12 May

Survey Club Review – Is It A Scam Or A Legitimate Survey Site?


With over 16 million members, SurveyClub.com has been paying users since the early 2000's. They are unique in that instead of operating like a normal survey site, they keep a list of panels that they recommend you to join. In short, they're basically a members-only survey site directory.

They claim to help people get paid for taking surveys, using coupons, and participating in research studies ever since they were founded back in 2005. They even dared to guarantee making $5 within your first five minutes. But are they actually legit? With a C+ accreditation with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) we aren't completely sold. 

Joining Survey Club

Signing up is completely free and available on all continents. After the basic signup process is over, you will be required to select several survey panels you want to partner with. They will make you pick at least 3. Some of these panels we have written reviews on including survey sites like OneOpinion and Earning Station.

Confirm your email to start taking surveys. We recommend using an email that you don't regularly use because the site sends out a ton of spam. Sometimes they send you links to survey panels you haven't even joined yet.


Survey Club provides its users with a directory of surveys which they can take to earn cash, bonuses, free items and other rewards. To our disappointment, their surveys were a bust. Most we never even qualified for. They don't say it, but they're basically a survey directory. Their lists are consist of various surveys from other providers.

Surveys normally don't make a huge amount, normally ranging between a few cents to a couple dollars. The longer the survey is, the more it pays. If users aren't disqualified from a survey, which happens a lot, they will be credited with $0.10.

Some of the survey sites they steer you towards aren't bad, but it's all just a waste of time. Why go through an entire registration process just to get redirected to a different site and be required to do the same exact thing?

Focus Groups

Their focus groups will be your best bet. If you're lucky you can make $50 to $200 per hour which is a really good deal. Survey Club does not conduct them, instead they help to recruit the people that are interested in participating. So technically, Survey Club still isn't the one paying big bucks.

But what is a focus group exactly? On Survey Club it's a type of qualitative research that allows you to give your personal opinion on certain products, services and ideas. Questions are asked in a group setting where you are allowed to freely talk with other group members.

The zip code you're asked to provide during registration is used so they can invite you to a group consisting of people in you area.

If you have any other questions concerning their Focus Groups, check out their FAQ Page. It's packed with useful information that will help you understand the website better.


When you are looking to join a new survey site, you want to make sure it's completely legit- no scams. It isn't promising when you see a long list of grievances placed at the bottom of a review page. With Survey Club, complaints varied and came in large numbers,

The number one complaint with this website is that it isn't an actual survey site. Yes it does offer surveys, but it didn't sit well with members. The same question kept surfacing- “Why should I join a site that will just redirect me to another one? What's the point?”

Along with being a middle man, they are also good at remembering to constantly send their members a multitudinous amounts of emails. Save the spam and set your sights elsewhere.

Make sure to hold on tight to your pennies. You won't earn a whole lot of revenue, and you especially shouldn't expect to earn a living from your time with them. You need to face the facts, it's time to move on to better things namely actual survey sites.

So Are They Legit?

Yes they are legit company, but we wouldn't recommend actually using their website. There are chances to make some good pay with the focus groups, but they aren't even run by the site itself. You're best bet is to look elsewhere.

The spam is unreal. They never stop and there's no way to turn off the notifications. This means you're left with a gigantic pile of unwanted junk mail.

Survey Club is basically a “members-only survey directory.” None of the surveys listed on their website are their own. So if this is the case, why waste the time when you can go directly to one of the other sites instead?

If you're looking for an actual survey site we recommend Swagbucks. Listed number one on our review site, it's easy to use and there are lots of surveys you will qualify for. Click here to join now!