13 Jan

Inspired Opinions Review – Money maker or Waste Of Time?

Inspired Opinions – Our In-Depth Review

With the a high number of both consumers and companies alike utilizing the Internet for buying, selling and communicating with people all over the world, it is no surprise that research companies, specifically those seeking input from consumers, have become more prevalent in recent years.


On-line survey sites, such as Inspired Opinions, claim that consumers are able to get paid (and well) for participating in panel interviews and specified surveys that allow for the company to gain insight into consumer behavior as well as buying preference.

Before determining whether or not Inspired Opinions is right for you, the information below details the ins and outs of who the company is, how they work and how a participant is paid, as well as disadvantages and advantages of this specific survey site.

Inspired Opinions is the home of the market research website Inspired Opinions, birthed from the parent company, Schlesinger Associates, a leading provider of market research opportunities for the last 40 years.

Schlesinger Associates operates business location across the world, in London, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Paris and Berlin, and is considered a specialist firm in providing market research for its impressive list of corporate clients.

The parent company of Inspired Opinions is fairly well known, participating as a member of a handful of research organizations and associates – Schlesinger is also features on the Better Business Bureau web site, providing a higher level of credibility to its subsidiary, Inspired Opinions.

The company itself has a clear statement on its web site referencing the relationship between itself and its parent company, as well as a brief description of what they provide to the marketplace.  The About Us section reads:

We help companies collect important information about the opinions of their customers and their potential customers so that they can make the best decisions about the development of their products and services.

We consider a very important part of our role is to ensure that marketing research is seen and respected as an interesting, worthwhile and rewarding experience.

For those concerned about Inspired Opinions being a scam or a rip-off, as of which both are viable concerns when it comes to on-line paid survey programs, it would seem as though Inspired Opinions has provided ample information to prospective participants about the organizational structure of the company as well as its parent company.

Survey Opinions

It is safe to say that the site is legitimate for those looking to join a paid survey organization. Now, though, lets discuss how it works and who may be qualified to utilize the site.

As a survey site, Inspired Opinions makes it fairly easy for new members to join in on the market research fun, noting that anyone over the age of 18 can join at no cost.

The entire process takes just a few minutes, and consists of brief registration survey that compiles a potential user’s personal information – name, location, gender, date of birth, e-mail address and phone number.

Both forms of contact information (phone and e-mail) are required to complete the registration process, as the company states that numerous ways to get in touch will increase the chances for a user to qualify for a research opportunity.


Marital status, ethnicity, and education are also required along with a detailed list of industry options in which the user works that must be checked, employment status and income level included.  The entire process takes less than 2 minutes, and a request to agree to the terms and conditions of the site is required to complete registration.

Once a user is registered, Inspired Opinions reviews the demographic information provided to then match the user’s lifestyle choices to one of the many research studies conducted by the organization.

Once a match is made, the company informs the user to further qualify the participant, based on the needs of the client.

Market research participation can take place in one of three ways with Inspired Opinions:  in person at one of the company’s 14 locations, over the Internet, or via telephone.  Each survey varies as far as how the participant is asked to complete the survey, again based on the needs of the client.

For each survey, there is a limited number of participants the company is willing to qualify and subsequently pay for their participation, which can lead to an overflow for the company.

When this happens, surveys are quickly closed, causing some confusion for participants that thought they were already qualified for participation.  The majority of the surveys offered to qualified participants must be completed in a single session, and answers cannot be changed after the fact.


The most important aspect of on-line survey companies such as Inspired Opinions is how participants are paid, and at what rate.  The company claims to pay their participants well once surveys are completed, but in all reality anywhere between $5 to $100 for any given survey.

Like most survey sites, Inspired Opinions credits users who have successfully completed a survey through a reward points system, where each 100 points is equivalent to $1. Users can then redeem their rewards points through the site, in the form of Amazon.com gift cards, not cash, after the total rewards reach 1000 points.

There is no cost for redeeming rewards points, and the points will not expire as long as the user remains active (participating in at least one survey over a 12 month period).  Points are earned for participating in market research surveys for which the user is qualified, registering for the Inspired Opinions community, profile screeners as well as personal updates.

The advantages of using Inspired Opinions are quite clear: registration is simple and not all that time-consuming, and the company seems to be legitimate based on its strong parent company affiliation.

Additionally, the rewards points system through the organization makes it easy for users to track their earnings and subsequently claim those rewards, as long as they have reached the minimum amount as noted above, and who doesn’t love an Amazon.com card every now and again.


Some caveats exist, however, with Inspired Opinions, that potential users should be fully aware of.

The Internet has made it quite easy for companies to acquire the market research necessary to improve products and services by utilizing the voice of actual consumers through sites like Inspired Opinions.

Because of the vastness of the Internet as well as the desire of many to get paid for their opinion, participants of Inspired Opinions have made it clear that the option to complete a survey, whether it is on-line, in person or on the phone, is hard to come by.

Although the site asks for fairly specific demographic information at registration, it may not be detailed enough to initially match participants to open surveys, resulting in immediate disqualification from participation.

If the demographic information provided at registration is enough to match a participant to a survey, there is still a high probability that a candidate for participation will either not qualify based on the additional demographic qualifiers needed by Inspired Opinions, or will not respond to the request for additional personal information in enough time to beat out the thousands of other initially qualified participants.

Given the fact that there is such a high number of candidates active on Inspired Opinions, it is common that users will only receive an invitation to participate and complete a market research survey once or twice a year at a maximum, with the payment via the rewards points program varying drastically for each completed survey.

If a potential user is seeking to make a large sum of cash in a hurry from Inspired Opinions, they will be wildly disappointed with the total number of invitations received from the company throughout their time as an active user on the site.  Per the site, a user can anticipate making, on average, $200 during a 12 month period – certainly nothing to write home about.

Also, the amount of time spent completing a market research survey can range from an hour to three hours, depending again on the needs of the client who hired Inspired Opinions to gather the market research for them.

So, for a maximum of six hours of answering questions – not including any travel to the company’s site or time off from work to complete the survey – the amount paid is not as high as the user may want or need.

All-in-all, Inspired Opinions is a legitimate site, not scam like some other market research survey sites out there, but will not quickly or easily bring in a large amount of cash.  Additionally, the rewards points system can be viewed as a negative aspect of the site, as not ever use will want to be paid, if a survey is even offered, with an Amazon.com gift card.

For a user who enjoys sharing his or her experiences in the world of consumer purchasing, and getting (minimally) compensated for his or her opinions of a product or specific buying or shopping experience, Inspired Opinions is a viable option worthy of the two-minute registration.

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