10 Jan

Valued Opinions Review – Waste Of Time Or Legit Survey Site?

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Hundreds of survey sites are available on the internet at any time. Trying to figure out if these sites are not scams can be a really stressful time, especially if you are looking to profit. Feel free to refer to our previous article to go through the steps of figuring out if a survey site is legit or a scam. Valued Opinions will go under the same review to see if is a legit survey site or a scam. Valued Opinions is going under view so you can learn if it’s legit or a scam. You want to make sure there is a privacy policy and if their rewards are worth the time of the survey. You definitely want to make sure you take time to read the reviews about this site. Make sure you view both positive and negative ends of the spectrum.

Customer Reviews

Valued Opinions received mediocre ratings from survey takers isn’t a great sign. They received just under 3 stars. Anything over two and a half out of five is okay. Some people have commented their thoughts about the site. Megan from the United States says, ” I seem to be earning there faster than I used to. More surveys are becoming available.” On the other hand, Nancy form the United States says, “Definitely going downhill, the worst customer service ever. They will just keep ignoring your emails. It takes weeks to be able to claim a voucher although you get paid fair.” This is very important to know both perspectives so you can see if this sways your mind about anything.

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Reward Offers and Choices

Just like anything other legit survey site, Valued Opinions offers rewards in many different forms. Mainly in the form of gift cards, this site offers gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, restaurant gift cards, and VISA prepaid cards. This is a great reward because you can use the VISA cards anywhere that accepts them. Another form of reward that is available is airline miles. This is a great reward for people who like to travel because it saves you so much if you earn enough. Most businesses like to promote themselves. They can do this by offering e-vouchers as rewards to attract business. Valued Opinions offers these e-vouchers as a reward too.

Valued Opinions’ Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is a very important piece of information to have because this a huge in determining if the survey site is legit or a scam. On the Valued Opinions site, there is a link at the bottom of the page that takes you to their privacy policy. This shows that they are a legit survey site because if it wasn’t there, its usually a scam site. The policy shows the survey taker information about licenses and if the site is a good one to use.

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Company Information

The company information shows the survey taker that they are a legit website if its available. Scam websites usually wont have this information available because they don’t want to get caught. If it is available this usually means that the site isn’t worried about being considered a scam. They put this information on the sites because it shows they want you to trust them as a site and know they are legit. Valued Opinions has all of their information available which shows that they are a legit site.

valued opinions company information

Yes or No?

Valued Opinions has proven that they are a legitimate website. This is because of the rewards they offer and the fact that they have the privacy policy and organization information available for you to see. In conclusion, Valued Opinions is a legit site and it is a yes!

Click here to sign up for Valued Opinions right now!

That being said, Valued Opinions is not one of the best sites on the web. If you want paid survey sites with plenty of surveys, extra opportunities to earn cash, and a reliable transparent interface, click on the links to check out our top two survey sites, MySurvey and Swagbucks.

02 Nov

iPoll Review – Legitimate Paid Survey Website or Just a Scam?

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Although lots of people want to make money online, no one wants to have their time wasted or risk being scammed. So, is iPoll.com to be trusted? We decided to review it to find out.

There’s a lot to be mentioned about iPoll. They sport a clean, professional interface and offer an excellent mobile app (which we’ll be discussing later!). Although having a readily available privacy policy is a great sign for any survey site, there are some aspects of iPoll’s that we think users should be aware of.

But we’ll get to all that later. First, the big question!

How do I make money on iPoll.com?

Nothing is for nothing and iPoll doesn’t claim any differently. Like many other paid survey sites, iPoll offers you the opportunity to take polls and surveys (ranging usually from 5 to 35 minutes) in exchange for rewards.

One thing we like about iPoll is that they measure all rewards directly in cash, as opposed to a points system, which can sometimes be tedious. This means that before you even begin, you can see exactly how much you will make for the survey you’re taking. iPoll also provides an estimate time it will take so that you can decide whether or not that particular poll is worth your time.

As usual, there is a small catch – you must have a minimum of $25 to your account before you can redeem any rewards.

As far as rewards go, iPoll has good options, but not the widest range of them. You can cash out directly through PayPal (with a verified PayPal account) or redeeming your cash through Amazon or iTunes in exchange for reward codes.

Sign Up Process

Signing up for iPoll is quick and easy. All you have to do is create a password and confirm your email, then you’re ready to go! Alternatively, you can sign up using your Facebook, Google, or Linkedin account.

Once you’ve signed up, we recommend that you complete the profile survey. It takes about 20 minutes, but this will save you loads of time in the future because it allows iPoll to select good surveys for you and eliminate ones which you don’t qualify for. Also, unlike other sites, the profile survey is paid! You’ll be rewarded $.50 cents upon completion.

Taking Surveys

When you click the ‘Take a Survey’ button you are directed to a brief questionnaire which iPoll uses to determine the best survey available to you.

The surveys can take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes, asking your opinions on a wide range of topics. iPoll offers a mix of surveys existing directly on their site and others which are provided through third party websites.

Privacy and Security

When looking to take surveys online, it’s good to be aware of what information will be required of you and how it will be used. Like many other survey sites, iPoll usually requires personally identifiable information such as your name, address, phone number, occupation, and date of birth.

In addition, iPoll often requires you to provide what they call “sensitive information” in order to be eligible for surveys. This sometime includes your medical conditions, sexual orientation, political views, and religious beliefs. It should be noted that iPoll considers you giving this information as consent for it to be exported to the U.S. for storage and processing.

It’s also important for you to be aware that iPoll takes license to disclose some of its users information to third parties. This may include, although is not limited to, age, gender, income, number of people in the user’s household, level of education, and employment status. 

In our experience using iPoll, we have not been spammed or had any of our personally identifiable information given to third parties; however, iPoll does not provide any clear guarantees against this.

To learn more about iPoll’s privacy policy, click here.

The App

For us, this is one of the selling feature of iPoll!

The free mobile app is fun, easy to use, and offers a wide variety of missions and other activities that allow you to stack up rewards. You can earn rewards for visiting certain stores, uploading pictures of products, purchasing and reviewing items, or just taking mobile surveys.

The iPoll app is available to Apple and Android users.

Our conclusion: Is iPoll a Scam?

As far as we’re concerned, no!

There are some negatives to the site, such as their some what weak privacy policy and the often month-long processing delay when redeeming rewards. But nothing we’ve found in our use and extensive research has suggested that iPoll is a scam.

An other reassurance for users is that iPoll.com was reviewed by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), a company that analyzes businesses to verify whether of not they are trustworthy. iPoll.com received a B+ in its review which, for the BBB’s standards, is not bad at all.

So, should you sign up for iPoll?

We say yes!

The site is easy to use, almost always has paid surveys available, and offers cash rewards. In addition, the mobile app is a fun way to earn money for activities you might already be doing. Although it’s not the absolute best survey site out there, it’s definitely worth checking out.

If you’re interested in iPoll.com, you can sign up here!

04 Apr

Survey Sites Reviewed: Vivatic

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Hundreds of survey sites want you to sign up and take their surveys. Trying to figure out if these sites are legitimate or not can be a really stressful time. If you are looking to profit you should do your research and make sure you are not going to get involved with a scam site. Feel free to refer to my previous article to go through the steps of figuring out if a survey site is legit or a scam. I am going to look at the same necessary things on Vivatic to see if it is a legit survey site or a scam. I am doing this so you can learn if you want to use this site to profit. You want to make sure there is a privacy policy and if their rewards are worth your personal preference of time. You definitely want to make sure you take time to read the reviews about this site. Make sure you view an unbiased review because there are always some good things and bad things about a survey site.

Customer Reviews

Vivatic has been around for a few years now and has had its downs in the beginning of its assistance. Many people gave it bad ratings because some payouts didn’t go through and it took a very long time to accumulate points which you then turn in for rewards of your choice.  The customer reviews are the least important to view when looking for a good site to choose. This is because most people will find some way to negatively critique a site because they didn’t get exactly what they wanted. One person who used Vivatic said,”Vivatic is really concerned with promoting offers that involve spending money.” This shows that the site is cautious with their rewards and doesn’t have very good payouts.I’m going to give Vivatic two and a half out of five stars because there are many good aspects of the site but the customer reviews show some of the flaws with the site.

Rewards and Offers

Most people who take online surveys are usually looking for some sort of payout. Online surveys are usually not a good choice as your only source of income but are great if you are looking for quick and easy cash or gift cards to many different online shopping or brick and mortar stores. Cash payouts through PayPal appear to be the most favored reward of survey takers. Vivatic only gives cash payouts through verified PayPal accounts and this is a problem for some people. Some customers took some surveys and went to redeem their points and collect their cash and they couldn’t receive it because their PayPal account was unverified. If you are looking to make money from Vivatic, you want to make sure you’re PayPal account is verified or else you are wasting your time.  If you are verified this is a very profitable site because it only offer cash payouts through PayPal.

Privacy Policy

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.25.25 AM

The privacy policy is a very important aspect to look at when determining if a site is legit or a scam. Vivatic has their privacy policy on the site which is a very good sign. This shows that they are not going to misuse your information and this shows confidence and the fact that they have nothing to hide. If this isn’t present on the site you are looking into as a possibility to take surveys that is a red flag because it doesn’t prove they are a scam but it shows you that you don’t know how they are going to use your information. This site has an email that you can contact if you have any questions about how they use your information or any other questions you may have. This is a good sign because it shows they are a legit company and safe to use.


Company Information

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.24.58 AM

One of the other big factors in determining if the survey site you are planning to use or you are just reviewing which sites are legit, is to make sure the company information is present. If the information is available it is usually located on an “About Us” page. Some other sites may put it on their contact page. Chances are that if the information isn’t available, the site is usually a scam. Even if the site may get good reviews, i recommend not using the site if you don’t know anything about where you potentially profit from. Vivatic has their company information on their “About Us” page. This is a good indicator that this site is legitimate.

Legit or Scam?

After looking in depth into the most important factors of what is necessary in determining if a survey site is legit, this survey site called Vivatic is a legitimate site to use and earn cash through PayPal. This site only offers this reward but it’s not usually a problem because cash through PayPal is a reward that is favored by most survey takers and most sites offer this to attract people to their site. Vivatic is a legitimate survey site that is profitable and safe to use.

28 Mar

Survey Sites Reviewed: Zoom Panel

Zoom Panel is no longer accepting registrations. In lieu of Zoom Panel, check out Swagbucks.com

Below is our review of Zoom Panel for archive purposes.

More and more companies are wanting cheaper and easier ways of gaining statistics and data. The most rewarding but more risky way of earning easy rewards and giving the companies what they want is taking paid online survey. This way you are rewarded with money, gift cards or whatever you choose. They get the information and use it to better our lives for any reason. Zoom Panel is going to be reviewed to see if it is a legit survey site or a scam. You can check these same things on another website you are interested in.

Customer Reviews

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.37.08 PM

Customers opinions are one of the most important resources to see if the site is legit and worth the time or if its a scam. The Zoom Panel site has no way of writing or reading reviews. This is a red flag because if they wanted people to take their surveys they should be able to see how other people thought of the site. The Survey Police say that Zoom Panel has an overall rating of two out of five stars. This is another red flag because people don’t have much good to say about this site. One person even said, “They used to be worth my time but now you get very few survey invites and their point system takes forever…”. But there was a few good reviews. To show you both sides of the story, one person said good things about Zoom Panel and ,” Zoom panel is great because they give you points even if you screen out of a survey.

Rewards and Offers

Zoom Panel offers limited rewards. They specialize in a lot of Amazon gift cards. This is what they rely on most as a form of reward for the people who take the survey. They also offer the latest books and movies, electronics, appliances, home decor, charitable donations and more. These rewards are from legitimate businesses so this is a thumbs up for Zoom Panel. Although it doesn’t offer customer reviews the site still had reviews on another site that you could read. This isn’t as much of a red flag because it has honest reviews just on a different site.

Privacy Policy

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 5.04.06 PM

All legit survey sites need to have a privacy policy. People want to know where their information is being spread. It is good for the site to have this policy available because it shows everybody that they aren’t going to misuse your information. Zoom Panel has their privacy policy at the bottom of the homepage on a link. This is a very good sign because it shows that Zoom Panel has nothing to worry about.

Company Information

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 5.14.24 PM

There is usually one sure way to see if a site is legit. That is the company information and a way to contact them. Sites that were scams wouldn’t have company information. Zoom Panel appears to have an, “about us” page. This is a very good sign because the company information being available and the privacy policy present on the site outweigh the customer reviews. They might nit like it because its not their type of survey.

Yes or No?

Zoom Panel is a yes in my book. This is because they have the company information present and the privacy policy can be seen. The customer reviews seemed to be a little harsh because what I’ve found is that this site seems to be nothing but good. In my opinion this site is a yes.

18 Mar

Survey Sites Reviewed: Survey Spot

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Survey sites are available all over the internet at any time. Figuring out which sites are not scams cane be really stressful, especially for those of  you looking to profit. Feel free to refer to my previous article to go through the steps of figuring out if a survey site is legit or a scam. Survey Spot will go under the same review to see if it is a legit survey site or a scam. You want to make sure there is a rewards and if their rewards are worth the time of the survey. You also want to make sure there is a privacy policy.  You definitely want to make sure you take time to read the reviews from the customers about this site . Make sure you view both positive and negative sides of the story.

Customer Reviews

The views and opinions of the customer are very important because it shows you what people like you are saying about the site and what you’re looking for. Survey Police says that Survey Spot received about three out of five stars. This is a very good rating because some people are greedy in what they want and don’t give good reviews even if the site is good to use. One person even said, “”Not Bad Depending on Who You Are”. Another review said, “Survey Spot has been around for awhile. and they do pay.” These are great reviews about the site. They make the site look legit and attractive to survey takers.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.35.19 PM

Reward Offers and Choices

People who take the surveys are usually looking for some reward for taking their surveys. Survey Spot offers many different kinds of rewards. These rewards include cash payouts through PayPal, gift cards to Amazon, iTunes. They also provide airline miles. This is a great reward for travelers and anybody wanting to take a trip in the future. This is a great site for most people because it has cash payouts through PayPal. Survey Spot appears to be legit and not a scam.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.58.25 PM

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is the key in determining if the site is good to use or not. This is usually a tell tale sign that the site is a go. Survey Spot has a privacy available on a link at the bottom of the homepage. From what you need to look for in a survey site Survey Spot has all of the information it needs so far to be considered a legit site. The privacy policy appears to be about how they use your information and this is very important.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.19.56 PM

Company Information

The company information is a necessity in determining if the site is legit. Survey Spot has a tab on their homepage where you can learn all about them. This shows me that the site is legit and good to use. This site says that they are free to sign up and offer payouts. They also share information about themselves and what they want from you on your surveys.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.38.42 PM

Yes or No?

Survey Spot has proven to be a legit site based on the criteria. They have great customer reviews and they share their privacy policy and company information. This has proven to be a survey site that is good to use. Survey Spot is a yes!

That being said, it is not really the best survey site out there. Here at Survey Say we like to recommend that people sign up for at least two top notch survey sites so that if one doesn’t work for you, you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. The two best survey sites we have been able to find are Mysurvey and Swagbucks. You can click here for our honest Mysurvey review or click here for our honest Swagbucks review. Or if you want to just try them out for yourself, click on the links above.

02 Mar

Survey Sites Reviewed: OnePoll

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.00.43 PM

OnePoll is just one of the many survey websites out there on the internet. Hundreds are out there but some of them are scam survey sites. To be aware of this, you need the right knowledge so you don’t get scammed. You need to read the customer reviews and make sure there is a privacy policy. There should also be the company information on the website, or some way to contact them. After that you will need to determine your choice because there’s going to be pros and cons with each. OnePoll will go under review because survey takers want to know which site to use.

Customer Reviews

One of the key factors in looking at a survey site to make sure its legit is the customer reviews. Customers can be some of the best ways to determine if the site is okay. They offer many great and not so good information about sites. OnePoll has some amazing reviews on their homepage. One guy said, “Thank you for all your hard work.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you and the team to others.” Nothing but good reviews across the board for OnePoll and this is a very good sign.

Reward Offers and Choices

OnePoll doesn’t seem to have rewards so this is not a good sign for people looking to cash in. This doesn’t mean the site is a scam, this simply puts up a red flag because the site asks for your email and some more information and they shouldn’t need it if they aren’t rewarding. OnePoll appears to be a risky site because of this.

(if you want to actually get rewards for doing surveys, check out MySurvey, one of the most reputable reward-based survey sites on the web)

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is the most important thing to look for when determining if a website is legit or not. If it is present the site is usually legit. In OnePoll’s case this is a little different. They have a privacy policy so this means that they are most likely legit, The site doesn’t offer reward but still want the data from the surveys. This site just wants the information so they can use it for better.

Company Information

Having the company information present is a good sign. This shows the organization has nothing to be afraid about. If it is not present but there is a way to contact them, this isn’t as good of a sign but is still solid. OnePoll doesn’t appear to have any company information but they do have an about us page. This has available numbers and emails that you can reach them at.

Yes or No?

One poll is more to the middle on the scale but its a yes. This is because if you want to still provide number for the survey it is a good site to use. The privacy policy available and the customer reviews really are convincing to the legit side. OnePoll is a legit survey site.

That being said, there are a lot of better sites out there that will actually reward you for doing things on their sites. If you want to start making a little extra cash, check out MySurvey or Swagbucks, the two best survey sites we at Surveys Say have been able to find. If you want to know more about either site before signing up, you can read our reviews by clicking here for my honest MySurvey review or clicking here for my Swagbucks review.