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How To Earn Swagbucks and Swag Codes

swagbucks codes

If you’re like most people, you use the internet. A lot. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could earn rewards and cash back for the things you already do online? You can! Let’s take a closer look at Swagbucks and Swagbucks codes and learn how we can start making money today for doing what we already do online!

What is Swagbucks.com

Swagbucks is the largest and most popular online rewards program. It works sort of like a search engine, and it pays you in cash or gift cards for the things you already do online, including browsing the web, playing games, shopping, watching videos and taking surveys. The points (a.k.a SB) you earn from Swagbucks can be exchanged for gift cards to some of your favorite stores, or even paid out as cash in the form of a PayPal deposit. Sounds pretty great so far, right?

Swagbucks is based in El Segundo, CA and it’s owned by a company called Prodege LLC. Swagbucks has been around for almost ten years now. Before they launched Swagbucks, the company worked in tandem with different charitable organizations as well as some musicians and celebrities to produce branded search engines that would reward the users with a donation to their favorite charity or exclusive swag or experiences from some of their favorite musical artists. It seems that these ventures provided the company with the information and the framework for what would become Swagbucks. While their initial products had potential, they’ve hit a homerun with this platform. There are well over 10 million people worldwide who use Swagbucks, and to date, they’ve paid out over $194,000,000 to its members.

Swagbucks functions as a two-sided network. There are two types of entities interested in the platform: People like you, and the companies hoping to reach people like you through the platform. Essentially, you’re willing to perform actions that will earn you money, and companies are willing to pay you to perform those actions, Swagbucks job is to connect you with the companies willing to pay you for the actions you perform. Companies aren’t just paying you out of the goodness of their heart; they’re also making money from what you do, as well. For example, a company may pay Swagbucks to offer a survey to their users, or promote a certain video, or encourage you to shop their store. In turn, they take some of the money they’re paid by companies and pays it out to members in the form of rewards. It’s a cool little arrangement considering everyone gets something positive out of the deal. Now, let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can earn SB.

Ways to Earn Swagbucks

If only Swagbucks were worth as much as real bucks, right? While each SB works out to being only worth about a penny each, there are so many different ways to earn them. Plus, you can earn SB very quickly, so before you know it, you’ve stacked up quite a nest egg. Here’s some more info on the different ways that you can earn SB.

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  • Search – Swagbucks owns a custom search engine that works pretty much identically to the search engines you’ve used in the past. The difference, however, is that with their search engine, users are randomly chosen to receive some Swagbucks! These rewards range from a few SB up until 1,000. So, it’s worth it to give their search engine a shot so you can maximize your earning potential.
  • Watching Videos – Watching videos through Swagbucks is one of the most lucrative options here, and it’s one of the best ways to earn SB throughout the month. There’s even an app you can download that will play videos back to back, that’s you’ll earn SB for watching.The app, Swagbucks TV is pretty similar to Youtube, with the key difference being that users can earn SB for the videos they watch on the platform. Best of all, who says you even have to watch the videos? Plug your phone in, press play on some videos, and before you know it, you’re earning a ton of extra SB for the month, with little to no effort.  
  • Surveys – Since SB members are typically so engaged with different ways they can earn points, third party companies often come to Swagbucks to complete market research. Completing these surveys is a great way to earn. You can earn up to 300 SB for each survey, which makes surveys one of the most lucrative ways to earn SB.
  • Swag Codes – A swagbucks code is a special codes you can find on the Swagbucks network. Whenever you find a code and redeem it, you receive bonus SB. There are tons of codes out there each day. Plus, there’s also a few sites that round up all of the active codes for that are available for the day and post them to the site. We’re going to discuss these in more detail momentarily.
  • Coupons – Swagbucks also offers coupons on some popular items that you can use to save money. Plus, for each coupon you redeem, that’s 10 SB. It may not be much, but when it comes to SB, each point counts.
  • Games – You can play games on the SwagBucks portal to earn SB as well.
  • Special Offers – Often, you’ll see special offers that are put together by third party companies on the Swagbucks portal. Completing these offers is a great way to earn SB.
  • Referrals – Got friends? You can invite your friends and family to join Swagbucks using a referral link. As your friends and family use Swagbucks and earn SB, you’ll receive a bonus based on the amount of SB your friends and family earn. That bonus is nothing to shake a stick at, either. As your referrals use the platform and earn SB, you receive 10% of that number as a bonus. Think of it like this: If you can get ten people to use Swagbucks regularly, and earn about the same amount of SB that you do, it’s like you’re doubling the amount of SB you’re earning.
  • Meeting Goals – On your Swagbucks homepage, you’ll notice a goal meter for that day. By completing different tasks within the Swagbucks portal, you’ll get closer to your goal for the day. If you hit your goal, you receive a bonus.
  • Random Winners – You’ll want to check the Swagbucks blog often throughout the day. Each hour, a user will be chosen at random for the prize of 1,000 SB.
  • Shopping – Another popular way to earn money is by shopping for your favorite items. The Shop and Earn feature includes a number or popular retailers. You’ll receive SB for spending money on these stores, kind of like cash back on a credit card. This is one of the best ways to earn on Swagbucks. Some stores pay up to 4 SB for each dollar you spend. That’s 4% cash back. Where else can you earn 4% cash back on purchases? The credit card I use to pay for all my online purchases gives me 1.5% cash back. Add my SB into that, and I’m earning 5.5% on most of the things I buy online. Beat that.

Swagbucks vs. Swag Codes

We’ve been talking a lot about Swagbucks and Swag Codes, but you may be wondering what the difference is between the two?


Swagbucks are the points you earn for doing things like watching videos, doing surveys, playing games, shopping, etc. You can then redeem these points for gift cards or cash.

Swag Codes

These are special codes you can find throughout the Swagbucks network. Once you have a Swag Code, you can redeem it for SB. Sometimes you’ll find a Swagbucks Swag Code easily, other times they can require a bit of detective work to sniff out.

Types of Swag Codes

There’s a ton of different types of Swagbucks codes, as you’d imagine it can be a bit much to have to remember them all. Let’s take a closer look at each type of code.

  • Sign-up Codes – You can redeem these codes when you setup your account. If you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks today, do a quick Google search for Swagbucks sign up codes before you create your account. That way, when you create your account you’ve already got a handful of SB under your belt.
  • Regular Codes – These are the most common types of codes. You’ll find these throughout the Swagbucks platform.
  • Mobile Monday Codes – These codes are released exclusively through the Swagbucks mobile app. You’ll need to have the app on your Android or iOS device to redeem these. As the name indicates, these codes are released each Monday.
  • Swagbutton Thursday Codes – to redeem these codes, you’ll need the the Swagbutton browser extension on your computer. These codes are released every Thursday.
  • iSpy Tuesday Codes – Each Tuesday, Swagbucks likes to play a fun game with users. The site will send out a total of four questions, one at a time throughout the day. To answer these questions, you’ll need to use the Swagbucks search engine, iSpy. Once you have the answer you need, enter it just like you would any other Swag Code. You’ll need to be quick, though. Usually, these codes are only redeemable by the first few thousand people with the answer.
  • Stealth codes – These are codes you’ll find on the website SBCodez. These guys do a great job at rounding up all of the day's available codes and putting them in one place. Plus, they have their own exclusive codes known as stealth codes which you can find throughout their site.
  • SwagCode Extravaganza – Usually once a month, the folks at Swagbucks will go crazy and send out a whole bunch of different Swagbucks codes throughout the day. These codes are the same as any other Swag Code; the only difference is you’ll see them more frequently, on that one day a month that they’re released.

How To Find A Swag Code

Swag Code’s can be found in tons of different places. You may find them on Facebook, Twitter, and the Swagbucks blog, just to name a few. You could do all your own detective work on your own if you wish. But, you could make things easier on yourself with a browser extension that alerts you whenever a new Swag Code is released. Since codes are time-sensitive and may expire before you have the opportunity to redeem them, the browser extension can be helpful in ensuring you always get the codes in time. They’re practically free money, so you’ll want to get them while they’re hot!

What Does A Swag Code Look Like

The codes are comprised of a series of letters and sometimes numbers. Sometimes they’re all one case, sometimes they case is varied, and other times they can even include numbers. So, a Swag Code may look something like THIS, or like tHiS or even like Th1s. It may seem a bit confusing at first, but once you’ve seen your first few codes, you’ll bea able to recognize one immediately once you see it. Downloading the Swagbucks browser extension for Chrome or Firefox can make it even easier to spot a Swag Code when you come across one.

How to Use Swag Codes

Using Swag Codes is super easy. From any page on Swagbucks.com, you’ll notice a tiny safe icon (it’s next to the mail icon for your inbox). Just click on the safe, and a drop down box will appear that allows you to input your code. Then, just type the code into the box (the codes are case sensitive so be sure to type the code in properly). Or, you could do what I do and just copy codes as you get them so you can easily paste them into the box. Once you’ve entered your code, you’ll receive a confirmation that you’ve received your Swagbucks.

If you’re using the Swagbucks app on an iOS or Android device, the premise for using Swagbucks codes is the same, but entering them is slightly different. In the app itself, you’ll notice a small lock in the right-hand corner of the screen. That lock functions just like the safe you’re used to seeing on a computer. Just click the little lock and enter your code as you would have on your computer and you’ll unlock your SB.

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VIP Voice Review – Legitimate Or A Big Waste Of Time?

VIP Voice Review – The Full Story

VIP Voice Review

VIP Voice is an online research panel owned and operated by the NPD Group.

Its parent company was founded in 1967 to provide market information and advisory services to businesses in order to improve decision making.

Today it boasts over 3 million users on its panel and an active and diverse array of available survey industries. It also outsources some of its survey taking operations to the Toluna Group. Read More

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Smart Panel Review: Is It A Scam?

What is Smart Panel?

We live in a society in which you are at a disadvantage if you do not have a cell phone. Everyone has one! With that said, what if I told you that you could make money just by simply using your phone and surfing the internet?

You probably do that already, so it's a no-brainer, right?

In this Smart Panel Review, we are going to explain everything you need to know about Smart Panel. At the end, you should be able to determine if this is a good opportunity for you or not.

Smart Panel is a program that monitors and records data based off what you do on your phone. It records things such as your browsing, shopping, and other internet habits.

Smart Panel Logo

What's the Point?

You might be asking yourself, “Why would they want to know what I am doing on my phone?”

The answer to that is simple…

Smart Panel is owned by a company called Verto Analytics, and they are based in New York City. Verto Analytics collects the data from you, using the app, and then they sell that data to big name companies.

Why, you may ask?

This data helps businesses improve their websites improve their websites, apps, media, and other technology.

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How to Get Started

Smart Panel is very easy to navigate. The first thing you are going to do to get started is visit the Smart Panel website. Once you're there, you are going to begin by clicking “I'd like to sign up.” Very straight forward.

You will then be instructed to register and take a brief survey. The survey will determine if you qualify for Smart Panel or not.

Last, you will simply download Smart Panel's “Smart App”. From here on out, you simply let the app run in the background while you earn money!

Simple and easy, right?

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How to Earn Points/Make Money?

Now on to what you are really worried about. The cash.

Smart Panel does not provide the highest payout, but it is great for people that understand the concept of online income. This is not an opportunity for you to make tons of money, quit your job, and begin an early retirement. After all, you are not really doing anything to earn this money. All you do is get qualified, download the app, and start earning.

You earn $5 just for qualifying, and then you receive $10 for installing the “Smart App” and keeping it for 2 weeks. Now, for every month you keep the app installed, you will earn $5.

Smart Panel also offers loyalty bonuses for long term members. After 6 months, you will receive an extra $10.  Each three months after that, you will receive an extra $15. It certainly pays to stick with Smart Panel long term.

Cash rewards are paid to you through Amazon gift cards, or PayPal, which might be the best part of this entire offer. You have the option to electronically move the money you have earned with Smart Panel right into your PayPal account. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Is it Safe?

Many people are very hesitant to join Smart Panel because they do not like the idea of their phone activity constantly being monitored and recorded anonymously. Fortunately, although, all the data that is being collected is anonymous, encrypted, secured, and protected. So it is, in fact, safe.

It is strictly informational, which is a good, rational way to approach it. Smart Panel is collecting this information to sell it to businesses. Those businesses, then, have the intention of improving their company. So if you think about it, you are contributing to helping improve businesses. If that makes you feel better about your privacy, then Smart Panel might be a good opportunity for you. If not, it is completely understandable.

Smart Panel also offers a review feature, which allows you to be able to review all of the data and transactional logs at any time. If you wish to take advantage of this, email support@vertosmart.com.

Is it a Scam?

Smart Panel is not a scam. Most people who use Smart Panel have good experiences, get paid, and report few issues.

There are people, however, who have not had great experiences with Smart Panel. Several customers wrote in their reviews that they were not happy with Smart Panel. They reported poor customer service that was not very helpful with resolving issues. There was also a handful of customers who wrote about how they did not get paid. When they reached out to customer service, it took months for them to get back, and they did not ultimately get their money.

It just so happened that on the day that they tried to cash out, it did not work? Is it a scam or not? That is up for you to determine, but many people do feel like Smart Panel is a scam.

Those issues may have been due to people not syncing ALL of their devices with Smart Panel. Also, they may have uninstalled the app. Uninstalling the app will cause problems with the pay-out process because Smart Panel operates off of the amount of time you have been using Smart Panel. This could potentially be the reason things did not go well for those customers, or maybe not. Nobody really knows.

If you are not interested in Smart Panel because of negative customer reviews, there are many other great places to generate an online income. Swagbucks, for example, is one of the best.

Public Perception (Other Smart Panel Reviews)

Most Smart Panel Reviews out there have a similar outlook. They either say that the money you make from Smart Panel is not worth it, or that it is such a minuscule amount that you have to approach Smart Panel as a side hustle. Just a little extra money on the side.

The public perception of Smart Panel, based on customer comments on several Smart Panel Reviews, is that it is not very reliable. There are people, however, who are satisfied with their experience, but the majority of reviews are not good!

The most common complaints are that the customer service is hard to work with, and fishy in general. Multiple people reported that they were not able to get their money on the day they try to cash out, despite getting emails telling them they could, in fact, cash out. When those people reached out to get this straightened out, Smart Panel's customer service took weeks to get back. In the end, a few were not able to get their money, but many did not.

Luckily, on almost any Smart Panel review, you can leave customer reviews that you will get an answer from. Most review sites quickly get back to you and provide some kind of assistance.

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Smart Panel vs. Cross Media Panel

Cross Media Panel and Smart Panel have a lot in common. Both programs pay users to anonymously monitor their browsing history, and they both use the data they collect for research.

There are a few differences, however, which are listed below…

Smart Panel 

  • They sell the data that they collect to other businesses
  • You download an app, which collects your data in the background
  • You make $5 a month, and eventually get loyalty bonuses
  • Customer service is not always reliable

Cross Media Panel 

  • They collect the data and use it for their own research
  • You download a plug-in, which collects your data in the background
  • You make $1 a week
  • Customer service is more reliable

If you are interested in learning more about Cross Media Panel, click here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

As we were researching and writing this Smart Panel review, we came across a couple questions that a lot of people seem to be asking. Here are their questions and our answers…

What does Smart Panel app do?

If you qualify for Smart Panel, you will be instructed to download Smart Panel's “Smart App”. From there, you simply register your device(s) with the app, let it run in the background, and let it generate money for you. The app monitors your browsing and other internet activity. Fortunately, the app is safe. All data being collected is completely anonymous.

What is Verto Analytics?

Verto Analytics is the company that owns Smart Panel. They simply let the app collect data from their users, and then they sell this data to to big name companies. The data is useful for these big name companies because it helps them improve their web sites, apps, media, and other technology.

Will Smart Panel slow down my device & overall internet?

You should not have problems with Smart Panel slowing down your device and internet. The app takes up a very small amount of storage and it runs silently in the background, so you won't likely experience any issues as far as internet or device speed.

Concluding Thoughts


  • You make money for doing almost no work
  • You can go back and view all of your data/transactional logs
  • You are not locked in, you can get rid of Smart Panel at any time


  • You are being watched anonymously
  • You do not make a whole lot of money
  • There is no way to temporarily turn off the app without deleting it
  • Poor customer service
    • Hard to resolve issues (Ex- payment issues)
  • The “Smart App” can potentially slow down your internet

Now that you have read this Smart Panel review, click here to start a free account if you are interested in getting started! Please leave a comment below so we can hear about your experience.

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Cross Media Panel Review: Legit or a Scam?

What is Cross Media Panel?

Do you enjoy surfing the web? Do you surf the web often? If you answered yes to these questions, then you may be interested in Cross Media Panel (previously known as “Screenwise Trends”). It is a program that collects your browsing data in exchange for a passive income. That's right, they pay you to do what you would have already been doing!

Seems like a good deal, right?

In this Cross Media Panel review, we're going to explain exactly how this deal works.

Once accepted, you will be instructed to install a Google Chrome plugin that runs in the background while you surf the web. The data that they collect helps to improve services like youtube, google chrome, and android. It also improves real-world products, as well as creates new products.

It is very simple to use. All you have to do is download Cross Media Panel's mobile app or their desktop browser extension, depending on the devices you chose to register. Then you simply log into your gmail. You leave it logged in, surf the web as you normally would, and cash out in the process.


Eligibility Requirements

There are handful of eligibility requirements, however. They include:

  • You must be a United States resident
  • You need to own a mobile device/computer/tablet
  • You need to install Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer
  • You must be age 18 or older
  • You need internet access

Does This Actually Make Money?

Cross Media Panel certainly makes money! Enough money for you to quite your job? No. Enough money for you to quit that weekend side job? Probably not.

Cross Media Panel is best for people who are looking to make just a little bit of extra money for doing essentially nothing.

For each device you have registered, you get a one-time $2 installation reward. On top of that, you make $1 for every week you that you use the program. It is beneficial to register as many devices as you can, because it will make you more money! When you reach the $5 mark, you can cash out. Unfortunately, you cannot use PayPal to withdraw your money. You cash out in the form of gift cards to places like Starbucks, Walmart, Target, etc.

Cross Media Panel occasionally offers the chance to take surveys, which can help boost your earnings even more.

Is it Safe?

One of the most common concerns with Cross Media Panel is safety. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of selling their online privacy for around $12 a month (3 devices). If this does not bother you, then Cross Media Panel is probably a good way for you to make a few extra bucks.

Even though your online activity is being monitored and recorded, it is safe.

How, you may ask?

The data you release may be shared in the form of articles and research summaries, but is always anonymous. This means that your name will not be included in any form of research, just the data that you provided. For example, if you visit Instagram or Twitter, the pictures you like, tweets you favorite/retweet,  and comments you leave  will be recorded, but your name will never be recorded.

Cross Media Panel collects the following pieces of data:

  • Apps installed on your phone
  • Operating systems
  • Timestamps/Duration of messages
  • Phone numbers entered for outgoing calls
  • Videos watched
  • Clicks/Taps/Gestures
  • Local storage space
  • Use of Google products

Another great feature that Cross Media Panel offers is the “guest mode”. This gives you the opportunity to turn off the tracking, which prevents your browsing from being recorded. This is a great feature that adds a little bit of privacy for those of us that are uncomfortable.

Cross Media Panel is certainly not for everybody. It is hard to be comfortable with the thought of phone numbers being recorded for all of your outgoing calls, for example. Is it worth the little amount of money you get in return? That is up to you.


Cross Media Panel is definitely not a scam. Cross Media Panel is a legitimate market research platform owned by Google.

Many people have had positive experiences with it. They recently added more support, as well as a much quicker payout process. You typically get your payout within 48 hours. These updated features enforce the idea that this is not a scam. Why would they add customer support and improve the payout structure if they were trying to scam you?

It's important to note here that there's a difference between something that's a scam and something that's simply not worth your time. A scam is something that takes your money and runs and doesn't deliver on what they promise. From our research and experience, we consider Cross Media Panel to be legit, and therefore not a scam. But is it worth your time?

Worth the Time?

Cross Media Panel is worth the time, as long as you don't plan on spending a large amount of time and receiving a substantial check. Cross Media Panel does not work like that. You get a flat fee of $1 for every week you use the program.

In the grand scheme of things, it probably is not worth the time. It is, however, worth the time if you simply want to make a few extra bucks for an extremely minimal amount of work and energy.

Pros & Cons


  • Cross Media Panel is legit and it pays
  • It is owned by Google, which is a sign of credibility
  • The income is passive, once it is installed and registered, you do not really have to do anything other than surf the web


  • You cannot withdraw your money using PayPal. You always get rewards in the form of gift cards
  • It is only available to United States residents
  • Few spots are available
    • Currently, there are no available spots. If you are still interested in earning money online, another great place to check out is Swagbucks.

Final Thoughts

After reading this Cross Media Panel review, you may be asking yourself, “Is this opportunity for me?” Let's see.

It all depends on your approach. I will show you two different approaches, and hopefully that helps you determine if this is a good opportunity for you.


The laid-back approach to using Cross Media Panel is probably the best option. Laid-back users are those who simply enjoy surfing the internet, so why not make a few bucks while doing so?

These users understand that this is not an alternative to a full-time job. You make such a minimal amount of money doing this that it does not make sense to take it too seriously. The money you make from Cross Media Panel could be contributed to small expenses, for example. Either that, or you could contribute that money toward a hobby.

If you chose to take his approach, I definitely recommend trying Cross Media Panel.


The aggressive approach is probably not your best option. Aggressive users are those who take it much too seriously. Cross Media Panel is not an alternative to any job. It is not going to help you retire early, pay for bills, or make any substantial amount of money.

It does not make sense to have an aggressive approach because you are not getting paid for how much time you spend online, or the amount of data you provide. You get paid $1 for every week.

Obviously, the aggressive approach is not doing you any favors.

Now that you've read this Cross Media Panel review, if you're ready to get started making a little extra money passively, click here to start your free account! Already tried it? Leave a comment below so we can hear about your experience.

14 Jun

InboxDollars Review – Scam or Real Deal?

InboxDollars Review – The Comprehensive Low Down

InboxDollars Review Screenshot

InboxDollars is an online business that provides payments to users for receiving and responding to email adverts, surveys, games and other features.

The tagline of the website is ‘the online rewards club that pays!’ The online business was founded by internet entrepreneur Darren Cotter in 2000, and they have been featured in the Inc. 5000 list.

According to the company’s own website, it has millions of active members using the website. Read More

11 Jun

InboxPays Review – Legitimate Paid Survey Site Or A Scam?

InboxPays is a GPT (get paid to) website that is fairly fresh to the market research field. They pay their members to take surveys, complete trial offers, read e-mails and play online games. But are they legitimate? Read our full review to find out.


We were disappointed when we visited their website. For being owned and operated by A & A Marketing, a company based out of Chicago, the web design is not much to look at. It's in dire need of an update.

They are listed on the BBB (Better Business Bureau), although they are not accredited by them. We wouldn't consider this a deal-breaker because many successful companies are not rated by the BBB.

We recommend checking out their social media pages, not for the special offers, but for the complaints. Their Facebook page, for example, is filled with complaints from angry customers who want their money. Taking a brief scroll through the comments has given us a better vision of the true nature of this website.

 Signing Up

Signing up is free, most survey sites are. The process was worrisome, though. They asked for a lot of information including your address, date of birth, zip code, phone number and gender. It's not a good sign when a survey site asks for our phone number right off the bat.

They may snag your personal info, but at least you'll get a whole $5 in exchange.


As for surveys, most of them pay between $0.50 and $1.00. They usually never pay more than $5. We've also found that the site’s surveys are shockingly similar to ones from other sites.

Before you take an actual survey, first you have to answer certain screening questions. If you take them seriously and answer correctly, you are allowed to continue with the rest of the survey. 

The surveys are nothing special compared to others. One of the many reasons Swagbucks is rated number #1 on our website is because they have high-paying surveys. If you want to start making some serious cash, waste no more time. Click here to sign up now!

Paid Offers

This site has more offers compared to surveys. Many of these offers can also be found on other survey websites They're advertised to pay anywhere between $0.50 and $75, however, the ones paying high are usually not free. This is a way they get your credit card information.

Reading emails is one of the many ways users can earn cash on InboxPays. But we'll let you in on a little secret. Their promise that you'll be paid for reading emails actually means being paid to click the links of advertisers. A maximum of 3 emails will be sent per day. You'll get $0.25 for every click. But whatever you do, don't give your email to the advertisers. If you do, expect a lot of extra spam.

The site also has its very own unique feature known as “Spin Wheel”. Upon registration, you are rewarded two spins. Each completed survey earns you another spin.

Out of all the offers, you could have the most success with friend referrals. Once you refer a friend to the site, you get 10% of what he or she earns when cashing out. 


Redeem your cash and receive your funds quickly. You may smile at quick funds, but there's a catch. There has to be at least $50 to cashout, which we think is really high compared to most. A really high payout rate (almost double the rate of other sites) means you'll have to complete a lot surveys before you recieve any sort of compensation. Many people get frustrated with this and quit.

A major inconvenience, in order to get paid you need a PayPal account. Payments are released in $50 multiples only. They pay through PayPal on the 1st/15th of every month. This is only after you complete the mandatory waiting period of 30 days from the day of submitting the payment request and if verified by phone.


By using InboxPays, you are consenting to their Privacy Policy.

All information that's collected is from you when you register, subscribe to their newsletter, take a survey or fill out a form. Any extra data they request that is not required will be specified as optional.

They say they don't sell or trade your info to third-party to sites, but that isn't the whole truth. It doesn't include the third parties who they partner with, as long as they agree to keep the information confidential. 

From time to time they may offer third party products or services. These third party sites have separate and independent privacy policies. InboxPays has no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites. So if you are scammed by one of their third party sites, it's likely that they'll turn a cold shoulder. This does not sit right with us.

Many members complain that their email inboxes are loaded with unnecessary spam. Luckily, you can prevent yourself from receiving future emails. Just read the detailed unsubscribe instructions located at the bottom of each unwanted email.

Legit Or A Scam?

Is InboxPays legit? No. We say this for a numerous amount of reasons.

They are invasive and a little too careless when handling private information, in our opinion. You're taking a risk by giving unknown administrators personal details, so you want them to return the favor by keeping it safe.

The payout isn't great either. Most surveys pay between $0.50 and $1.00, but they usually never go for more than $5. With a minimum withdraw of $50, you won't be getting much.

Privacy and pay are two of the most important qualities of any good survey site. When a GPT site doesn't meet these competitive standards, it's time to start looking elsewhere. This review shows that InboxPays.com is one of these under-average websites.

If you're looking for a website that is both dependable and pays well, we recommend Swagbucks. They are rated #1 on our review site because they're both of these things and more. They don't disappoint. Waste no more time, sign up today!

06 Jun

Nicequest Review – Are They Legit Or A Waste Of Time?

With all of the survey sites out there, sorting out the good from the bad can be especially tricky. Nicequest is an online community where you can take online surveys in exchange for great rewards. The question is, are they legit or are they a scam? In this review we consider the good and bad of this growing GPT (get paid to) survey site.


If you don't have enough time to take surveys online, don't sweat it. Nicequest has an app that's available both on Android and iOS. The app has thousands of downloads, and a positive rating from users. This is a great option if you're always on the go. 

Another great feature that is included on Nicequest is the ability choose the language of the site.

They are not accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), although we wouldn't consider this setback a determining factor. Many successful companies are not accredited with the BBB, although it's always a bonus when they are.

Click here to watch their promo video.

Signing Up

With over 1.7 million members around the world, anyone 14 years and older can sign up although it's by invitation only. This is one of the factors we don't like about Nicequest because to us we think it's completely unnecessary. You can get your exclusive invitation from one of their Partners, or by following them on social media. Sometimes they run sweepstakes in which you can participate.

Besides this setback, joining is 100% free and it even comes with a sign-up bonus. In order to sign-up, all you need to enter is your name, email and date of birth. It's pretty simple. 

After you successfully sign up, you just need to confirm your email and then you're ready to go. The first survey given is a bit more personal so they can get to know you better. This starting survey helps the website know which ones to give you in the future. 

The registration bonus consists of 40 bonus Shells, and you only need 45 to redeem for a $5 Fandango gift card.

Click here to find out more on how you can join.


We like that on Nicequest there's a survey from everyone. There are ones for your computer, mobile device, teens, and they even have some specifically for Hispanics. As soon as a survey is available, a notification will be sent to your inbox.

You can expect to recieve about 1-3 surveys per month. We know that that isn't nearly enough, which is why this site isn't at the top of our review list like Swagbucks is.

Let's consider the positives. They really do a great job with giving people surveys that best suit their interests. This helps prevent burnout, because it can be difficult to focus if a site is boring.  

An important note to add, if you get disqualified from a survey, Nicequest will still credit you with some points.


Nicequest rewards you for each survey you take with Shells, their point currency. Collect and redeem them for rewards and gift cards in their online shop. There are hundreds of gifts to choose from. Their inventory holds electronics, books, housewares,  beauty products, children's toys and much more. These gifts are not cheap, either. Many come from top brands like Sony, Walmart, and Nike just to name a few.

We've noticed that their payout system is a bit loose. On average you need 110 Shells to redeem a $10 gift card. Certain gift cards may require a bit more, while others may need a bit less. We aren't a huge fan of the payment policies on this website, but at least their payout usually arrives on time.

Shipping is free. Once it arrives, show off all your hard work by pining a picture of you and your rewards on their website. If you're feeling generous, you can always donate to any of the charities listed under the “Donations” tab.

Other Opportunities

If you are already a member on Nicequest, you might be invited to participate in their Premium respondent program. This program involves installing the Nicestats software onto your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You'll receive 100 Shells as a welcome gift for your participation and additional points for every survey you take. If you are no longer happy, you can uninstall it at any time.

We were disappointed to find that there is no referral program, although they do have a monthly prize drawing where you can enter to win phones, go pros, laptops and much more.


All data will be linked to your unique identifier, a series of numbers that set you apart from other members. When they share necessary information they will link it to the unique identifier instead of your actual identity.

Some of the data they collect from you is sent to companies to help them improve their products and services. Not only are you earning rewards, but you’re also helping improve the products and services that consumers use on a daily basis.

Privacy is just as important as revenue. Whenever you're scoping out a potential survey site, we think it's important to know how they plan to keep your information safe. We get a full idea by looking through their Privacy Policy.

Legit Or A Scam?

We are still on the fence about this one.

They do pay, although you won't be a consistent earner due to lack of surveys available. Surveys tend to pay much better than many out there, but the real problem is the amount of surveys they give you.

 You're identity will always stay safe thanks to their unique identifiers, although the fact that they will be sharing information will always be unsettling.

Is Nicequest a scam? No. Are they legitimate. Yes, but we don't recommend putting all your eggs in one basket, especially this one. They're great for when you need some extra pocket money, but they are not a big dog contender.

If you're looking for a survey site worthwhile, we recommend Swagbucks. They've landed the number one spot on our review list because they are profitable and safe. Waste no more time and sign up today!


05 Jun

Univox Review – Legit Paid Survey Site Or Just Another Scam?

Univox.com is a GPT (get paid to) website that pays you to take surveys. This panel boasts of members from more than 150 different countries spread across 6 continents. They have over 3 million members and the number is growing every day. Putting aside all the hype, are they legit? In this Univox review, we take a deeper look to learn everything you need to know about this survey site.


About The Company

Univox is an online survey community which provides a platform for users to share feedback on various products. Owned and operated by Market Cube, they now maintain two offices, one in Virginia and the other in India. They have been around for over a decade.

They are not accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), although according to information in their files, it appears that Univox is no longer in business. Mail sent to the business was returned by the U.S. Postal Service as “Undeliverable.” We were surprised to read this since both the company and their website appear to be very active. They most likely changed their address but failed to notify the BBB.

Univox may not be rated by the BBB, but you can find them on your favorite social media sites like Facebook where they post daily contests and tips.

Signing Up For Univox

Signing up is free and it should take only about 90 seconds to have your new account up and running. If you're having trouble deciding whether to sign up or not, they even play a brief video that gives an overview on what they're all about.

After completing the sign-up form, a profile survey is given to you instantly. Completing this profile survey will earn you 500 points or $5.

Univox is currently accepting new members. Don't miss your chance, click here to sign up now!


With Univox surveys, you can receive anywhere between $.50 and $2.00 for each survey you complete. They usually last no longer than 10-15 minutes, but occasionally you might come across a survey longer than usual. You want to act fast when you see them because they tend to pay more.

Members are invited to participate in surveys, and the survey selection is based on their profile information. Click “My Survey”  to know which you are eligible to take. Similarly, the “My Points” section is meant to inform you about all the surveys you’ve taken and points you have earned.

A great feature Univox offers is their compensation for failed surveys, a quality that not all survey sites have. If you are disqualified from a survey, your account will be credited with 5 points. 

Earning Cash

Every 100 points equates to $1.00. Points never expire, and once you're ready to payout you can choose from either PayPal, Visa, Virtual MasterCard or Amazon.

One thing that helps speed up the redemption process is the use of e-gift codes. Anybody that has experience requesting physical gift cards will tell you that the process can easily take several weeks or longer, but with e-gift codes you can recieve your rewards much quicker.

If you're looking for a survey site that can really boost your earnings, we recommend looking into either MySurvey or Swagbucks. They're placed at the top of our ratings because they're easy to use and they pay really well.

Other Opportunities

Besides surveys, Univox provides a few more ways to increase your earnings.

Each time you refer someone to Univox.com, you will earn 100 points per signup once they've made 10 survey attempts or have fully completed their first survey. Points are limited, though, because you can only refer up to 5 friends.

Univox has four different levels of users, each with their own minimums for point redemptions. The four levels are Ambassador, Premium, Verified and Basic.

Starting with the lowest level, for Basic users the redemption button is activated once 2500 points ($25) is accumulated, and redemptions start at a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) with a maximum of 10,000 points ($100).

You can become a Verified user once you earn up to 2000 points. Redemptions still start at a minimum of 1,000 points with a maximum of 10,000 points.

The redemption button is activated for Premium users once 1500 points are made. The minimums and maximums of point redemptions remain the same as the other two starting levels.

For the highest level, the Ambassador, the redemption button is activated when only 1000 points ($10) are accumulated. Redemptions start at a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) and with a maximum of 10,000 points ($100).

Aside from their referral and incentive programs, they have an online forum which features community news, regular contest announcements, and much more. Through this forum, members can participate in group discussions and chat with other members. You used to be able to reach customer support via a live chat system called Shoutmix, although it has become unavailable. They are currently looking for a new program to replace Shoutmix.


Univox promises users that they are “committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience.”  But is it that really true or is it all falsification?

Univox Community does not sell, rent or lease its customer lists to third parties. They may, from time to time, contact you on behalf of external business partners about a particular offer that you might be interested in. In those cases, your personal information (e-mail, name, address, telephone number) is not transferred to the third party company.

We are convinced that they're a reputable survey site. There's nothing in the small text that raises any red flags. Although if you still aren't convinced, we encourage you to take a scroll through their Privacy Policy.

Legit Or A Scam?

After careful research, we have concluded that Univox is in fact a legitimate survey site. They are not a scam because they pay and your information is kept secure.

The Univox Community has been paying millions for over a decade. If users have been sticking around for that long, then that means there's a reason to stay. There are little to no complaints about the sight, and privacy shouldn't be an issue. Just remember to be smart.

If after reading our review you've decided that Univox is for you, waste no more time. Click here to sign up earn your first $5 today!

28 May

BigSpot Review – Legitimate Or Just Another Scam?


BigSpot is a company that has been getting a lot of attention on TV lately. But are they legitimate? We all know that not everything on television is what it seems. They like to call themselves a paid survey site, but there are a few red flags that make us think otherwise.

Who Are They?

The company itself is very vague. After some thorough research , sources tell us that they're operated by Varsityplaza, L.L.C. We'll never know for sure. When you have trouble finding information about a site it can be a huge indicator that something isn't right.

They are considered a GPT (get paid to site), but BigSpot.com operates differently than most of the other survey sites out there. They don't give you surveys. Instead, they connect you with other survey companies like MySurvey and Toluna. This also means that they aren't paying you, either. Not being responsible for surveys means that they don't have to pay their members.

So if they don't have surveys or pay their members, then what are they? Certainly not a paid survey site. We consider them more of a middle man, linking you to websites that actually have all these things.

They are featured on the BBB (Better Business Bureau), although they aren't accredited. Their social media pages were just as disappointing. Random retweets and videos fill up the spaces that promo codes could've easily taken. Extremely unprofessional.


They promise that they are “committed to respecting the privacy rights of users of our online survey panels,” but how true can that be considering how the rest of the site looks? If you don't have the time to read through their Privacy Policy, we've got you covered. We read it and there a few things that would be beneficial to know.

BigSpot claims that they do not give your information to third parties unless they have your consent first. In most cases they'll ask for this authorization by saying that you have been chosen for a special offer or would you like more information regarding certain opportunities. Unless you want your private matters in the hands of random businesses, we suggest politely passing on the offer.

The emails sent you include alerts, newsletters, updates, and other service or administrative notices. Despite customer complaints, they say that they don't send spam. We aren't sold. One's inbox could fill up really fast with all of those emails. 

BigSpot Complaints

Complaints were through the roof, but what can you expect? Reviews varied from problems with spam to even lack of pay.  Some people just had a problem with the whole website in general.

We don't like spam and neither did the customers. Many stressed about their overflowing inbox. A trustworthy survey site cuts back on all the unnecessary emails.

The biggest amount of complaints were geared towards the fact that they aren't a real paid survey site. The fact that they don't liquidate all your hard work strikes a bad chord with many of their customers.

Legit Or A Scam?

BigSpot is absolutely a scam, there's no questioning there. They are not legitimate for a number of reasons. We do not recommend signing up for this website for the sake of your safety and because it's just a waste of time.

They aren't a paid survey site. Yes you can earn money, but it's from the other survey sites they recommend to you. So why waste your time signing up with them when you can go directly to the sites they lead you to?

The company is green and their social media pages are all poorly developed. The whole basis of their website points to inexperience, any successful survey site needs to have more than just a few survey sites listed.

If you're looking for a website that will be worthwhile, you'll have the best luck with Swagbucks. They've earned the number one spot on our website because they're fun and dependable. So what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up now!