommend using this site under any circumstance. There's no way around it, they just aren't worth your time.

MindsPay promises a lot, but gives very little. Every day thousands of members take part in their high-paying offers, but few actually receive their due pay. For how unpredictable payout is, you shouldn't trust them with your private information either. If they're inconsistent with payment policies, you can almost guarantee it'll be the same with privacy.

If you want a site you can depend on, read our reviews on Swagbucks or MyPoints. We've placed them in our top five because they're safe and easy to use. Sign up and start making money today!

12 Mar

Swagbucks Review – Legitimate Paid Survey Website or Just a Scam?

Legit Option or Just a Scam? –  Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks Offer 7 Dollar Sign Up Bonus

So, today it's time to start learning about a few popular home based internet business opportunities. First off we have a Swagbucks review.

Is Swagbucks a legitimate site, is it a waste of time, or worse, is it an all out scam?

Surveys Say is here to help you identify the legit services and avoid online frauds such as spams, scams, phishing and identity theft. Read More

07 Mar

Fusion Cash Review – Legit Or A Scam?

At Fusion Cash, they stand by their motto “No Catch – Just Cash.” Is what they say true or are they just another scam? In this review we'll give you a look into the good and bad of this popular survey site.

About The Company


Started back in 2005, Fusion Cash is a GPT (get paid to) site that is becoming popular with today's survey takers. The company is privately owned and can be found on all servers in the US and Canada. With Fusion Cash you can earn money by taking surveys, watching YouTube videos, taking part in trial offers, and much more.

The site is a little dated, but it upholds its name with its cash-colored pages. An organized array of categories make navigation easy.

Fusion Cash scored a solid A+ accreditation with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The site doesn't have a mobile app, but you can catch them on Twitter and gain access to exclusive offers before they're posted anywhere else.

Signing Up

Joining Fusion Cash is completely free, no pesky sign up or maintenance fees. If you are 18 years or older and live in either the US or Canada then you're in the clear. If you do live in the US, you can sign up as young as 13 as long as you have a parent's permission.

Just by signing up, Fusion Cash gives you a great head start by gifting you $5. If you're liking your experience with Fusion Cash, make sure to invite your friends, too. For every friend you invite you can earn up to $8. Both sides earn money so it's a win-win.

If you're thinking about joining Fusion Cash, click here to sign up and earn your first $5!

Earning Cash

Upon becoming a member, Fusion Cash let's you make the choice on how you can earn cash. Earning money with Fusion Cash can be easy if you play your cards right. All you have to do is jump on opportunities and take up offers. Offers come in a wide array of surveys, shopping, videos, and more.

Most offers have a cash value ranging from $.25 to $30, but it all depends on the type you choose. Some require a credit card, but if it's a concern you can choose offers that require no credit card information whatsoever. You can find the offers listed under the “Paid to Sign Up” tab.  

Fusion Cash offers three different payout options: check, direct deposit, and PayPal. An especially convenient feature is that you can withdraw as little as $25. To recieve payment users must provide information such as name, email, and/or mailing address. Sometimes they may ask for your phone number to prevent fraud, but don't stress because reports verify that there were no scammy calls afterwards.

The site maintains a unique payout system. Every 20th of the month you will be approved after you request a cash out. You should expect to recieve your payment 1-5 days after that. Once an offer or bonus has been posted to a user's account, they're required to cashout within 180 days. After 180 days, offers and bonuses expire and are no longer eligible for payment.

Fusion Cash doesn't charge any fees for cashout, however you may face fees or charges from third parties.

Fusion Cash Surveys

If you have the patience, surveys on Fusion Cash can be great. They have surveys for everyone, and the requirements to take part in them are faithfully listed below. This saves you some unnecessary trouble in the long run.

Most surveys will be credited to your account within 10 minutes, however, they may occasionally take several hours, days, or even weeks to show up. Surveys are very time consuming. For each survey I wanted to complete, I had to sign up with their survey provider and wait for an email confirmation. This wastes a lot of time when you could be making cash.

Surveys are popular with Fusion Cash, but we don't recommend them if your pressed for time.

Other Offers

You're not stuck with surveys, Fusion Cash offers its users a number of ways earn money. By looking at all the potential prospects combined, one could make minimum wage by completing all the qualified offers.

Completing offers is one of the main ways we recommend to earn cash with Fusion Cash. Try out new services, products, or software during your time. Trial offers typically last around 30 days, but you may cancel when the trial period is up and still earn credit for participation. Some of these are “instant credit” offers, and some require a credit card, though there are plenty that don't.

Shop till you drop and earn cashback on purchases you make at different online retailers when you access their stores through your Fusion Cash account.

With “Paid Videos” you can watch videos to earn extra rewards. All videos are under contract by third parties including Volume11 Media, TokenAds, and HyprMX. Each video takes a couple minutes and is a good option if you want to complete some offers on the side. We emphasize “on the side” because you only get paid 1 to 2 cents per video. 

Out of everything the site has to offer, referring your friends can earn you the most amount of money. For each friend you refer to Fusion Cash, you get up to $8. So if you refer 10 of your friends, there's an instant $80 gifted to your account.

Fusion Cash also offers the opportunity to earn more by listening to their radio,  completing tasks, and doing internet searches. 

If you have unanswered questions about what this site has to offer, feel free to check out the FC Community page and get help from other members who've been around the block.


Information the site asks for normally isn't invasive. To sign up and receive payment all you need is your name, email, mailing address, and credit card depending on the offer. Sometimes you'll need your phone number, but like we mentioned above, there were no calls made after the fact. At Fusion Cash, administrators will never sell or give away this information unless you select “Yes” to opt-in to an offer displayed on the site.

Their Privacy Policy states that should a user's account be compromised, Fusion Cash will make every effort to correct the situation. Users are responsible for their accounts and are held accountable for all actions taken on their own account.

Legit Or A Scam?

If you have the time for it, it's very possible you could make minimum wage with this site. But is it worth it? In our opinion, no. Yes you will be making money, but the process is slow and the policies are flighty. During the all the time spent filling out registrations for third-party survey sites, you could be making cash at more efficient rate elsewhere.

If you need quick cash, sign up with Swagbucks. It's rated number one on our site because of its sound policies and easy, no-stress surveys. Click here to sign up now!

07 Mar

Earnhoney Review- Waste Of Time Or Legit Survey Site?


Earnhoney claims to “earn money 3x faster than any other rewards site.” In this review we'll take a closer look at this site and tell you why we think Earnhoney.com just isn't worth it. 


When you join Earnhoney, you get rewarded for taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and other activities. You will be rewarded in HD$ or Honey Dollars, the currency system of Earnhoney. Started in 2015, the site is relatively new and has over 1000 members who join every day. 

Earnhoney is run, without limitation, by Bay Bee LLC. Not much could be found on the company except that it owns and operates a number of smaller online sites. This particular site is only available in the US, although some data is processed outside of the country which prompts us to question its legitimacy.

The format of the website is pleasing to the eye, and you can find an informative promotional video on the homepage.

If this review elicits any questions about their company, you can contact EarnHoney Customer Support to voice your concerns to web administrators. Click here to submit a request.

Signing Up

Signing up for Earnhoney is completely free. New members receive a bonus of 30 HD$ (Honey Dollars) if they watch the 1 minute tutorial and answer 2 easy questions about it. Earn 10 more HD$ for taking a few extra minutes to fill out the profile survey.

To get the most out of the site, we recommend referring all of your friends to Earnhoney. Refer friends to the site and you'll earn 10 percent of their earnings for life.

Honey Dollars

The ratio of Honey Dollars to cash is 100:1, meaning that for every 100 HD$ you earn a mere dollar. Lower paying offers give out Nectars, partial HD$. A total of 9 Nectars equal 1 Honey Dollar.

Earn a total of $2-$6 every day by watching videos, sharing your opinion, shopping online, and playing games. Go to the redemption store to trade HD$ for cash and gift cards.

Your order will be sent via email within 2-3 business days, but once you sign up you  can recieve pay-out on very first day for a limited time. Earnhoney is also releasing a feature that lets you donate your earnings to charities.

Turn points into gift cards from big companies like PayPal and Amazon. With Amazon, payouts come in $1, $5, $10 and $25 increments, while PayPal credit and comes in $5 or $25 increments.

Earning Honey Dollars

If you're still eager to join Earnhoney, we recommend that you take part in all of their offers to earn the highest potential amount. Earnhoney isn't a site buzzing with generosity when it's time to reward their users, but that's why we're here to help you by laying out all your options.

Give your opinion in their online surveys to earn HD$. The more surveys you complete, the more Badges you can potentially earn. Badges qualify you for surveys with an even higher profit potential, not to mention you'll receive an additional 5 HD$ for each badge you complete. Act fast because surveys on Earnhoney run out fast.

If you're looking for something more low-key, try watching their offered videos to earn rewards. There is a limit to only 10 videos a day and each video goes for a couple cents. Lots of users open multiple video tabs at a time to stay efficient, but proceed at your own risk. Many have reported being banned as a result.

If you're a social media addict try Tweetstorm. Tweet every time you redeem prizes and earn 5 HD$. One tweet per day may be submitted via your Earnhoney account. Enter Honey Codes found on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to make even more.

Play games like puzzles and earn points for approximately every 10 minutes of play.


In their Privacy Policy, Earnhoney promises that they will always ask for consent before collecting or disclosing your personal information. If you start to have second thoughts, you can withdraw your consent at any time.

You give out your information when you sign up, fill out surveys,  join the mailing list, enter one of their contests, join as an affiliate member, or submit a testimonial. Information that you'd have to provide includes your first and last name, credit card number, mailing address, email, and your phone number. Sometimes you'll have to share your credit card information depending on if you're withdrawing rewards. 

Earnhoney is not responsible for the privacy practices of third-party sites, and uses cookies for their website. They say cookies are only used to gather more information for their market research surveys, although we're not sold.


As to be expected, there were a lot of complaints about Earnhoney. Most were technicality issues. Users complained that videos wouldn't play, or they wouldn't get credit for the ones that worked. Sometimes they'd get the blue screen, the page would fail to load, or they had to clear history and downloaded extra files.

If you do report any issues you have, prepare yourself to be ignored by “helpful” administrators.

Earnhoney: Is It Worth It?

In the end, Earnhoney is absolutely not worth it. Yes it's a popular site, but it's unreliable. For how unreliable it is, you can't afford to be counting on their low-pay rewards.

For a site you can rely on, try our top rated site Swagbucks. It's a legitimate survey site that's fun and easy to use. Click here to sign up now!